Thursday at UA: Demand Democrat Dennis Deconcini resign from CCA private prison board!

In case you were not aware, former US Senator Dennis DeConcini is both a member of the Arizona Board of Regents (which oversees state universities) and also sits on the Board of Directors for Corrections Corporation of America.

The Democratic Senator depicts himself as a champion of human rights and friend of the immigrant community while making huge dividends from his stock in CCA-which has several contracts for ICE detention in Arizona, as well as incarcerating prisoners from other states. CCA was recently awarded its first contract to house Arizona prisoners, undoubtedly due to its campaign contributions and cozy relationships with elected officials in Arizona, such as Governor Brewer.

A community coalition called Fuerza! has formed to use grassroots advocacy to get DeConcini to resign from CCA’s board. The coalition includes several immigrant rights groups, student organizations, and anti-prison advocates, including AFSC. For more info, check out:

By pressuring DeConcini, we are sending a message to all politicians in Arizona (and elsewhere): Affiliation with the for-profit incarceration industry is a political liability. It’s the best way to counter all the cash and influence these corporations wield in their quest to expand prisons and profit from human misery.

Thursday, December 6th 9:00am
at the Board of Regents Meeting
Student Union
University of Arizona
followed by a rally at 12:00 pm

Tell Senator DeConcini to stop making money off locking up immigrant families. DeConcini will be a captive audience at this meeting — let’s make sure he understands that Tucson’s progressive community says “No to prison profiteers!”

The Board of Regents meets at 9:00 am. We’ll be meeting at 8:45 am outside the Student Union to ensure that we get a seat and a chance to sign up for the call to the audience.

Please RSVP to so we can keep you informed.

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