TSON News | Tom Horne wants guns in schools while books by Latinos remain banned

Tom Horne wants guns in schools while books by Latinos remain banned

Just let this sink in for a moment…

Tom Horne is the guy who thinks some books are so dangerous that his bill to end Ethnic Studies in Tucson also led to TUSD banning 7 books that are popular in college-level courses.

No, not books such as Mein Kampf, but rather books such as Rethinking Columbus and A History of Chicanos.

Horne and Huppenthal have worked tirelessly to make sure these books are not welcome into public schools.

However, what is welcomed are guns that can kill people on the spot, weapons that are being brought in specifically for that reason in the name of defense.

In the name of fear.

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The more ignorance there is in Arizona, which banning classes and books increases, the more fear, and the more guns, and ultimately, more violence.

School teachers who undergo special training would be allowed to have a gun in a locked area of a school, including their classroom, under a bill being pushed by a Republican lawmaker and Attorney General Tom Horne.

Rep. David Stevens said Monday that his bill is voluntary for school districts and allows then to designate any employee to receive weapons training and keep them in a classroom lockbox or other secured spot on campuses. That includes teachers, principals or even school maintenance staff.

“It’s something that school districts can use if they want to allow the schools to be defended,” Stevens said.

“This is the second line of defense, because there won’t be enough money for police officers in all of the schools,” Horne said. “I would consider that the best solution, but mine is the second best solution.”

via Arizona Attorney General, lawmaker want to arm school employees | Arizona Capitol Times.

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