TSON News | BUSTED: Kyrsten Sinema taking money from private prison industry!

BUSTED: Kyrsten Sinema taking money from private prison industry!

Kyrsten Sinema has an event July 19th, 2012 at 4:30pm, but she is keeping the details secret on her webpage…

I wonder why?

Perhaps it is because the event (private invitation below) is with the Policy Development Group office, where the private prison CCA chief lobbyist Paul Senseman and his wife worked, the private prison lobbying firm that NPR uncovered in 2010 which has been under a lot of criticism since then from progressives for their work for the private prison industry (they are the leading lobbyists for them in AZ)

Some background on the firm’s ties to private prison industry and SB1070:


Brewer’s current spokesman, Senseman, had been lobbying Arizona lawmakers as CCA’s chief lobbyist in the state as an employee of Policy Development Group, Inc., yet another influential Phoenix consulting firm, from 2005 to late 2008. Senseman was appointed as Brewer’s spokesman in January 2009—fresh off the job with CCA. Senseman’s wife, Kathryn, remains employed by Policy Development Group, which still lobbies the state on behalf of CCA.


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