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White Privilege and Mass Murders in America

There he goes again, that darn Three Sonorans playing the race card again…

I made a comment on Facebook yesterday:

Trying to shoot down MAS classes and not looking in the mirror to see what in American culture causes mass shootings…

and immediately was met with complaints that the Colorado shooting has nothing to do with race or MAS.

My point was that we focus so much on the danger of Chicanos learning their history when the real threat comes from crazy Americans with very easy access to guns, but that is besides the point for now.

Does the Colorado Dark Knight shooting have anything to do with race? For those who know about Critical Race Theory and view events and issues through that special lens, the answer is interesting either way. If it does have to do with race, then that discussion can continue.

But I want to consider the opposite; what if the shooting has nothing to do with race? This is actually where things get interesting.

Remember when that airplane crashed into that building in an attempt to kill federal employees a few years ago? A man was mad at the IRS and drove his plane into a building in Austin, Texas in 2010.

The man was white.

You might say, why does his race matter? Because when a criminal is not white, it matters to everyone.

If the man was brown-skinned we would wonder if he was sent from the Mexican drug cartels, or if he was part of some Muslim terrorist group, or if he had ties to the Black Panthers…

His race would concern everyone.

Here is an experiment. Close your eyes now and try to envision the white man that crashed his plane into the Austin building?

Do you have his face memorized? What does he look like?

Now think of “shoe-bomber.” His face was everywhere on TV.

Do you remember these pictures? Richard Reid killed no one, the only damage he caused was to his shoes, but we all know his face and we know he is a “terrorist.”

The hero of that event was actually a musician who grabbed his guitar out of his case and bravely smashed it over Richard Reid’s head, thus leading to the bruises you see on his face above.

His name was Joseph Stack.

For his heroism he was awarded medals from the President, but unfortunately many do not know his face. Do you recognize the man with the guitar in the picture above?

Actually, the part about Stack being a hero is untrue, except to those on the extreme right-wing that hate only one thing more than the first black president, and that is the IRS.

Joseph Stack was the man who crashed a plane into a building.

News reports make sure to point out that he acted alone and is not a “terrorist.”

The FBI identified the pliot as Joseph Stack, a 53-year-old software engineer. Stack was confirmed dead, but his body has not yet been recovered.

At least one person who worked in the building was unaccounted for and two people were hospitalized, thirteen others were treated and released said Austin Fire Department Division Chief Dawn Clopton.

Emergency crews found two bodies in the building late Thursday evening, but wouldn’t identify them.

Texas Republican Congressman Michael McCaul told reported the incident was, “not tied to overseas terror organizations.”

A U.S. law official said investigators were looking at a lengthy, anti-government “manifesto” Stack is believed to have written on his Web site. The message outlines problems with the IRS and says violence “is the only answer.”

Read more: http://www.foxnews.com/story/0,2933,586581,00.html

Isn’t a terrorist someone who uses terror, as in fear, usually against civilians?

Note there is no mention of race in these definitions.

When GOP Congressman McCaul says above that Stack was “not tied to overseas terror organizations” what exactly does this mean, why is it even being said, especially when you consider Stack’s manifesto that says “violence is the only answer”?

According to the definition above, Stack’s use of violence to achieve a political aim, the aim here being the offices of the IRS in Austin, satisfies the requirements to be a terrorist.

But note the use of the word “overseas.” Overseas as in foreigners. But nowhere is it mentioned by the Congressman that this is clearly an act of domestic terrorism, by American citizens.

Now when it comes to events such as Columbine and the Aurora incident, since they were mass murders we know the people involved, and just as with the Tucson Tragedy, the face of the young white man is displayed on the TV 24-7 right now.

How ironic that the media always uses smiling photos of these murderers, as they did with Jared Loughner.

(Article continued below)

The similarities are there. Both were students that were failing out of school and clearly worried about it.

Were they racists?

Who knows; maybe they were or maybe they weren’t.

But that’s not the question right now.

Neither is the question why these two white men hate America. Why do they hate us? Why are they jealous of Americans?

Despite these heinous acts, other young white men are not afraid of being racially profiled now. Will people now fear white men when they get onto airplanes wearing a college T-shirt? What if they smile at them?

Then they definitely fit the profile of a domestic terrorist!

Race does not matter in this case, nor should it. The cops would waste their time and energy by racially profiling all young men in suburbia. It is best to keep race out of this.

This efficiency is called White Privilege.


You already know that if it was a Muslim that did the crime, the news would be speaking right now about the threat of “Muslim” terrorism.

This Batman shooting will never be referred to as “White” terrorism or “American” terrorism. Everyone knows that American and terrorism are exact opposites! Americans are the ones that fight terrorism, not engage in it. We never use violence against other people around the world, they have no need to fear us.

We just know that they are jealous of us because we are so rich. Not because of lives lost in their families or communities destroyed.

I digress.

What if the shooter was not white? The Virginia Tech shooter was not white, and we all know thanks to the news that he was an immigrant from South Korea. They chose only the best pictures with a smiling face to let Americans know what that killer looked like.

Now just imagine if the mass shooter was a former Mexican American Studies student! You know that news would be all over that!

Joseph Stack had an anti-government manifesto… yawn…

White Christian militias in places like Michigan or cults like the Branch Davidians… these are brave patriots and their stockpiling of weaponry is an homage to the greatness of the Second Amendment.

Until they go and kill people or spread their own domestic terrorism.

But we never wonder why they hate America.

We just sit and wonder… why? Why did this happen? Surely it has nothing to do with our culture even though it is Americanism that keeps spawning these people out, and that gives them the guns to act through on their fears.

This is not a time to declare war on their kind, because they are us. They come from within.

It is also not a time to declare war on another country, or have all college students strip during airport searches. No profiling of any kind will take place.

Nor should it.

That’s the benefit of White Privilege.


And that is something many of us, including myself, do not have. Until the day I die I will always be “reasonably suspicious,” a possible drug-cartel member or illegal immigrant. I will never be waved through border patrol checkpoints which not dot Southern Arizona like those in the car in front of me.

Even the books I read and music I listen to or art I enjoy will be used against me in a court of law, as it was in the Ethnic Studies trial in Arizona.

And despite the race of the mass shooters, from Jared Loughner to James Holmes, or to other murderers outside of Tucson such as Shawna Forde and Jason Bush, white supremacist members of the Minutemen that killed Brisenia Flores and her father while also shooting her mother, the Sheriff Arpaio lovers and TEA Party will never start fearing their grandkids even though Russell Pearce and Jan Brewer have sons in jail.

Or the person that Pearce baptized, his good friend JT Ready, who was involved in a recent mass murder in Arizona…


It is the brown person that must be feared. It is Latinos getting educated in Mexican American Studies that plan to “overthrow the US Government.” And it is us who are the cause of the financial meltdown. It has nothing to do with the billionaire bankers and their bailouts, but mythical welfare collectors who we all picture as black and Latino.


Just as with other mass murders, the media will focus on this for another 15 minutes and then it will be forgotten. Then another murderer will be spawned, and we will wonder once again why it happened.

Perhaps if Americans started looking within, and at all cultures and races, rather than focusing as Arizona does on the evilness of Ethnic Studies and bilingual education, or whether people living here peacefully for decades have the proper paperwork, then we might prevent future tragedies.

But this would require us to look beyond the illusion, the American flag or the crucifix in the house and focus more on what type of weapons your neighbor has and why. Their internet ramblings and conspiracy sites they visit may be more dangerous than a banned book by Rudy Acuña read in TUSD.

This will never happen.

In the meantime whenever white men commit mass murders it is just a freak isolated incident, but when we look at other crime statistics for minorities the reason given is that it is something innate to their culture, to their family. It is those people.

And while Arizona and others continue to focus on minorities and immigrants, the next shooter will go unnoticed, and then we will repeat this cycle once again.


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  1. It’s terrifying for people to face the reality that if they’re going to be killed by another person, it’s most likely to be someone they already know — often a family member of their own race and class. That information leaves one feeling powerless. Folklore and other made-up ways to “identify” and “avoid” The Bad People (by making them obviously and very specifically different from oneself) is not just a huge component of racism but also what people do to imagine they’re taking control and move that uncertainty to the back burner. It’s stupid and it isn’t right, but boy, is it familiar.

  2. This is completely on point. My friend and I were just having this conversation earlier. White criminals are allowed to be individuals and are given their humanity. The news wants to talk to their neighbors, high school friends, and family to get more insight to what could have possibly happened to such an otherwise wonderful and brilliant person. I don’t recall a single instance of news speaking to the family of a minority criminal. Why bother, they think. They’re all the same. People of color cannot be individuals; we are all cut from the same cloth. And what is even more infuriating about this white privilege is the denial of its existence. Thanks for sharing.

    • I completely agree.  I mean, there’s so much research and studies on how “gang culture” is the source of violence in minority communities, but there’s no research on white manhood and violence (which has been a problem for over 500 years).  

      The shooting was a terrible incident, and I think we’re doing a great injustice by not focusing on how this society reproduces such so-called “deranged” criminals.  

      • But everyone that looked like him was.  That was the 2nd largest bombing in our nation’s history.  In every way it fufills the definition of  a terrorist attack.  It was organized, politically motivated and meant to inspire fear.  How many young white men do you know that were profiled as a result of that.  By contrast I know muslims that were spat on, tormented and  eventually driven out of New York post 9/11.

          • and rightly so, they are also a gang and dangerous (like my comments above) the thing is skinheads may use knives but usually just beat people up and jump folks, and very rarely if ever use guns like the bigger problem our country faces. This particular problem is much closer to home for me as I have had numerous encounters with skinheads throughout my life and they do not fight fair ever.

        • the thing is most terrorism that we are concerned with here is not politically motivated it is religiously motivated. At the same time, these guys did not get this idea in their head form a religious book or trained in a camp to do damage, they did not work with a group or a network. Your entire concept is invalid, it is a one sided view point. There are reasons for the concerns our country has and many more we are not even allowed to know of in the public eye. Your points on the the big banks and financial cartels are very correct and valid and we all feel the same way about them, however illegals living in our country are just that illegal, its not the peoples fault it is our governments. They should either be able to stay and have the same rights and responsibilities as the rest of us or made to leave and the problem corrected. As it stands now it is causing many more problems on many other fronts. On the hand of white on white crime, it is not nearly as bad as what happens every day in urban America. Gangs kil each other and their own kind every day and its way worse than any other problem we currently face. I think you should direct your skills towards this issue. Why are our minorities killing each other off? Chicago is the murder capital of the world, kids being shot by stray bullets on the news every night. There are always going to be bad people and people who freak out, of course it gets worse during times or financial crisis. Do people hate us? do we hate ourselves? yes and yes in every direction and pointing fingers never helps…but we expect that from the media and our government, not from you, not from the people. We expect the people to come together and work together to fix our ills. Is terrorism an issue here? was it ever? I would say no and no and its still is now in my opinion, it was just another sham, to keep us under control and in fear….I would say your missing the point in that department (of who the real terrorists are….who spreads the most fear? THE MEDIA. Anyway that is a whole different topic. What really needs fixing are the gang issues and folks not living here legally. we could go on and on and on on why those are or are not problems, to me they are one effects me more than the other but one way or another every American is effected by one if not both. These white men did not kill for jealousy, if anything your blog is closer in that department. Lets all get over the bs, take off the blinders and try to make things better instead of always pointing fingers, like i said we expect that from the media dn the government to me this is much worse. Because we expect better from the people. Do yourself and everyone else a favor and let your hate and or jealousy go its blinding you, use your energy towards a solution or a common good and we will all be much better off

    • Are you kidding? Name a Black or Hispanic person who shot up 7o people in a public space. The Asian kid who shot up Virginia tech was treated the same way this guy is being treated. You’re argument is invalid.

    •  I was having a similar conversation yesterday as well while watching an episode of Law and Order with my boyfriend.  In it, a white guy murders 3 people in one go, and the investigators talk extensively about the white male murderer profile.  However, who are the detectives, the ADAs, the DAs and the judges the bring this murderer to justice? Mostly a bunch of other white dudes.  The archetype of the white mass murderer has a strong presence in the American consciousness, but the full range of humanness is also represented 1000x over.  If you watch an episode of Dragnet from the early 60s vs. Law and Order from yesterday you can see this popular culture representation shifting, but obviously this entrenched reality doesn’t change over night.

      On the other hand, Jay Smooth’s video “Don’t Freak Out About the White Babies” also comes to mind.  At one point he says, “I think one of the remarkable things about American history is how much love and how much faith most people of color still have in this country, despite all the chapters of history that could make us feel otherwise.”

  3. Wow, when I began reading this. I thought the article might be too crass for the current situation or off-point. However, I ended up loving the article and agree with all your major point. Thanks for your well-thought out opinions.

  4. Very interesting, but I think you are missing the point of why these people are committing random acts of terror. It is because they are mentally ill, and they have “rights” to refuse treatment, and the minimal treatment or interventions they get prior to their horrible violent acts is provided by a bunch of untrained idiots. I totally agree that the current anti-immigrant mania is ridiculous and I am totally pro-immigration (although I am anti-terrorist). I do agree, however, that it is the ignorance of people in power who are behind all of this violence, whether by legislature or simply by idiotic comments in the media.

    • It’s a simple point: because he his white, this shooting will never be attributed to anything but his mental state. Compare this case to the Fort Hood shooting to understand.

  5. I find this post very ambivalent. What exactly is the beef . . . Or the point?

    “You already know that if it was a Muslim that did the crime, the news would be speaking right now about the threat of “Muslim” terrorism.”

    Are you suggesting that race and ideology are equivalent? If so, then on what possible grounds? If not, then what’s your point?

    “This Batman shooting will never be referred to as “White” terrorism or “American” terrorism. Everyone knows that American and terrorism are exact opposites! Americans are the ones that fight terrorism, not engage in it. We never use violence against other people around the world, they have no need to fear us.”

    Nor would any similar shooting be referred to as “black” or “Hispanic” terrorism, because that would make no sense. it might, however, be referred to as “domestic” terrorism if a discernible political motivation is brought forth. Is there anything wrong with that?

    “We just sit and wonder… why? Why did this happen? Surely it has nothing to do with our culture even though it is Americanism that keeps spawning these people out, and that gives them the guns to act through on their fears.”

    Actually, I think you’d be hard pressed to find a commentator that WOULDN’T reflect on how this and other shootings relate to our culture. And there’s certainly no lack of discussion about gun control.  You do watch the news, right?

    You ought not to make this tragedy about race or politics if you can’t do a little dot to dot.
    One is led to ask: in a just society without all this “white privilege” oozing from the television screen, how would this shooting be covered differently? 

    • It’s a simple point: because he his white, this shooting will never be attributed to anything but his mental state.

      It won’t be blamed on rap music. We won’t start profiling nerdy white guys at the movie theater. He is just allowed to be an individual.

      Contrast this to the coverage of the Fort Hood shooting and fears about Muslim infiltrators.

      • It is a simple point. Islam is a discernible belief system. Being a white nerdy guy isn’t. Again, you’re not connecting the dots to make your argument.

          • Actually, it was religious he said to have ties to the Knights Templar in a effort to cleanse Europe of Muslim culture.  

          • Are we splitting hairs now because you actually believe that Christians are killing in the name of Christianity as frequently as Muslims kill in the name of Islam? Because we both know that you can’t back that up.

            Good heavens, why is it so hard to accept the obvious? This human piece of trash (who happens to be white) is not being called a terrorist because he doesn’t meet the definition of a terrorist. To make this about race is dillusional, dishonest and deeply cynical.

          • I just stated a fact.  I never stated that “Christians are killing in the name of Christianity as frequently as Muslims”.  

            I also agree that the “race card” is dillusional and he should be labeled as a terrorist because he used violence. Violence to send a message or not, he Terrorized.  

        • Islam is a discernible belief system, however not all Muslims who kill do so in the name of Islam and not all Muslims kill.

          Let’s connect some dots. In the case of Nidal Malik Hassan (Fort Hood shooter), his family said at the time that he was harassed by colleagues for being Muslim and wanted out of the Army at any cost. Then some crazy emails to a crazier cleric show up and we’re all worried about ‘Muslim infiltrators’ in our military. Hassan wasn’t allowed to be a desperate man who was coming unraveled after serving in a war while being harassed about his faith. He was a Yet Another Radicalized Muslim.

          Meanwhile, despite Columbine, Paducah, Conyers, and the phrase “going postal,” we generally don’t talk about middle-class crazy white men as though it’s A Thing. They’re exceptions. They’re generally not viewed as indicators of violent American culture or anything other than their own mental health state. As it should be.

          Minorities do not get the same pass.

          • You’re really stretching here to make a connection. I think your attempt shows more of your own bias than any demonstrable bias in media coverage.

            Most  media outlets went out of their way *not* to portray Hassan as an Islamic extremist. Only when the facts permitted no other conclusion did the “lone terrorist” narrative develop. We have no choice but to link Hassan’s actions to radical Islam when the killer himself places his actions in that context. Incidentally, You wouldn’t have to look hard to find plenty of media discussion about the numerous emotional/psychological factors that contributed to the man’s killing spree. There’s simply no equivalence here to shootings like Aurora. To most Americans that’s abundantly clear. 

            The far more interesting question is, why are indiscriminate killing sprees typically committed by middle class white males? There’s a conversation that’s more than worth having, but it’s a far cry from the needlessly devisive garbage on this blog.  Attatching some form of multicultural victimhood to an incident where men, women and children were indiscriminately murdered is despicable, and borders on psychosis. 

      • He would have, Tiffany, if he was a white Neo Nazi, or a white hooded Klansman.  Or a white Christian fundamentalist who bombed an abortion clinic.

        Of course, some folks who hear it is a white criminal won’t say anything, but if the criminal were black, or Hispanic, or Muslim, they might say: “oh, it figures!”

        Nonetheless, the reason nerdy white guys won’t be profiled is because their crimes are (thankfully!) few and far between as compared to politically or religiously motivated killings. Also, certain ethnic gangs are more prone to killing randomly than others. For example, Al Capone was no less a mass murderer than anyone else. But as part of Italian organized crime, he usually limited his killings to other mobsters, not to the general public. That doesn’t make him any better, just a DIFFERENT type of crime that the general public still cares about stopping, though not as much.

    • its because it was not terrorism, it was a simple lone act of aggression or paypack of some kind this guys was that upset he wanted to take people out, either that or it was the government and they want to take our guns? hahaha I wont go there here, again I think you are so outside of this you just dont know any better.

  6. you are a fucking idiot. you want them to call it terrorism? You just pointed out that terrorism is an act of politically aimed violence. but where in the batman case is the anti government theme? your whole post doesn’t make sense.

  7. ” For those who know about Critical Race Theory and view events and issues through that special lens, the answer is interesting either way. If it does have to do with race, then that discussion can continue.” Uhhhhhhhh, como?

  8. Wow. This is really one misguided and racially obsessive blogger. If a hispanic person were to have done what this guy did, chances are the media would be going through the exact same thing. Hello? Virgina Tech Massacre? That was an asian minority. Your blog is pointless, wrong and damaging. Move the fuck out of Arizona already. Get some perspective.

    •  What Hispanic or African American even comes close to the Murder and Mayhem of White males. Since they came to this country and started murdering Indians, they have not let up on violence as a solution. Ted Bundy, Jeffrey Dahmar, BTK, The Green River Killer, The Boston Strangler, The Smiley Faced Killer, The Oklahoma City Bomber, I can go on. All of these are White Males. Yes there is a sprinkling of minorities, but nothing that comes near the mayhem of White Males. Most are Spree Killers, Serial Killers, or Mass Murderers. Thems the facts!

      • If you want to deal in facts, I wouldn’t advise using violent crime statistics based on race to bolster your argument.

        • Anita makes the great point that a large number of spree/serial killers have been white. There have been black and hispanic serial killers as well. Richard Ramirez was one. The D.C. sniper was black. But her argument cannot be refuted simply by quick quips suggesting she not use statistics, or by insisting we not discuss race here. The elephant in the room here that no one in mainstream media wants to talk about is that violence on a massive scale is part of American culture and specifically white culture…but no one wants to look inwards or look at white history in this light.

          • “Anita makes the great point that a large number of spree/serial killers have been white.”

            Had she made such a straightforward point I would take no issue with it. Here is what she says: 

            “What Hispanic or African American even comes close to the Murder and Mayhem of White males. Since they came to this country and started murdering Indians, they have not let up on violence as a solution.”

            Well, the fact is that whites commit significantly less violence in proportion to, say, African Americans. Which makes this rant ring a little hollow, don’t you think? I personally feel that arguing about which race is “worse” is childish and counterproductive, but if you want to open that can of worms then you better be ready to discuss ALL the facts.

            “The elephant in the room here that no one in mainstream media wants to talk about is that violence on a massive scale is part of American culture and specifically white culture…but no one wants to look inwards or look at white history in this light.”

            Says who? And based on what? The ability of multiculturalists to make vague/immeasurable assertions based on ambiguous sentiment never ceases to amaze. Violence on a massive scale is is part of American culture and specifically white culture? Connect the dots here for me. 

          • If you know anything about what happens every day in every major city then you should know how silly that comment you just left really is. When it comes to gang bangers do you have any idea how many fo them would be classified as as serial killers? NO do you know why? well im guessing you dont so I will tell you because there are so many and so many killed every day the police and all the detectives and all the agencies cant keep up with it. IF ANYTHING and PLEASE before you reply read all my other posts, I dont want to repeat myself

          • By any standard the DC sniper and the night stalker were mentally ill. They didn’t get discussed as mentally I’ll into the media that much though. It was as if their portrayal had to compete with other negative stereotypes about Muslims and satanic Chicano metalheads

      • wow you are hateful, and wrong. Needless to say, please educate yourself. I know you dont even realize how wrong you are and again its pointless because all of this is racism, we are all one, we bleed the same color and need to stop this senseless hate, you could be just like anyone of them, or raise one a hater I mean, maybe you already have? Dont you see how sad and wrong that is?

  9. America was founded on the murder of Indians and enslavement of Africans. They considered their conquest of the America’s a victory, and see no reason to stop the violence. The news reports say how smart Holmes (the shooter) was, and how privileged he was. Just because someone is smart does not mean they are moral. Intelligence and morality are not inclusive of each other. Americans need to get that through their heads. In Arizona Loughlin shot and killed seven people, and almost killed a Congresswoman, and nothing changed. Yet, in the African American Community the Police want to be able to, Stop & Frisk young men at will. What is wrong with this picture? Even when they kill their own parents it is overlooked and swept under the rug. The white males who belong to the NRA run this country and the Politicians are afraid of them. Look for this to happen again as another WM tries to beat Holmes Record.

    • You made some good points, Anita, and I am interested in your opinion about this series of statements, which I consider “race-based” analysis, which is different from “racism.”

      1. Historically, persons of color (i.e., nonwhites) in the United States have been treated poorly, often enduring obstacles in terms of attaining financial security and a good education.  THEREFORE

      2. Persons of color have disproportionately remained less financially secure and less educated than their white counterparts. 

      3. Persons who do not have the means to buy food, medicine, or other essentials, and who feel hopeless in terms of getting out from a lifelong hole of despair, are MORE likely to commit crimes.  THEREFORE,

      4. Doesn’t it make sense that persons of color in the U.S. at a disproportionately higher rate, would commit crimes?NOTE: This example can also be applied to poor, uneducated, white folks.

      NOTE: There can be instances of individuals from privileged, white families “going postal,” but those are exceptions to the rule.

      The reason this is race-based but not racism is because if the tables had been turned, if America was founded by wealthy persons of color who exploited the white race historically, then statistically white persons would be the ones more likely to commit crimes at a disproportionately higher rate.

      • I love how simplistic and pat your first statement is.
        You make it sound like someone made an ugly face, or put a hurdle in front of the door.
         “treated poorly”=genocide and disenfranchisement of Amerindians and Mexicans (let’s not forget that all of what is currently the United States was taken from these groups by violence and/or deceit (which is really just another type of violence)).”obstacles” = slavery, structural and state sanctioned racism, all manner of race based based oppression,lynching, etc., up to and including “micro-agression” currently.There’s also  a deep fallacy in your thinking that people of color COMMIT more crime than white people. The simple truth is that the history of racism and racial oppression has created a system that punishes people of color and benefits white people disproportionately. It would be more correct to say that more people of color are CHARGED with or sent to PRISON for committing crimes (I also love how you allow for economics, so I’ll do the same (and poor, uneducated, white people) but I’ll keep in mind that economics is not as important as race when it comes to sentencing (that’ll be your homework, look it up)).It is fairly clear that you don’t understand what you’re tailing about when you make a distinction between “race-based” and “racist” analysis. To me it sounds like you want to take advantage of the privilege that a simplistic racist understanding of current events allows you without having to identify as a racist.NOTE: If you are basing your analysis on racist concepts like race to make a racist point like persons of color commit more crime than white persons do while also holding on to the incredibly odd notion that the same would be the case if the metaphorical shoe were on the other foot then (at least to my illogical and subjective mind) you are some kind of racist.   

        • Interesting, Chuangroll. I would ask you to please go back and read what I wrote a little more carefully.

          You wrote that I said persons of color commit more crimes than white folks, although what I said was – based on what I wrote – “Wouldn’t it make sense that persons of color would commit more crimes?”

          Your question might be: “so what’s the difference?”  HERE is the difference:
          A.  I am not drawing a conclusion, I am asking a question.  If your conclusion – as you seem to imply – is that persons of color DO NOT commit more crimes than their counterparts, then it would seem that either 1) those factors do not contribute to a greater propensity to commit a crime; or 2) those races are superior to the white race because their members are able to overcome such adversity and still be no more likely to commit crimes than races that did not face such adversity.B. I used the phrase “TREATED POORLY” to get to my point, not to minimize any such poor treatment. I did not think it was the place to vent about “HOW” poorly. The vast majority of ethnic and racial groups have been treated poorly at some point or another, in some part of the world, by others.  YES, some FAR MORE than others.  That’s a valid point, but a DIFFERENT point.

          C. Also a DIFFERENT point is whether persons of color are CHARGED with more crimes. That, too, is a VALID point, but a different one. Here’s why it’s a DIFFERENT point – consider these four examples:

          1) Suppose that police officers are 100% correct in arresting those who deserve to be arrested.  Now, suppose that out of every 1000 whites, 8 of them have committed crimes, and out of every 1000 blacks, 9 of them have committed crimes. (I am NOT saying these statistics are accurate, I’m just using them as an EXAMPLE):  In that case, SAME percentage, SAME level of arrests.

          2) Next, suppose again, 8 of 1000 whites and 8 of 1000 blacks commit crimes, but the police are INCORRECT in whom they arrest, and they wind up arresting all 8 whites, but they arrest 13 blacks. The eight who committed the crimes, and 5 who were innocent.

          3) Instead, suppose that 8 of 1000 whites commit crimes, but 12 of 1000 blacks. Again, the police are 1000% accurate in whom they arrest. This time, blacks are arrested at a higher percentage because they have committed more crimes.

          4) Now suppose that 8 whites have committed crimes out of 1000, and 12 blacks out of 1000. The police have arrested only  2 of the whites (leaving 6 guilty ones to remain free) and have arrested 20 blacks – the 12 who committed crimes and 8 other innocent ones.  Now, the police, because of BAD POLICY – whether intentional or erroneous – have arrested 10 TIMES MORE BLACKS THAN WHITES. That means the arrest rate of blacks versus whites is 1000% higher.  But it doesn’t change that the crime rate among blacks versus white is 50% higher, anyway.

          So, any race-based mistakes, or outright racism, by police, is certain a valid point.  But it is a DIFFERENT point than if one group commits more crimes than another.

          D. Racism and race-based evaluations are not necessarily the same thing. All racist evaluations are race-based, but not all race-based evaluations are racist.

          FINALLY, Chuangroll, you will note that I have been cordial and respectful in my communication. I have not used, sarcastically, the phrase: “I love when you….” when clearly, you don’t really “love” it.Also, please note that because I despise racism with every fiber of my being, I take offense at the mere implication that I am a racist. That’s like calling me a murderer or a rapist.  Please do not make such implications or accusations as clearly, I have not made any “racist” statement – only race-based ones.

          I’ll be happy to point out that difference, too – though I think I’ve gone quite long with this reply.  🙂

          • It seems that you are positing an theoretical, unprovable argument (since you offer no evidence) which is that ‘it seems like economically disadvantaged people would commit more crimes than those who are more well off’ (to paraphrase). Yes, the economically downtrodden of society be they white black or whatever may commit crime due to lack of legal options for covering their basic needs. Why is this important to you, or to this conversation? Are you suggesting that the media is justified in its portrayal of nonwhite arrestees? What do you think about the notion that white criminals, especially white collar criminals, are portrayed differently and with more humanity and concern than nonwhites who are frequently labelled using racist or racialized/coded vocabulary such as ‘terrorist’ ‘gang member’ etc, in the media?

          • Jayman Islands, to answer your questions:  the argument is not unprovable, but yes, I am offering no evidence – primarily because I am not making any argument – I am asking it as a question. 

            Your next question is – why is this important to the conversation?  It depends which part of the conversation, because a bunch of sub-conversations have emerged from the original article. 

            I think it is important because the statistics, whatever they may be, are IMMENSELY important. Whatever the group – whatever color, whatever religion – it is important to analyze:

            A. The comparative rates (percentages) of committing crimes andB. The comparative rates (percentages) of arrests.Only if those statistics are compared, side-by-side, can there be a plausible argument, rather than one based on conjecture, of whether or not law enforcement officers – collectively – engage in inappropriate profiling.

            RIght now, it’s just an emotional war of words (I don’t mean the folks in this thread – I mean in society in general).  Some folks believe that the media is overly biased AGAINST persons of color, while others believe the media is overly biased in FAVOR of persons of color.  For example, do you know how many people make the point that when a white man shoots a black man the media portrays it as racism and it is all over the news – whereas if the roles are reversed, then that accusation is not made?Again, I’m not taking a side on this, just pointing out that absent statistics and objective analysis, it becomes more of a venting session about which group has been the most wronged. And that doesn’t lead to a solution.

          • The thing is and I hope everyone reads this “THEY” are not white or black, brown or yellow, THEY are the elite, none of us are no matter what color you are, THEY want us fighting amongst ourselves as we all are here….they want us to believe in racism and fule the fire, it is why everythign has happened exactly as it has since the beginning. This is about control! A nation divided is easily conquered, together we are unstoppable. Please all of you drop all this petty crap, stand tall together pretend there is an alien mothership hanging over our planet, we are all one, we bleed the same color, this is all nonsense created to keep us separated and we are all victims in many different ways. Its time to wake up and evolve, become one with each other and live the happy lives we are supposed to as free men and woman. We all keep this up and it could be much much worse.

          • If I could just add on a bit, the original post is a compilation of theoretical propositions. The choice of words, such as “more” and “therefore”, suggest that there exists a correlation, if not causation, between the variables found in each statement. Thus, they read as a sociological hypothesis–it is testing for whether or not causation occurs. between the variables of “persons of color” and “commit more crime”. Evidence for this hypothesis could require empirical data, survey’s on perception based on race, and interviews. After the data is collected and analyzed, if there did occur causation between persons of color that commit higher rates of crime then this hypothesis would hold truth. If there exists no causation but a correlation between the variables, it stays at the level of being hypothetical. If no causation or correlation exists, this is an invalid hypothesis and can either be between two new variables or can be discarded. 

          • Jen, I think what you’re saying is: reliable data is what would either support or refute these hypotheses. I agree. 

            I do not believe that any particular group of people are born with a “crime gene,” and so it seems to me that (except for individual cases), IF groups tend to commit more crimes than other groups, it would be based on environment and circumstances, rather than genetic predisposition.

            That raises these questions:

            A. If some groups exist under comparatively far worse environments and circumstances than others; BUT

            B. Those groups do NOT commit crimes at any higher rate; THEN

            C. Does that mean those groups are “supergroups?”  Able to withstand life’s obstacles far better than mere mortals?  Or does it mean that bad environments and circumstances do not play a significant role in propensity to commit crimes?

          • I was only speaking to the format of your original comment–that it appeared to be more of a sociological question or hypothesis. 

            I believe part A and B juxtapose each other as contradicting ideas. While I did not mention a person’s environment–including but not limited to home, school, neighborhood, etc.–and the circumstances they may face, if one is to conduct a sociological study these are the types of variables that would be found in a survey or interview questions to help get at the real question, just as one has control variables in a chemistry or biology experiment. Ideally, one would also inquire about socioeconomic status, level of education, race and ethnicity, and gender. 

            If these variables, mentioned in the above paragraph, demonstrate that those individuals who have a lower socioeconomic status, education level, have an unstructured home life, and reside in a poverty stricken area are more likely to commit crime than an individual who is not in their same boat, it demonstrates a positive correlation and probable causation. If after collecting data and the variables demonstrate a reverse effect, that a person with a high socioeconomic status, higher education, etc. is more likely to commit a crime, then it would refute the original hypothesis and a new one would need to be created. Now because sociologist cannot make laws because not all data is collected empirically, such as in all the hard sciences, sociological data is not seen as containing whole truth. 

            I myself believe that an individuals’ environment, which is comprised of many parts, and circumstances do effect an individuals’ participation in crime. And there are many variables that affect one individual/group to commit more crime over another individual/group.  

          • People who see more “humanity” in the portrayal of white arrestees in the media than in the portrayal of black arrestees are projecting their own internalized racism. For some of these people, just the information that an arrestee is black is taken as some sort of insult.

          • I just thought it was funny how you put white criminals and white collar criminals together! hahaha so what are you saying no people of color get white collar jobs? most would say that was racist, whether you meant it or not.

    • Wow, so this is all just a racist thread I guess? THEY? come on, if you compare all the mass murders like this in history they dont add up to the daily totals of gangland killings. The people who are alive now didnt do anything, your being racist. Victory my ass! Noen of us would have wanted what happened to happen and would have doen whatever we could to stop it, do you know how many fought and died to end slavery??? We stopped it because we knew it was wrong! use caution your hate will bite you back

    • You forget about the fact that this country was built on the backs of millions of immigrants who were hardly treated better than slaves.  People who couldn’t speak the language.  Came from abject poverty in other countries just to live in deplorable conditions here.  Lived in slums.  Died due to their horrific work conditions and communicable disease.  Do those people not count?  Those were my ancestors.  I guess because they had lighter skin than you, they are off your radar.

  10. “This is not a time to declare war on their kind, because they are us.”
    “Us”? Orale’ Guey, Is that the White American “Us”, or the “Ask A Mexican Who Isn’t Really A Mexican But Just Another American Loudmouth Hater” Us?  C’mon Gus, quit posturing as a Scratchback, you come from the most privileged, most conservative county in this all inclusive Estados Unidos, the birthplace of Fantasy World- aka Disneyland (is that from where your philosophy is derived?).Loughner and Holmes didn’t hate darkie, (unless you are in possession of some Ultra White Supremacist Manifesto that they wrote or signed or subscribed to), but they did hate you Gringo Marron, because you spew your vitriol through the (white) constitutionally protected media, and they joined the Haters (like you) and attacked. So paleface Jim Holmes indiscriminately hated on a mixed ethnic group celebrating the excess of American Unreality; produced right there in your barrio, SoCal. He was hatin’ on you Homie. “Que la chinga, ese’?

    • hahahahaha AWESOME! thank you for that and i am guessing you are right (if you read all my replies youll see we were coming form the same place you just went a different angle)

  11. The point of this article is..  no point! just more PC paranoia.. differentiate terrorism and mass murder man.

  12. Meh, 
    The author makes the basic points, 
    What we need is an investigation
    Oh the caustic effects of entitlements
    On those who live the lies of the nation

  13. Interesting discussion. Though I thought it would have been an analysis on TYPE of crime committed by racial/ethnic background. There are some definitive stereotypes about TYPE of crime attributed to TYPE of criminal. What are your thoughts about how FACTUAL these may or may not be (as supported, or not, by statistics)?

    1. Pedestrian or person sitting on stoop shot by random drive-by shooting of a group of teens or 20 somethings in a car. Typical criminal: Black or Latino
    2. Man sets off an explosive device in a high-traffic public street or building.  Typical criminal: Muslim

    3. Psycho killer stalks victims, kills them, keeps some of the body parts in his house. Typical criminal: Caucasian

    • hahaha thanks! well said!!! now how about we put some actual numbers to that? anyone??? Well I will make a guess (and not include 911 because I dont think that was terrorism I think that was something all together much scarier)

      most kills #1 1. Pedestrian or person sitting on stoop shot by random drive-by
      shooting of a group of teens or 20 somethings in a car. Typical
      criminal: Black or Latino without any doubt and if you lived in any major metropolitan area you would know this as fact

      #2 but a far far distant second but really depends on where (in this country it would be White Serial Killers) in the world it would be terrorists of what race or religion this I am unsure on a world scale this might even compete with our gang problem but then again maybe they are gangs too huh?

  14. Very interesting discussion and one that i hope can continue. It seems that whenever this happens there is a white male behind it, and still no one in the white community will acknowlegde it. I often hear them try and find every reason they can to explain it,but never ask the question of why it is almost always white male who commit these horrible murders. S o this will happen over and over because white people are living in a state of denial about this problem in their race.

    • the reason it is not explored more is because we understand it, but it always comes out. Abuse, money problems etc…when these things happen it always comes down to stress the person freaks out and people get hurt…there is no hiding these things in fact most of them have movies made about them.

  15. Except that the white Columbine killers were heavily profiled and led to additional prejudice against other high school weirdos. People like blaming distinct groups, race is only one important part of that. 

    • Interesting, but I don’t agree.  It wasn’t the weirdos that were targeted it was “weirdness”.  Certain behaviors, musical tastes, modes of dress were targeted which is really myopic and not great, but it is the very opposite of racial profiling because it allows the perpetraters humanity to stay in tact. I was struck at the time by how much people asked why. People wondered  if it was depression, anger, alienation, black clothes or Marilyn Manson.  But, asking the questions in  and of itself was acknowlegement of thier humanity, even as it acknowleged for some terrible reason it faltered.  Black kids and other children of color do not have this  priviledge. People are not asking why because essentially the meta message that  circulates is that it’s inherent and black people commit violence because that is what black peoople do.  If you doubt that I refer you to my nursing school text book which stated that black people have a greater propensity for violence, and that was for my cultural diversity class.

      • Bullshit. When people try to investigate the humanity of black criminals by considering any of those same factors, people like you jump in and derail it by claiming it is all a ruse designed to “decontextualize” the suspect. The so-called “anti-racists” are the ones who deny people of color their humanity and individuality.

        If anyone mentions racial disparities in violent crime statistics, the first reaction is “How dare you?” If someone gets past this to point out the actual statistics, the next reaction they get is “If so, then it’s another manifestation of our society’s racist heritage!” In other words, probably the same basic thing that your text book said.

        • I left that first thought incomplete. Sometimes it’s considered a ruse to decontextualize (i.e., treat like an individual instead of a racial type), but at least as often it’s attacked as an attempt to stereotype all black people. This backfires because the “anti-racist” ends up being the one making the stereotyped connections.

  16. Have you ever noticed the media always puts makes the race of a suspect an issue? e.g. A black man robbed….or a latino raped…..etc. But when a white suspect commits a crime it’s never stated.

  17. So disappointed to, again and again and again, seeing minorities focus on race instead of  HUMANITY!!! Mental illness, depression, alienation can happen to ANYONE. I made three calls to the San Francisco Suicide Prevention center just last week, for 3 total strangers to asked for help, I don’t remember their “race” I remember their anguish. Who can  YOU as an individual HELP today. Who among your own friends and family members is quietly suffering at this very moment? Having this capacity to be honest and ask for help, or provide it, is the only thing that can help a situation like this.  SO sit there and think, how AM I becoming a better human being? Not Latino, not black, not white…. just a person with a bigger heart than your gun!

    • Did you read the article? All your comment does is make me think you didn’t read the article because you are stating exactly the opposite of what it very clearly and fairly describes. If you think the world is colorblind, you are blissfully ignorant of reality or in deep denial ’cause it’s too painful for you to handle.And remember, it wasn’t the “minorities'” ancestors who coined the “black/white ‘races”, it was the ancestors of people of European descent who did.

      • every group who ever came to this country or any other for that fact went through very hard times, but for some reason only a couple are known, Most do not know it for instance but the Chinese went through a real lot, so did the Irish, in fact they were the first to be called niggers. Seems to me everyone needs to go tot the library and do some research, no one has it so easy unless your talking about the 1% and the could all careless about any of us no matter what color, creed or sexual orientation.

    • How sad that you see being  minority as diametriclly oppossed to one’s humanity.   Have you ever considered that being a minority can compound all the troubles that most humans have? Do you know that there is research that clearly shows how self esteem, self definition and even one’s blood pressure is effected by being of color in this society.  Can you imgine what anguish and aliention it causes black men to be feared and rejected everywhere they go?  As women do you know we are subjected to systemically lower salaries, disproportionate rates of abuse, and a glass ceiling in the work place? What about gay teens? Do you know that they are 4 times more likely to attempt suicide?  If you want to help people, and it sounds like you do, understand that these  larger societal issues have a very strong impact in peoples personal lives. 

      • “there is research that clearly shows how self esteem, self definition and even one’s blood pressure is effected by being of color in this society. Can you imgine what anguish and aliention it causes black men to be feared and rejected everywhere they go?”

        If someone grew up listening to voices like yours and this blogger’s, I can only imagine how messed up their self-esteem would be. Maybe they need to pay more attention to what normal people are saying.

        • You’re just upset because people are pointed it out. Instead of silencing we should be having conversations about what it means to be a person of color in the US. We can’t just ignore what is going on. 

          • ignore? whos ignoring we are here and discussing this right now, at the same time, people need to step up and force change in their communities and families. For instance the ratio of how many black fathers stick around, of course that is a problem but who is going to fix it? fatherless children are more likely to have low self esteems, end up in jail, have drug habits etc. Again please realize we are all one and we need to stop the bickering and try to work together, but at the same time everyone needs to look in the mirror and try to fix what they can inside, themselves and directly around them. Here is another example if every song is bitch this and nigga that what they hell are the kids learning? bling bling thug life! hell yas! come on! I see this as people are selling their own people out! How can a child grow up to respect them self when they have been taught no respect? no respect for themselves for thier culture for woman etc….so please get off your pulpit and make a change, your words fall on deaf ears.

          • “You’re just upset because people are pointed it out.”

            Who are you talking to, your role-playing hand puppet?

            “Instead of silencing we should be having conversations about what it means to be a person of color in the US.”

            Sure, but do they have to be stupid and destructive conversations based on flawed logic and irrational projections? Is any argument acceptable as long as it gives an excuse to tell impressionable minds that being “a person of color in the US” means that you are screwed for life? Would you tell your kids “be good in school today, and don’t forget that most of the school hates you”? Then you wonder why your kid gets suspended for setting the bathroom on fire.

            “We can’t just ignore what is going on.”

            Tell it to the sockpuppet.

      • your all over the place, of course thats exactly what he was saying stop taking a nice statement and making it bad.

  18. Honestly, I came here because I was sick of seeing the pictures of Holmes on FB with the captions “if he was black…”. You know what? Not the point. You focus on the race of the killer, and completely ignore what the victims must have gone through. This isn’t about race. Do you think the victims care either way? It’s a tragedy, and if I were a victim, this would deeply offend me. (Not just this, all of it) Some of these commenters are just as racist, if not more, than any white person I’ve ever met.

    Oh, this coming from a Lebanese person. I’m pretty sure most Americans would automatically label me as a terrorist the minute I say where I’m from, just because it’s in the Middle Eastern region. I don’t care about their perceptions.

    • I wouldnt peg you as a terrorist, I might be more inclined to think you have a lack or respect for woman, and for that I could be wrong, but I do not believe what I hear only what I have witnessed and that is what I have learned and is VERY prejudice. As we are all prejudice in one way or another and we pre judge based on our experiences, if we did not we would be morons. I am guessing you may not be that way (by what you wrote here in your reply) but at the same time seem intelligent and might even agree that it is an issue that could be cause to a prejudice thought. Either way, thank you for a very good and insightful reply I hope we all learn to judge less and live more, as we are all one and bleed the same color.

    • Mexicans are the product of the Spanish. The spanish did lots of killing as well. There are places in Mexico were no one is safe, there are other places in Mexico were no woman are safe, there are yet other places in mexico where no children are safe. Sounds to me like Mexico is just as bad as “the whites” The “blacks as you stated kill each other and everyone around them in gangland warfare daily, to the point that Chicago now is the murder capital of the world even more than any war torn country! You all need to stop pointing the finger and look in their mirror, humanity in itself has always been bad to itself, children pick on children, men beat on woman….its all very very sad, we are all one, no one is better or worse. Its all a lie, we need to understand ourselves and the ugly inside of us as individuals and teach our children better and try to make a better world instead of pointing the finger at everyone else.

  19. I’m not sold. If a crime is done in the attempt for some kind of political change, then it is terrorism. If a crime is done for personal gain, then it is a crime. In the case of the Dark Knight shootings, it’s just a crazy person. When color is looked upon at any angle by anyone it is racism, regardless of the crime. Looking for patterns in the face of tragedy, unless the crime blatantly involves racism, is wrong.

  20. I think terrorism should be redefined to be the use of violence or intimidation for ANY or No reason.  No matter where you come from or what you look like, if your are creating carnage to define your point you are sick.

  21. People wake up this country the one who says,”One Nation Under God” is now “One Nation Under Secular Humanism”. This subjective relativism (asserts what is right and wrong are subject to individual interpretation) and conventional relativism (which espouses that individual(s) should submit their will to that of their culture) has covertly become the new “religion” of our nation. Secularists along with innumerable churches and ministries of all faiths and denominations, especially the vile religion of Christianity, with its covetous and fame seeking church leaders have thrown away the vlaues, morals, and standards that defined Western culture and allowed cultural radicals to successfully promote and agenda of moral relativism (right is wrong, bad is good, my way or no way) militant secularism (Occupy movement, etc) and sexual and social liberation (the LGBT agenda and cultural radicalism). Just as Rome fell, our depraved, morally corrupt, self-promoting, greed-driven, anti-family, idolatrous country is on a crash course for destruction. 

    America is a country on another planet. Look what the Sexual Revolution and other drastic changes have and will surely bring the wrath of Yahweh on us (I’m sure you atheists, and other “ists” will disagree, but to your demise:
    Abortion has become a casual means of birth control and a ritual of feminism; Having babies out of wedlock has lost its stigma and become acceptable; We now call the LGBT agenda “good” and adherence to biblical morality “evil” or “hateful”; Unrestrained vulgarity is part of daily life; our national debt now exceeds our Gross Domestic Product; Rabid anti (not vile Christianity), but “relationship”, not religion with the Person of Yahweh and His Son Yahushua has become thoroughly acceptable.

    America’s churches are asleep on sentry duty. It (was) their duty to call attention to these changes, but they didn’t for their 501(C)(3) tax-exempt status silences them, which they don’t mind, because they are to busy building mega-churches, packing stadiums, auditoriums with their motivational, humanistic hype speeches, selling their books and CD’s, making movies and living the lavish life. As I have heard in the streets where I come from “pimping is not easy” and these church leaders, evangelists, prophet-liars, televangelists are reaping major profits with the inane people they are duping. This is why I deem Christianity the most vile  religion in the world, not what many are led to (radical Islam).

    In conclusion America has the highest homocide rate of any affluent democracy, four times that of France and the UK and six times that of Germany. Look at the mass murders and the recent one in Colorado . We are going mad in our country and Yahweh is “allowing it” in hopes the people will return to Him and seek “relationship” not modern churchianity and its gimmicks. WAKEUP American populous! 

  22. The comments on this article illustrate the deep seated resentment and prevalence of racism that your readers have toward white people.  The fact that you felt the need to write this post hours after such a tragedy occurred and shift the focus from the horrendous crime to “white privilege” in America shows your own preoccupation with race and your callousness.  Regardless of the race of the shooter, shouldn’t people be thinking of the victims right now and what can be done to heal the wounds that have been inflicted upon our nation and so many innocent people?  Where is your head at? 

      • Semantics.  You completely missed my point and focus instead on semantics.  Who cares what color skin the shooter had, other than you people?  The rest of the nation is grieving and you are more concerned about “white privilege” and how the murderer is portrayed in the media than the atrocity that occurred?  Where are your priorities?

        • We care and other people should. This isn’t the first time a white kid goes crazy killing innocent people. and we shouldn’t ignore it and try to move on. We need to talk about these things when people are still outraged so we can all fix what is wrong in our society. 

          No one is saying that this isn’t an atrocity. What happened was horrible,but what do we do now? Why are 
          portraying this murderer the way we are? Is this the reason why this keeps on occurring?!?! 
           We can’t just sit there and not be critical of the things that are happening around us. If we do it’s going to happen again. And it’s going to be a young WHITE male, again. 

          We have think to think about what our priorities are and what they should be when we are banning books and keeping them from people of color AND we’re allowing crazy white males to have guns. 

          • You leave out any of the minorities who do the same thing.  The only way they are included at all in this post is as a counter point showing how they are portrayed differently in the media (which is false).  People of all different ethnic backgrounds do this, and yes, a larger number is white males, but there are a larger number of white males in this country.  What about Nidal Malik Hasan?  Seung-Hui Cho?  Jiverly Wong?  They are ranked among the top ten worst mass murderers in recent US history, yet conveniently ignored.  You honestly think that more “crazy white males” have guns than “people of color?”  I would disagree with you.  If anything, the media tends to publicize white males who perpetrate this kind of crime more, making people think that only white males are serial killers and mass murderers when that is not the case.  You can be so prejudiced to think this is a WHITE problem, but monsters come in all different colors. 

          • Aww, poor white people. They’re like, utterly victimized in this society because people of color are finally standing up and crying foul when it comes to matters of white privilege, which indeed exists.

          • You are callous, heartless, and selfish and you have no shame about it.  I hope there are fewer people like you in the world, regardless of the color of their skin.  You are trying to take a national tragedy and make it into something about you and how downtrodden you are.  If you had ever suffered real loss in your life, maybe you would have developed some compassion instead of trying to make a mockery of this heinous event.  

          • The real tragedy is your blatant denial of white privilege and I hope that we produce fewer people like YOU in the future. It’s interesting how color is never the issue when white people- white men in particular are doing the victimizing. Calling out privilege when I see it has nothing to do with the victims but everything to do with american media. So take your semantics and name-calling elsewhere.

          • Isn’t this supposed to be about a shooting that has nothing to do with YOU?  You have no compassion for those people, merely disgust that the man who perpetrated the crime was a white man.  And you stand on your soapbox spouting more hatred and deepening the divide that already exists between us and you think you are in the right?  I think not.  

          • If I were here ranting about all Mexicans being gangbangers, I have no doubt you would be offended, Luis.  What is the difference?  It’s just an acknowledgement.  By the way, “Autumn” started this little face off with me, and no less than two other people have agreed that her sentiments reek of bigotry.  Like I said, just keep drawing those lines between us deeper.  What a noble cause to stand for. 

          • wow, all these wetbacks bitchin about everyone if its so bad then why does your whole country want to come here? and why does your country suck so bad? maybe its because your all bitching an dmoaning about everyone else when you need to stop popping out kids like you take dumps and step up dont buy the hummer and the 100 dollar blue jeans stop taking free money and pay taxes???? HOWS THAT FOR RACIST?

          • booohoo mommy they got a toy, i want candy get back in the welfare line and pop outr a couple more kids why dont ya, yeah its all somebody elses fault, watch the news, you are just making excuses for your own idiocy and everyone can see it you sound like your 12

          • With your views about white people, what separates you from a neo Nazi skinhead?  What is the difference?  Hate is hate, regardless of who it is directed at.  Just because your hate is directed at white people doesn’t excuse it or make it PC.  It just makes you a bigot.  

          •  So talking about white privilege and acknowledging it exists makes Autumn a bigot? Meredith, please. Be reasonable.

          • No, talking about her deeply ingrained hatred for white people makes her a bigot.  Walking around with a chip on your shoulder about how under privileged you are when the nation is mourning a terrible tragedy and acting like YOU are the victim, makes you a bigot.  

          • In the past, yes you are correct but in present day society? NO I disagree if anythiong its quite the opposite. We dotn get into schools because we are white and have to let a certain number of others in…same with jobs and tax breaks, welfare, every damn social program…come on enough is enough. Its the big payback we get it….expect most of us didnt do anything wrong, you all get the perks and we pay your way. So keep bitching an dmoaning and taking and pointing fingers, make lots more babies, buy more hummers, and keep filling the jails its all our fault. Silly

          •   “I would disagree with you.  If anything, the media tends to publicize
            white males who perpetrate this kind of crime more, making people think
            that only white males are serial killers and mass murderers when that is
            not the case”.

            Good grief, are you serious? The issue here is not that white male serial killers are publicized. What the article is talking about is that whenever a white male kills a bunch of people, he’s treated as an individual. He is not villified as both a white male and a killer. He is only treated as a murderer, his race not blatantly noted. After the Virgina Tech shootings, I distinctly remember hearing about Facebook posts that said things like “This is why we shouldn’t let immigrants in the country!” and other such vitriolic nonsense that no one says when the shooter is white.

            Something that struck me profoundly was what the sister of the Virginia Tech shooter said: “I feel bad for the victims, but I also feel bad for the Korean Americans on campus”. What does that tell you? She knew what would happen in the aftermath of the shootings…

            “Who cares what color skin the shooter had, other than you people?”

            That is precisely the point of this article. If the shooter had been something other than white, EVERYONE would take notice.

          • Exactly. Thank you Chrissy. for those of you who choose not to relate with this statement, you live under the umbrella of whiteness and under a rock as well.

          • your a hater and being quite prejudice yourself and once again…so who are we talking about here? “whites”? hahaha the term alone is
            laughable and racist. That means everyone of a certain skin color do you
            know how many different nationalities that is? all grouped together and
            blamed for everything?? WAKE UP! I would love to know what nationality you are that you  feel so screwed over and hateful of a skin color, then I could tell you how you could deal with your communities issues that are far greater that all the so called “white serial killers” added up! before you respond please read all my other responses and you will see I have already answered whatever you are going to say. Please do yourself a favor and move see another part of the country or the world, you are ignorant to the big picture and are part of the problem not he solution and if you are a white propagandist fuck off and die karmas a bitch named cancer.

          • Wow…..so much hate ..how dare someone profile you…..no u know how it feels. not good right.

          • profile him? hahaha heres a profile go eatr some beans beaner! the ones you got from wlefare, as you drove there with your 16 year old wife and 6 kids in your hummer in your 100 jeans, no theres no problem here your doing everything right, your day in the sun will come.

    • Racism can be defined as:behavior or beliefs motivated by racial stereotypes, it generally includes practices of racial discrimination, and ideologies of racial supremacy and hierarchy. Some sources emphasize that racism involves the belief that different racial groups are characterized by intrinsic characteristics or abilities and that some such groups are therefore naturally superior to others, or follow practices that discriminate against members of particular racial groups, for example by perpetuating unequal access to resources between groups.When is the last time a Person of Color had enough power in this society to perpetuate inequality of any sort? To enslave and systematically oppress other groups of people on a grand scale and get away with it, time and time again?I’ll wait.

      • so who are we talking about here? “whites”? hahaha the term alone is laughable and racist. That means everyone of a certain skin color do you know how many different nationalities that is? all grouped together and blamed for everything?? WAKE UP

      • Some people use “racist” to mean someone who is bigoted against a particular race. You are. Other people use “racist” to mean someone who contributes to or perpetuates a system or ideology that oppresses people of color. You do this. You are a racist.

      • “When is the last time a Person of Color had enough power in this society to perpetuate inequality of any sort? To enslave and systematically oppress other groups of people on a grand scale and get away with it, time and time again?I’ll wait.”
        In case you haven’t noticed rich white men have been ruling America since it’s inception, that’s not going to change anytime soon, maybe you should revisit your homeland if things are so bad for you here in America.

    • THANK YOU! and very well said, I wanted to respond to your question at the end. The answer is this person is a hater or racist him or herself.

  23. I created a meme to point out the ridiculousness of making “points” but pointing out the various stances or demographics of mass murderers.  Of the ones I found (simply by looking through wiki pages for the most recent) – almost all of them were white males.  I think this might have something to do with whites simply being the majority in the U.S.  (The only non-U.S. case I mentioned was the incident in Norway – because since I had a relative in Oslo at the time (he is fine) it seemed strange not to include it.) 


    There might be a little more to it – media obsession, lack of extended
    families, lack of community engagement, certain types of stress – that
    are typical of “white” culture.  However, all of those are going to be a
    stretch – because the sample space is just so small.  I think some
    people just want to make sense of it all – and if they can blame it on
    *something* they will – race, gender, politics, mental illness, toxic individualism, etc. 
    However, I suspect the answer is closer to these incidents simply being
    senseless and the reasons as complex as the individual who committed the

    I love that your whole point is that this sort of thing has nothing to do with race – and you are still being accused of making it ABOUT race.  Ironic!

    The picture that you have of the news story of a murderer being called an anti-immigrant “activist” was chilling.  What sort of sick culture we have, that would call someone who would murder a family an “activist” and not a “terrorist” or at least a “radical”?

    Even as a child, I remember how every time a non-white person committed a crime, the news caster would mention the race of the person.  Horrible.  That’s all about the U.S. treating white as the default, and allowing whites to represent only themselves – while grouping non-whites into “other” races with the responsibility to represent their race and not just themselves.

    • I think the point is that when pocs commit mass murder its attributed to something social or some sinister stereotype. The don’t have the privilege of having their mental health be considered the main cause of their actions.

  24. Your blog makes some sense and I agree profondly on how our race determines the final say of how we would act in society… especially if we are from a different country.. but from what I see how america uses all this fear of crimes very strategically.. I mean they keep blacks on the news daily for robbery such as credit cards, purses etc… and hispanics for drive by shooting and also for dangerous drug cartels and see that they kill for a living down in mexicos… with our white people around doing these acts, they definetely seal the deal and scare our american audience shitless, forcing them to stay at home now living in fear.. I feel bad for the images stuck in these kids heads they probably coudlnt sleep with character Bane in their heads.. now this became real life with almost war images into our american kids now they can’t sleep for weeks…

  25. More people die in Chicago every weekend (97% black-on-black) than died in that theater. The reason the theater killings aren’t as concerning is because they’re an anomaly; Holmes is in custody and not a threat. Black-on-black violence is systemic and culturally ingrained. That’s far more disturbing because it’s far more damaging and difficult to cure. Don’t call me racist because I don’t fear white PHD students and do fear thug-lifers.

    • very true ^ this story gets so much attention because of his background and race, it’s out of the norm, the norm being black on black killings that happen every single day in america, they’re nothing worth reporting.

  26. Sad but true.  You captured very eloquently, the meaning of privilege –that unearned advantage on the other side of discrimination that confers gains others are denied by virtue of being ‘other’. Indeed, smiling male male college students will not be profiled on the streets on America. The image of the terrorist will remain non-white, non-Christian and non-American. Sad.  Organize, agitate. 

  27. Great article.  I was having a similar conversation while watching an episode of Law and Order with my boyfriend.  The criminal in the episode was a white guy who committed multiple murders in one go, and in it the investigators discussed this white mass murderer profile.  However, who were the detectives, DAs, ADAs and judges who locked the guy up in jail?  Mostly a bunch of white guys.  The archetype of white mass murderer exists in the American consciousness–but the full range of humanness is also represented 100x more in popular culture. 

    Reminds me of Jay Smooth’s video “Don’t Freak Out About the White Babies.” In it he says, “I think one of the most remarkable things about American history is how much love and how much faith people of color still have in this country despite all the chapters of history that could make us feel otherwise.”

  28. Hello, I am white, female and a mother of four children. None of that should matter but it does. I am a cracker, a whitey, a white German Bitch and a few other choice names that i have been called. I think that this was well writen and thay you have a vallid poitn. I wish that there was no racism, i wish that race was not a factor in the way that we look at things but it is. Now to my point, I have been told because i am white i could not move into low income based housing and that they would alow me to be on a list but if a minority came in then they would recieve my spot, Yes there is racism in america but it is not only against minorities of color it is against minorites of class, and gender. I have experienced racism from my own race of people. I hope that we are all treat equal someday but that will only be possible if we all fight the fight together, i feel in general the system is setting us up to be against eachother as to blind us from them. But that will fail as we all start to feel and see the truth. Keep speaking the Truth!!!!! 🙂  

  29. How bout you go whine some more… Is it a coincidence that the state with the most illegal immigrants is the only one bankrupt? You lack any source or evidence. Just a guy whining behind his keyboard.

  30. Excellent analysis. This was a brilliant turn of phrase that sums up the whole issue: “Everyone knows that American and terrorism are exact opposites!” Given, of course, that white “America” automatically assumes that “American” means white.

  31. The Facebook comments on this article actually serve to bolster the author’s point.  

    White people are upset that someone is (not “injecting” but) highlighting the racially biased coverage this criminal is receiving.  White privilege–which ensures that Whites will never be the victims of the racial biases and stigmas that afflict non-whites–allows these people to remain oblivious to what is obvious to other people of color: the media coverage of any white mass murderer (Robert Bales, Jared Loughner being recent examples) seeks to determine “Why and How such a terrible thing could happen”.  When the alleged suspect is NOT white, no such investigations or questions tend to develop. Implicit in that sort of coverage is a subtle message: Whites are normal human beings not predisposed to violence/crime; non-whites ARE.

    Instead of outright dismissing what this author is saying, maybe white people can take time and actually consider the point this writer is making.

    • “When the alleged suspect is NOT white, no such investigations or questions tend to develop.”

      This is a false statement, and is an example of internalized racism.

  32. With the shooting at the Shik temple this weekend, officials promplty reported the incident as an act of “domestic terrorism”. Are you prepared to take back some of the more asinine points which are directly contradicted by this development?

  33. Given the level of violence in Mexico and many South American countries, your treatise of lies against white americans is disgusting and obscene. EASY ACCESS TO GUNS, like the ones mexican drug, weapons & human traffickers WALK across the border? Mexico is responsible for over 90% of all weapons trafficking into the United States – and in a population of 350 MILLION the number of people killed by ‘white privileged teens’ is almost nothing compared to the number of people killed on a daily basis by blacks and Hispanics.

    You are functionally insane. If you think I could close my eyes and ‘remember’ what the shoe bomber looks like, you are even more crazy and stupid than before. I don’t know what the plane guy looked like, I don’t know what half these idiots look like. Only race and self obsessed narcissistic morons like you could come up with something SO STUPID.

    Is the shoe bomber NOT GUILTY because his BOMB DIDN’T WORK? That how you see it? That’s kind of like the Somali muslims in Sweden who threw, or TRIED to throw, molotov cocktails into a persons home through their window. They bounced back and got burned themselves. Only the curtains burned in the house. WELL they thought going to jail for like 3 years on terroristic and attempted murder charges was TOO MUCH. For what? they said, for just burning some curtains? (They also had machetes with them, and clear death threats had been made against the person for talking about FREEDOM OF SPEECH, which they hate).

    Their point of view, and apparently yours, is that INTENT means nothing. WELL, we WANTED to burn him up and then chop him with machetes if he tried to run out of the burning house BUT we’re stupid and incompetent, so only the curtains burned and we accidentally set ourselves on fire. HAVEN’T we suffered enough? LMAO!

    Look here, unless you are ready to go back through listings of every murder of 3 or more people committed in the United States in the last 20 years and make comparisons, your holding forth an argument based on like 5 people is the most brazen display of ignorance on earth.

    Your failure to mention the heinous murder, violence, and mass murder rates in Mexico is disgusting. Also Brazil, El Salvador, Colombia and other countries. The fact that YOU really don’t know anything about the mass murder rates in China or within African countries also pretty much holds you out to be a stupid racist twat.

    You hate white people, you jump on anything to blame them for the world and make them different, uglier, more violent than anyone else, and it’s a lie. How about this. MEN worldwide commit the majority of all murders. Now if only you stupid fucking men would just give all us women your weapons, so we could shoot the rapists and the killers – things would be JUST awesome.

    • Mexico?? REALLY?? Comparing a 3rd world country to THE RICHEST COUNTRY IN THE WORLD (oh wait…. that would be Equatorial Guinea in AFRICA) is ludicrous.

      For another thing:
      The high Mexican death toll is completely caused by the guns that America sells to the Mexicans AND the fact that the drug wars are the fault of American demand.

      Same goes for Africa: the diamond wars and coltan wars (cell phone resource) are completely fueled and instigated by demands from the West and other rich nations.

  34. Oh yeah, I meant to add, why don’t you look in the mirror and let us know (and, you know FIGURE OUT) what in Mexican culture causes a country less than 1-3 the size of the U.S. to have a much MUCH higher rate of murder, with HUGE differences in the level of violence use during the killings. I mean it’s not like everyday piles of body parts are left on mall doorsteps and police headquarters in American cities. People aren’t stopping buses with machine guns and pulling illegals off to use as slaves on their drug farms then burying the ones they kill in mass graves.
    It’s not almost every day that dismembered, beheaded, skinned, mutilated bodies are discarded on the side of the road, entire families killed, babies in retaliation killings, bodies hanging off bridges, TRUCKS stopping on the freeway in RUSH HOUR TRAFFIC to open up and drop 35 bodies right onto the PAVEMENT. With 5,000 witnesses. Entire police forces have resigned after attacks on stations. Mayors, Governors, Lawyers, civil rights activists, police, soldiers, and even BLOGGERS are brutally tortured and killed. Nobody is safe. Nobody.

    So, just let us know, you know, in your spare time while you are busy pointing out the splinter in your neighbors eye, how you think the plank in yours got there.

  35. Statistically, 71% of mass murders in the U.S. in the last 30 years have been committed by white men. 72.5% have been committed by white people (one white woman). As of 2010 the racial demographic in the U.S. is 72.4% white. So, statistically, shouldn’t that signify that race is not a significant factor?

  36. Actually, acts of violence like this most recent episode, use this opportunity to further stigmatize mental illness. (Which is perpetuated in this article, with the use of the word “crazy”). The bottom line is that regardless of the crime, the systemic and pervasive violence of white males never bears scrutiny, even though it is well and easily documented. Even before anything was known about the shooter, both generic and specific mental health diagnosis were being bandied about by both the mainstream media and social networks, including by progressive activists who wouldn’t think of blaming in whole or in part, any other marginalized population.

    While some of these shooting sprees may have been committed by people with mental health diagnosis, there’s no pattern of any one mental health diagnosis associated with these crimes. (Certainly not to the extent that white and male is almost, with little exception, associated with public shootings and serial murderers.)

    That mental illness diagnoses can be attributed as a common denominator is totally as insignificant as the probability that all of the perpetrators had childhood illnesses or dental cavities.

    This further stigmatizes mental illness, as it shields any attribution of violence to white men.

    I would implore you to edit out the word “crazy”, because it is inappropriate and bigoted and does not further your argument.

    In solidarity,


  37. If all that is said here is “true”, then why wasn’t the Fort Hood Mass shooting by a MUSLIM “DOCTOR” considered a ‘terrorist’ act in the media? This is the problem with you liberals and your little media enclaves; after a while, you start believing your own bullshit. I am white, never voted, never supported a political party. I do not attend any church. Good luck pinning any labels on me. MB.

  38. The most effective racists are progressives. White nationalists may have a willing spirit, but they lack access to communities of color that progressives have and can therefore do far less damage. Since so much of what progressives say echoes the thinking of white supremacists (integration is a sham, melanin is behaviorally determinative, black people in the media look like monsters, identity should be group-derived, American is inherently synonymous with whiteness, etc.) they do a much better job at getting people of color to internalize the message. “But I didn’t mean to!” stopped being a valid excuse at around age eleven, which is right about where many progressives are intellectually parked.

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