While banned in TUSD, MAS classes continue to live in Tucson and NEED YOUR HELP!

Below is an important message from MAS instructor Curtis Acosta.

After being banned by TUSD in 2012, Curtis told me there was no way he was going to stop offering these classes, so he took that Precious Knowledge to the John Valenzuela Youth Center in South Tucson. Through a collaboration with Professor Anita Fernandez at Prescott College, an institution of higher learning that is able to escape state law, now MAS students are able to get COLLEGE CREDIT for MAS!

Please support all that remains of that MAS program, and help it grow and spread to be accessible to all students once again!

Maestro Curtis Acosta talks with students during a Sunday night CLASS.

Maestro Curtis Acosta talks with students during a Sunday night CLASS.


Will you invest in these devoted young scholars by donating to CLASS today?


As TUSD bureaucrats wait for a ruling on the constitutionality of HB2281 from the federal courts to pave the return of Mexican American Studies, Chican@ Literature After School Studies (CLASS) continues to thrive and waits for no one.

The embers of the acclaimed MAS program in Tucson are once again being fanned to life by support from the national community. As many of you know in response to TUSD dismantling Mexican American Studies, I started, through a partnership with Prescott College, the CLASS, which meets at the John Valenzuela Youth Center in South Tucson. Through Prescott College we have taken the fight for MAS to the next level. Through your donations this CLASS will continue to be free for students wishing to attend.


This past Sunday we began our first semester offering college credit through Prescott College. We celebrated by commencing the study of Luis Alberto Urrea’s banned book ‘The Devil’s Highway’.

In addition to continuing the rich literary tradition of MAS, the students of CLASS will conduct participatory action research in an effort to address issues in their community that are in the need of change. This semester students have chosen to pursue a research project that will document the type of Mexican American/Raza Studies program that our communities across the country need.

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Prescott College students Angelei Star and Jada Boyd, work with TUSD students Mia Cristerna and Juan Valdez during the Sunday evening CLASS. Teaching Mexican American Studies in Arizona happens with your support.

Investing In The Future of Chican@ Studies

Although we have started the semester and kept busy throughout the winter, all of the costs for CLASS have yet to be met. It is incredibly important for CLASS to remain free for this small group of young scholars. Thus, we have established the Chican@ Literature And Studies Scholarship (CLASS) Fund in order to raise money for the students to receive college credit for their participation. Will you invest in these amazing young people by donating to CLASS today?
A scholarship fund has been set up in the hopes that most students will be able to earn college credits free of charge. To make a tax-deductible donation to the Chican@ Literature and Studies Scholarship (CLASS) fund, please send a check to:

Prescott College
Business Office
220 Grove Ave.
Prescott, AZ 86301

Please write in the memo line: CLASS fund

In Lak Ech,

Curtis Acosta

Curtis Acosta
Chican@ Literature Teacher
Chican@ Literature After School Studies

To learn more about the curriculum of Tucson’s famous Mexican-American Studies program, the 93% graduation rate for their students, and the controversy surrounding the now banished classes you can online order the PRECIOUS KNOWLEDGE DVD. If you have any questions about purchasing your DVD, please contact us at:dvd@preciousknowledgefilm.com

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