VIDEO: Ana Castillo visits Tucson, author of Goddess of the Americas

Photo-journal of Ana Castillo’s visit to Tucson is above.

On the heels of a Tucson controversy that hit the national media, Castillo chose the Association for the Study of Women and Mythology (ASWM) national conference to unveil the personal mythology surrounding her elevated stature as acclaimed cross-disciplinary writer of female spirituality connected to her Chicana roots.

In doing so, she seized the reigns of the female spirituality movement during her keynote address illuminating the conference theme, “Creating the Chalice: Imagination and Integrity in Goddess Studies.” ASWM was created by Sid Reger from the East Coast and Patricia Monaghan from the Midwest, with the 2012 San Francisco conference co-chaired by Reger and priestess/author/publisher Anne Key serving as both a national reunion and commemoration of the spiritual foremothers of the Bay area.

“There have been lots of scholars and artists around the country, working on topic of goddess scholarship, since the mid-’70s,” said Reger. “In the Midwest, all of us were working in isolation. But that curse was also our blessing; we recognize the need to create an organization to bring everybody together to strengthen our work. That’s why we created ASWM.”


She was in Tucson to heal, the reports said.

What was this lauded boundary-smashing Chicana writer healing?

The truth was revealed in San Francisco last weekend. The truth of why her books are so potent to be banned. The truth that only the esteemed author of Goddess of the Americas and the banned title So Far From God could spearhead a much broader mission for unity than the troubled Tucson school district.

via (R)evolution in San Francisco: Ana Castillo Seizes the Reigns of Feminist Spirituality for 2012.


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