As Tucson braces for devastation caused by Hurricane Grijalva, tropical storm Pedicone grows in strength

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This last week has been a surreal one, especially after Grijalva proclaimed her support for John Pedicone and declared her desire to continue down the “trajectory” he has led us down.

After Democratic pro-MAS board member Judy Burns was replaced with a Republican anti-MAS appointment, Dr. Sugiyama, who was appointed by the Pima superintendent Arzoumanian who was herself originally appointed by Raul Grijalva, the circle of disaster has become complete with Adelita Grijalva extending John Pedicone’s contract just in case he is not favored by up to a majority of new board members with three seats out of five up for grabs this election year.

Two years ago many in the Latino community, including her father’s successor on the Pima County Board of Supervisors, Richard Elias, were warning of a butterfly that used to flap his wings in Flowing Wells and now that turbulence, combined with Democratic approval from both Grijalvas and both Congressmen (Raul and Ron), that could escalate into a full-blown Cyclone Pedicone if given control of Tucson’s largest school district.

Why appoint someone living in a different school district and different city to rule over the mostly minority school district experiencing the same white flight that led to Pedicone’s own escape to the golf courses of Oro Valley, ensuring only the highest quality upbringing for his CDO graduate son who went on to fame as the drummer for My Chemical Romance.

One could say he stole the show.

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Meanwhile it is the Latino community that continues to struggle in TUSD as the board and superintendent fail to stand up against the attacks on minority children. Now that two years have passed, including the TUSD Tragedy of May 3rd, the killing of MAS, the closing of schools, etc., the voice of the people, Adelita Grijalva, daughter of former board member Raul Grijalva, can finally put an end to the Pedicone desmadre.

Adelita Grijalva and John Pedicone.

It turns out that Grijalva actually likes the “trajectory” Pedicone’s district is headed in.

Enrollment is down while racism is up with TUSD under a desegregation order again, multiple OCR reports have been filed, retaliation against whistleblowers, fines from the state for under-teaching; the list goes on, but for some reason Adelita loves this disastrous direction down the drain.

I have compiled video for you that contains excerpts from various speeches over the past two years warning about Pedicone, including from Isabel Garcia, Richard Martinez, Raul Aguirre, Richard Elias, and even Adelita Grijalva who admits that books were being banned but somehow is fine with this trajectory…

… and Grijalva’s own words in extending John Pedicone’s contract because of her support for the “trajectory” TUSD is on.

TUSD now gets to continue down this trajectory until 2014. Where we are heading, who knows, but get used to the handbasket we are all in.

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