Tom Horne joins with TUSD in filing objections over the return of MAS in Tucson

Tom Horne ran for office on a racist foundation.

The opening paragraph of Arizona Attorney General Tom Horne’s objection to the Federal Desegregation Plan that will be imposed on TUSD next year begins with Ethnic Studies:

The State of Arizona objects to the portion of the Draft Unitary Status Plan (“USP”) that requires the Tucson Unified School District (“TUSD”) to establish culturally relevant “core courses” in Latino and African American studies. Arizona joins TUSD’s objection…

Tom Horne then goes on to attack the already dead MAS program as usual, even though it seems he did not get the memo that the program was already gone as of January 10th, 2012.

Same old, same from broken record Tom Horne, who should focus on this own legal problems and keep his affairs in line.

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