Help TYLO member attend Migrant Rights conference


Help Nelda get to Ruckus!This is a fundraising effort to send Tucson organizer Nelda Ruiz from Tierra Y Libertad Organization to Ruckus Action Camp 2012 for Migrant Rights!

June 8th through 12th, 2012
At The Highlander Center
New Market, Tennessee


Hello dear friends –

Hope you’re enjoying the desert blooms, just as much as I am.

As you may know, I’m a community organizer with Tierra Y Libertad Organization in the South Side of Tucson and I’m writing to you because I need your support. I have been accepted to participate at next months’ Ruckus Action Camp for Migrant Rights, partnering with NDLON (National Day Laborer Organizing Network) at the historic Highlander Research and Education Center in Tennessee. With a legacy of organizing at Highlander including early union and worker rights, training for the Montgomery Bus Boycott, and Appalachian environmental and workers’ health and safety, we will be surrounded by the spirits of victorious movements that have come before us. I look forward to bringing that spirit and new skills in organizing back to our barrio and Tierra Y Libertad!


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Those in power rely on divisions amongst us in order to maintain the status quo. Ruckus Camp is going to bring 100 migrant rights activists and organizers from across the country together. I decided to apply to be a part of that group, because I know that by organizing together we’re not only establishing connections between our struggles but we have infinite People Power to help make the changes we envision.

Unfortunately, I can’t throw a lavish pachanga like George Clooney did to fundraise for Obama – I like to kick it old school and reach out to all my lovely friends! If each of you could please donate at least $10, I will get so much closer to my $1,500 goal! Participation fees for each camper is up to $1,000 so I’d like to give as much as possible to Ruckus to support their hard work and purchase my airfare. I was notified of my acceptance only recently and airfare is now ranging from $400-$500 into Knoxville and keeps increasing each day.

Thank you so much for support!

With much love,


**Tierra Y Libertad Organization (TYLO) is a grassroots organization, based out of Tucson, Arizona, that promotes the ideals of equality, justice, and self determination. Members, supporters, and allies of the organization work for positive social change and for the respect of land, people, and culture. Since 2001 TYLO has focused on building multiple examples of positive social change and community transformation in the barrios where we live. Work of the organization is carried out through a multi-tier model of grassroots community organizing and popular education that consists of four key programs: Barrio Sustainability Project, TYLO Freedom School, MAIZ, and the Migrant Rights Organizing Campaign!



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