Ken Bennett’s son + Youth camp + Broomsticks = AZ SOS?

Remember when the Arizona Secretary of State Ken Bennett, the same guy making news today for saying Obama might not be on the Arizona ballot because he might believe the birther conspiracy…

… remember when he was the Senate president in 2006 and his son got busted for shoving “broomsticks and flashlights into the rectums of 18 boys in at least 40 incidents at a youth camp in June” and got away with it… then went off on a Mormon mission?

Ken Bennett may have wondered “The broom was how big?”

The son of Arizona’s Senate president confessed that he and another counselor shoved broomsticks and flashlights into the rectums of 18 boys in at least 40 incidents at a youth camp in June.

Now Yavapai County prosecutors say they will drop all but one assault charge and likely recommend little or no jail time if 18-year-old Clifton Bennett agrees to plead guilty.

But parents say there were signs something bad happened. In a letter home to his mom, a 12-year-old boy described his experience:

“I don’t like our counselors when their (sic) talking about shoving broomsticks up our butts,” the boy said.

In court last week, Bennett apologized for his role. “The actions that occurred there, none of us considered the consequences that would follow,” Bennett said. “The next time I saw these boys, I never expected to see them here.”

Bennett said he was “trying every way he can to rectify the situation.”

Parents of the victims described Bennett’s remarks as self-serving.

“My son was barely 13, and he was grossly abused,” the mother of a Phoenix boy said.

Bennett’s father, Senate President Ken Bennett, R-Prescott, sat behind his son in court. A Prescott native and influential businessman, he has said little publicly about the case. After his son’s arrest, he issued a brief statement expressing concern as a parent.

They described Bennett as an honor student and active member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, planning to go on a mission in September. “A felony conviction for assault will make his desire to complete his mission impossible,” they wrote.

Under the plea agreements Bennett and Wheeler could face a maximum two years in prison. But the court could reduce the charges to a misdemeanor and no jail time.

Prosecutors have told parents that they are going to recommend Bennett and Wheeler get five days in jail on the one count, said Lynne Cadigan, a lawyer for two victims.

“If you rape 18 women, would you only be charged with one count?” she said.

via Families outraged at legislator’s son’s plea deal.

For what it’s worth, the last Senate President Russell Pearce, also a Mormon, has a son that violated children also

… and even better, if Jan Brewer does not complete her term, which some people think will be the case to help her successor win as an incumbent… birther nut Ken Bennett gets to take over!

Welcome to Arizona 2012.