Democratic-run TUSD uses Democratic law-firm to immediately object to return of MAS under Federal Orders!

Remember that TUSD course named American History / Mexican American Perspective?

The Court Order requires that the District develop and implement culturally relevant courses of instruction to reflect Latino history, experiences and culture. This provides a significant expansion of core course offerings which are based on a Latino perspective at the high school level from what was in place prior to January 10th. A significant expansion of curricular offerings that specifically reflect Latino history, experiences and culture also applies to the elementary and middle school levels.

Xipe Totec and TUSD Transformation

The report gives a timeline also:

From the Court Order, page 33 /6.a.ii  Engaging Latino and African American students, the USP calls for such core curriculum courses to be offered at all high schools commencing with the 2013-14 school year. Additionally, it stipulates that the District pilot an expansion of such courses for 6th-8th grade in the 2014-15 school year, with similar expansions throughout in the K-12 curriculum in the 2015-16 school year.

To be clear, this is based on a first reading of the report and non-attorney interpretation of the report, but what I find significant is the use of the words “core course” offerings.

If you recall the infamous Stegeman resolution from 2011, it was the demotion of MAS course as core classes that was at issue. In January of this year, the TUSD board voted to kill these “core classes.”

The Special Master report clearly conflicts with what Stegeman et. al. wanted, which was a sole class that every student took, with no diversity in class offerings or perspective (nevermind the white privileged contradiction which arose when the board allowed European History and this history of the Bible to continue to be taught).

While not specifically mentioning MAS by name, it is clear to me that the courses that the MAS program provided are not only what the Special Master wants, but what he wants offered at ALL high schools and an expansion into K-12 curriculum.

TUSD objects to return of MAS!

Wasting no time at all, TUSD OBJECTS TO THIS!!!

The Democratic-controlled TUSD board, using the last Democratic US Senator’s Dennis DeConcini’s law firm immediately filed objections to the return of any class that provides different perspectives to history!!!

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  1. Despite the fact, as you write re: nonattorney input, I think you are right-on re: interpretation of core classes — going back to when Stegeman first came up with his nonsense resolution to “save us” from big bad Huppenthal. Great analysis, David. Three cheers for Sylvia Campoy and MALDEF.

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