TSON News | Is Ed Pastor joining Obama’s Cabinet?

Is Ed Pastor joining Obama’s Cabinet?

Some of you may be wondering who Ed Pastor is, but believe it or not, he is the longest serving Congressmember from Arizona.

His district used to cover part of Tucson before 2000 redistricting split off Raul Grijalva’s guaranteed Latino seat, bringing the state’s total of minority-majority districts to two.

Now Ed Pastor may be headed to Washington, D.C. on a more permanent basis.

Pastor looks to be a serious contender to replace Ray LaHood as US transportation secretary. One Democratic operative said word is spreading that Pastor has had three sit-down interviews regarding the job.

via http://azcapitoltimes.com/news/2013/03/06/he-could-be-a-contenter/

What excites me about this possibility are the following three words:

Congressmember Steve Gallardo!


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