TSON News | How did TUSD asst supe Shafer get her UA job?

How did TUSD asst supe Shafer get her UA job?

The assistant superintendent in charge of TUSD’s preschools, elementary and K-8 campuses has submitted her resignation.

Maggie Shafer will remain on the job through the end of the school year, with her resignation effective June 28.

Shafer plans to work for the University of Arizona’s College of Education as a field experiences coordinator.

The Tucson Unified School District will do a national search for Shafer’s replacement, whom they hope to identify before Shafer leaves, said TUSD Superintendent John Pedicone.

via AZ Daily Star.

It is interesting that TUSD will require a national search to fill Shafer’s job (in addition to the many other jobs that are opening up since the article above was written earlier this week), and that she is taking the “next logical step” in her career, which currently is pays $113,000 a year. Surely a logical next step would mean a raise in income of some sort.

What is also interesting is that it seems the UA does not have the same standards or desire to look nationwide to fill their own positions; in fact, it hard to find any advertisement or announcements for that UA job Shafer magically found and won. It would be interesting to find out who her competition was for this six-figure position that will be training the future of Tucson’s teachers.

By “interesting” I also mean that these job positions must be open to all and advertised and cannot merely be created for just one person, but so far there is no record of this new position being advertised at all. Perhaps TUSD ethical standards under Pedicone are spreading to the UA College of Education? Or maybe that’s where Pedicone learned them from?


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