TSON News | TUSD considers shutting down Wakefield Middle School!

TUSD considers shutting down Wakefield Middle School!

Tucson News Now has learned that two more schools may be added to the list of schools targeted for closures by the Tucson Unified School District. They are Santa Rita High School and Wakefield Middle School.

The board will hold public hearings in December on these schools – Sewell, Corbett, Lyons, Schumaker, Fort Lowell, Carson Hohokam, and Howenstine.  Things got very emotional at the meeting last night.

Hollinger, Cragin, Brichta, Menlo Park, Manzo and Pueblo Gardens could still be on the chopping block.

via TUSD: 2 more schools added to list facing closure – Tucson News Now.

One comment on “TUSD considers shutting down Wakefield Middle School!
  1. if tusd is short on money and they want to close some of the schools the why are they renovating some of the schools that are not on the chopping block where is this money coming from ? maybe tusd should use this money to keep the schools open i went to wakefield and i feel that because wake field is 85% hispanic 10 african american and 5 % white that this is the reason tusd wants to close wakefield just my opinion

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