TSON News | Watch “Precious Knowledge” – PBS documentary on Ethnic Studies ban in Tucson – here!
5 comments on “Watch “Precious Knowledge” – PBS documentary on Ethnic Studies ban in Tucson – here!
  1. We need to get our Latino Power Pride Back and end all this hate on our community as true natives of this Nation!

    • If we do not change our future, chaos and disintegration is what the future holds of us. I offer you the Plan of Aztlantica. What we need is a plan for development and for crossing over to a new world based on balance, harmony and sustainability.

  2. Great program. I commend all those involved with the Chicano Studies Program. White studies is fine. But our children need to learn about our culture,  history, contributions, heroes, and heritage. Unless our children know where they come from, they will never know where they are going. This leads to history continually repeating itself in a negative way in our communities. ¡Si Se Puede!

    • What our community needs is a Plan for development and advancement. The soon to be published “Journey to Aztlantica” is such a Plan. In consist of 6 sub-plans. Two of the plans pertinent to our identity is the Cultural-Social Plan and the Educational Plan. If you want to really to something about the poor status of our people, you might consider joining the Organization. We need to change our status and we need to change the direction of our future.

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