Giffords, Guns & Glocks: Is our addiction to guns stronger than alcohol?

I know, and I’m sure we all know, people who will never even sip alcohol because they have seen the destruction it can cause.

Others may give up alcohol after seeing the destruction it made them do, perhaps tearing up a family, losing a job, not being able to feed your kids because of an addiction to liquor.


Or crack. Or meth. Or heroin.

Perhaps you know someone with a hole in their neck, and that’s enough to stop you from wanting to smoke. Heck many people are afraid to swallow bubble gum because they are afraid it will live in their stomach for years.

All it takes a picture of someone’s teeth, gums and jaws to reconsider a chewing tobacco habit. Around town you can see pictures and billboards of before and after pics of what meth can do, usually to women; from beauty to beast.

Heck even I haven’t been able to get on my 150cc scooter after my brother almost died in a motorcycle accident.

We are able to just give some stuff up. We can live without these items. 

However, this is not the case when it comes to guns.

Even with a victim of guns, Gabby Giffords, falls short to take that big step even as she is the perfect poster woman for the before and after of a shooting.

It was a Glock that Jared Loughner used to perform the atrocious acts that make up the Tucson Tragedy.

It was a Glock that killed 6 people, including a 9 year old girl.

It was a Glock that assassinated Federal Judge Roll.

It was a Glock that left Giffords in her current condition.

Thus one might understand why a year later when the Pima GOP decided to raffle off a Glock, the Pima Dems were all over this story, complaining about insensitivity and inappropriateness.

One might think that someone like Giffords would never want to see a Glock again, just like a child of a drunken and abusive father may never want to see a bottle of liquor ever.

But such is not the case.

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This is strange because you see Giffords all over the TV asking for gun control, but the ironic thing is that even on the second anniversary of the Tucson Tragedy which just passed, you have her embracing her own Glock.

Giffords and Kelly said they support the Second Amendment to the Constitution and are both gun owners. Giffords said she owns a Glock handgun.

In their USA TODAY piece, the couple took Congress to task for doing “nothing at all” about gun violence.

via USA Today (2013).

Congress is accused of doing nothing at all by Giffords, but with all due respect, it seems that to have prevented being shot with a Glock, perhaps a ban on Glocks would be appropriate?

The sad fact is that any gun control measures that are passed will affect gun ownership by minorities the most, and the history of gun control is usually racist legislation, targeted towards Latinos and Blacks getting access to guns.

This is just like the War on Drugs, or even on the naturally growing plant called Marijuana. A law or war declared on that will be enforced primarily in minority neighborhoods first and foremost. This is why jails are filled with mostly minorities with minor drug offenses such as having a joint, while white elites get to make stoner comedies or smoke out of a bong as did Michael Phelps.

The difference is that when white people get caught smoking, it’s funny, but minorities smoking is dangerous and leads to gang activity and violence somehow.

White people, even white supremacists such as JT Ready can walk around the state capitol armed, shouting racial slurs at Latino marchers, and that is called Patriotism.

Now imagine a million man march with armed minorities celebrating the Second Amendment at the State Capitol? They would never be seen as patriots but rather thugs, and they would all be locked up with false claims of trying to start a revolution or riot.


Imagine the image of Gabby Giffords throwing her Glock to the ground and saying “I hate guns!”

“Look at what they did to me, look at the lives they took…”

You will never see anything like that, but paradoxically an embrace of her own weapon of mass murdering potential.

We can give up the liquor, give up smoking… but never ever give up the gun?

And, as always, a reminder that in Giffords own district, in her town and in her state, books can get banned, and do get banned and still remained banned even as Tucson celebrates a “Festival of Books” but somehow in Arizona those books are seen as more dangerous than guns.

In many ways they are.

I’d prefer a banned book than Giffords’ Glock any day.

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