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White Supremacy is alive today

white supremacy

White Supremacy is…

White Supremacy is when you say all men are created equal and yet own slaves.

White Supremacy is when you allow your new government that you form to allow for slavery.

White Supremacy is when that new government counts a black man as three-fifths of a person.

White Supremacy is when slavery is allowed and you do nothing about it.

White Supremacy is when you benefit off of slave labor, buying the cheap cotton that slaves picked for no pay.

White Supremacy is justifying Segregation as “Separate but Equal.”

White Supremacy is knowing the black woman must move to the back of the bus if there are no seats for you in the front.

White Supremacy is sitting in the Whites Only section of a restaurant as if there was no major problem.

White Supremacy is when you don’t have to think about race ever.

White Supremacy is when you call minorities racist because they experience racism and are not quiet about it.

White Supremacy is knowing you don’t need a hyphen when you talk about your family being American or to talk about your their perspective of American history and literature.

White Supremacy is when TUSD allows European History to satisfy American history credits, while American History / Mexican American perspective gets banned.

White Supremacy is when white progressives defend the TUSD board member Mark Stegeman when he attempts to do so.

White Supremacy is saying “how would you feel if we had white studies” and not realizing all of school is exactly that.

White Supremacy is when the history timeline of civilization jumps across the ocean to the Old World 500 years ago, as if there was no civilization in America.

White Supremacy is Manifest Destiny.

White Supremacy is calling this the Old West and not El Norte.

White Supremacy is never talking about Abraham Lincoln’s atrocious record with Native Americans, helping railroad companies to “tame” the “Wild West” which really means killing Indians.

White Supremacy is never talking about how Lincoln allowed slavery to thrive for 3 years under his watch, choosing unity with the white southern slaveowners over freedom for blacks.

White Supremacy is TUSD board member Kristel Foster agreeing with Michael Hicks to kill MAS choosing Money over Mexicans, because the harm that Mexican Americans were experiencing might extend to her white colleagues who teach in TUSD.

White Supremacy is when “Americans” panic over the economy, not realizing that their unemployment numbers are now what they were for minorities all along.

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White Supremacy is ignoring how horrible those economic conditions were for you when the economy rebounds, yet remains bleak for blacks.

White Supremacy is having a real fear of “white slavery” imposed by the first half-black president, while ignoring the real slavery of immigrants that takes place on the fields that feed Americans every day.

White Supremacy is two people having lived their entire life that can be remembered in America, speaking English, excelling in school, being American in every way, but where the Mexican kid can’t go to college and might be deported to a country he does not know because his mother’s vagina was not white.

White Supremacy is thinking that the place your momma was when you left her vagina is the most important thing ever, and makes you better than those born everywhere else in the world.

White Supremacy is hating immigrants while benefitting from all the cheap labor they provide everyday.

White Supremacy is when Pedicone appoints someone who publicly states racism no longer exists to supervise a program that is dealing with the racism in your school district.

White Supremacy is when Pedicone justifies Huppenthal’s ad to “stop La Raza” by saying “he was just trying to win an election.”

White Supremacy is knowing that education is the key to ending poverty and closing down the key schools in the barrio.

White Supremacy is being in charge of a place called the YWCA that deals with women’s rights and racial justice, but always siding with the white racists in power and using the issue of sexism to split up the minority community.

White Supremacy is a Blue Dog Democrat.

White Supremacy is not even seeing the blatant racism in TUSD or in Tucson today as TPD pull over Mexicans and hold them for Border Patrol.

White Supremacy is when Pedicone says that MAS students are being brain-washed by their teachers as other teachers teach Manifest Destiny, or Contributions of The Bible to Western Civilization.

White Supremacy is thinking that a Ben’s Bells mural or sticker can hide all the racism and physical and mental trauma that Pedicone has caused.

White Supremacy is when Young Republicans are allowed to have Jon Justice host a Republican debate at Sabino High School, and yet two weeks later the Cesar Chavez march is banned from beginning at Pueblo High School because it is a “political activity.”

White Supremacy is when white youth are called patriotic and good for attending public meetings and getting involved in democracy, while brown youth are referred to negatively as political activists for simply getting active in their politics, which is what Democracy requires.

White Supremacy is when you need barricades and bullets to ban books and MAS classes.

White Supremacy is the cycle of racism in Arizona, when Huppenthal gets to be the judge, jury, and executioner over whether Latinos can learn their history or read their books.

White Supremacy is when Judge Bury thinks there is no more racism, and the Ninth Circuit Court finds that under Pedicone racism is still alive and well, and then Bury and Pedicone are the ones put in charge of fixing a problem which they perpetuate yet don’t even believe there is a racism problem.

White Supremacy is when the Special Master thinks MAS classes were not necessary because HE has a better solution than the one created by the local Mexican American community .

White Supremacy is Three White Men in charge of fixing racism in TUSD, with two of them thinking there is no racism in TUSD.

White Supremacy is… alive and well in TUSD, Tucson, Arizona, and the USA today.

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