Tucson Stand Up


A benefit arts festival was held at Skrappys to support migrant justice.

There were performances by:

Jasiri X, Invincible, 2Mex, Dj Dirty Verbs, Top Nax, Dj Sloepoke, Progreso with DJ Alias, Shining Soul

Visual Art Exhibit featuring:

Favianna Rodriguez, Julio Salgado, Oree Originol, Dignidad Rebelde, El Mac, Ernesto Yerena, Justseeds

Naturally, I took pictures.  Here is the FULL SET:


Join the fight against the book banners in Arizona!


Republicans adopt Kris Kobach’s SB1070 as party platform on immigration


On Tuesday, the same the day the party adopted a platform with immigration language written by SB 1070 architect Kris Kobach while TV cameras weren’t trained on the floor, Republicans put a number of Hispanic politicians speaking Spanish on stage in primetime when they were. Hispanic Republicans who criticize their party over some of its harsh Kobachian rhetoric say the stagecraft will have the desired effect.

Via TPM.

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