TSON News | Kyrsten Sinema Took Scholarships Meant for Latinos

Kyrsten Sinema Took Scholarships Meant for Latinos

While Kyrsten Sinema was talking about her “love” for Russell Pearce, Sinema was also pretending to be latina.

Sinema lied to the National Association of Latino Elected Officials and said that she was Latina. In 2010 and 2011, Sinema went to NALEO conferences on scholarships that only Latinos received.

Last month, at the NALEO conference- where President Obama and Mitt Romney spoke- she was presented to thousands of national latinos as a Latino candidate and “one to watch.”

Sinema, who is white, has changed her story in order to cover up her lies. At first she said that this was NALEO’s mistake but they made it clear that they “rely heavily on self-identification.”

NALEO’s records are clear that Sinema was the liar- “records indicated NALEO contacted Sinema’s legislative staff in advance of the 2011 entry and a staff member said Sinema was Hispanic.”

Kyrsten Sinema Traitor, reference to her anti-immigrant SB1225 co-sponsored by Ron Gould. Photo: Haasch.

Then Sinema tried to defend herself with the classic ‘some of my best friends are Latino’ response. Without any friends in the Latino community in Arizona, Sinema pushed a friend in Texas to say that Sinema had a “latina heart.”

Kyrsten Sinema’s heart is not Latina- it’s rotten.

Sinema lost support amongst Hispanics in Arizona by teaming up with Russell Pearce but she thought she could get away with fooling other Latinos into thinking she was one of them- shame on her.

via Daily Kos: Kyrsten Sinema Took NALEO Scholarships Meant for Latinos.

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  1. I’d call her malinche, but thats too good of a name for her… she prolly can be aptly named as a pimple on russell pearces a$$!!!

  2. more lies : http://www.jewishjournal.com/rosnersdomain/item/what_congress_candidate_sinemas_emails_reveal_about_her_israel_position_201/

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