The Republican fight against the truth of Scientific and Mexican American History

In my former life I was a graduate student working in a genetic evolution laboratory studying the history of human migrations and history going back tens and hundreds of thousands of years.

During this time I was involved with educating the public about science and fighting the Republican idiocy being promoting called Intelligent Design; just another in the attempts to teach Creationism in science classrooms.


When the Republicans began their attack on a more recent history, that of the Mexican Americans, and on their literature and thus contributions to this great nation, I saw parallels between the two.

The Save Ethnic Studies trial today is similar to the Scopes Monkey Trial of the previous century, where teachers of the truth were attacked because of the government leaders who wanted to impose their view of history on the facts.

The video above from the Bill Moyers’ show features a top Troublemaker who stands up for the truth, just as the UNIDOS students did for their own truthful version of history.


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