TSON News | HUGE victory as MAS and Bilingual Education prepare for return in TUSD in 2013!

HUGE victory as MAS and Bilingual Education prepare for return in TUSD in 2013!

Stegeman Pedicone

Different rules apply for the European history and literature.

Earlier today we learned of the vote tonight on the Federal Unitary Status Plan (USP).

Then we learned what the latest USP had in it, basically a clear path for the return of Bilingual Education and Mexican American Studies via federal court order which trumps anti-Latino state laws:

The proposed USP now includes a specific section on Dual Language Programs in the Quality of Education section- V. Quality of Education- C. DualLanguage.

Within D. 6.a.ii. Student Engagement and Support- Engaging African American and Latino Students the section now reads:

“By the beginning of the 2013-2014 school year, the District shall develop and implement culturally relevant courses of instruction designed to reflect the history, experiences, and culture of African American and Mexican American communities. Such courses of instruction for core English and Social Studies credit shall be developed and offered at all feasible grade levels in all high schools across the District…

The latest USP also calls for a DIRECTOR for these classes to be hired in the Spring.

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At tonight’s board meeting, Mark Stegeman moved that the District oppose this section. After it went up for a vote, Grijalva, Cuevas and Sugiyama voted NO, with Hicks joining with Stegeman; a clear racial divide if any.

What does this mean?

In a nutshell, it means that TUSD will stop opposing the return of MAS (or MAS-like classes under a different name) and thus MAS and Bilingual Education will be returning to TUSD in Fall 2013.

The WAR against MAS now ends *within TUSD* with the Peace Treaty known as Unitary Status Plan, but it is still up to us to rebuild what was destroyed after the weapons of MAS destruction were dropped upon Tucson.

In the meantime, there are still school closures and 7 books that are still banned in TUSD… but tonight was a step in the right direction.

520 years after 1492 in the “520” area code… hopefully the cultural genocide can finally end and the healing can begin.


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