My Wild and Crazy Night with a Drunken Katie Bolger

I once spent an unexpected night with a drunken and Belligerent Bolger (Katie).

The following article is reprinted from December 15th, 2010 and chronicles my night long ago with the person who, along with the two men in her life, Mike Hein and Paul Cunningham, experience a different justice system than many others in Southern Arizona.

For what it is worth, county and city employees get drug-tested and have an ethics code that for some reason doesn’t apply to the leaders who get to keep their jobs.

Got Magna Carta?

from 12/15/2010

I’m currently waiting for some video of last night’s TUSD board meeting to compile and got to thinking about what TUSD board president Judy Burns said last night.

We are unpaid and don’t deserve this.

Bloggers at the Tucson Citizen are also unpaid. Over the summer I started blogging and it was just one of my weapons to take on the racism coming to Arizona.

But as I have said before, when you are going after Republicans and politicians for wrong-doings it is hard to “turn it off” when you are dealing with Democrats.

A lot of Democrats do not like me. My friends let me know about who was talking about me behind my back, and who hates the Three Sonorans.

That’s fine. This is politics after all.

I also have to empathize with Judy Burns. We are unpaid and don’t deserve this.

But I do get over 70,000 readers a month…

A lot of people were gathered last night at 1010 E. 10th and I was getting the latest juicy gossip from all my “insiders.” What do you do though, when someone you really haven’t written about, but connected to the powerful political machinery and very powerful themselves, says “I am going to take Three Sonorans down.”

This coming from a top politician in town.

Well, this goes along with blogging right?

But it can get worse. Much worse.

Back in the summer most people didn’t know who I was and could care less about me. But now, for whatever reason, perhaps since I have thousands of readers a day, and top politicos or their staff are reading the Three Sonorans, I get noticed when I go places.

It doesn’t help that I have a distinctive look. Tall, dark, and bearded with a brown cap.

Take last night for example.

After the whole TUSD fiasco last night I decide to debrief with some friends. I enter an establishment where I recognize some people. One of them is Katie Bolger who I have written some harsh words about in the past.

There was also some other powerful people there, including a journalist, but I will leave them nameless for now.

I get approached by her and let’s just say she’s had a few… She tells me that I should contact her and I can ask her questions any time. So I say ok… I have some questions for you now.

This was the worse thing I could have said.

She changes from fake nice to angry drunk.

I’m sitting down and she is standing up, and she starts yelling at me in front of everyone, making a scene while doing so. Perhaps she doesn’t understand that I am used to verbal abuse (since I am a minority in Arizona), and this is nothing, but I think that gets her even more mad.

(Article continued below)

Multiple times she gets right in front of my face, and tells me to stare her in the eyes.

I do. I’m not afraid of her and her connections. Sure they can ruin my career and make things difficult for me, but I’m tired of people not standing up, and I need to start with myself. I’m going to stand my ground, defend my writings, and keep writing because who else is writing from the people’s perspective, rather than from those in power?

Anyways, by this point she is completely angry. She starts telling everyone how much she hates me, really hates me, and about all the lies I write and how wrong I am, etc.

Whatever. A blogger has to expect to be bashed sooner or later.

Then after she calms down, I continue on with my conversation and then she comes up to me again…

Two inches in front of my face. I stare right back. I am not afraid. This sets her off again.

At this point her party leaves to go to the outside patio. She gets mad at them and then gets mad at me for that. She says I’m sorry that I did this, but I hate you soooo much.

She gets out a piece of paper and says but you can call me to get the facts. I say how about tomorrow? She then says hell no, I don’t want you to call me because I hate you!

In total, the scene lasted about 15-20 minutes. It was brutal. I don’t mind being hated, but now I can’t even go into a place with my friends without being attacked publicly like this. And not from random haters, but from “professional” people like the Chief of Staff of Ward 2. This was a pure display of power.

Don’t you know who I am? I’m Katie Bolger! Fear me!

Should I? People are getting detained, families broken apart, and neo-Nazis are marching the streets, and I should be afraid of Katie Bolger?

Why do people even put up with her? Why was she fired from her Ward 3 position?

Why does Paul Cunningham even have her as his chief of staff, now in Ward 2?

You want to know why? It is because THEY fear her.

Katie Bolger is more powerful than Paul Cunningham, and everyone knows it. He can’t fire her even if he wanted to. Let’s just say she is well-connected to other powerful people. She is also the first vice-chair of the Pima Dems, and no one puts so much vice in that chair like she does.

This is the Democratic Party in Tucson. Katie Bolger is actually a former Green, so you would think “progressives” would be a little nicer right?


From cholo politics to people like her, politics in Tucson is nasty.

I don’t know how long I will keep this blog up. I have made too many political enemies now. But I have also made a lot of political friends.

But if I don’t write, who will know what the people are doing? Who will see the speeches from last night (ZERO local TV news), the protests and the rallies? I have to keep writing. I have to document this whole historical time period for future generations.

What happened last night is a fact. I have talked to others about it and they have said that she has done that to them also in the past. The Darling of the Democratic Party is allowed to display her power and make a public scene bashing you, and people just sit there and watch.

From neo-Nazis to Katie Bolger, this unpaid blogging business is a thankless job.

From pepper spray to her two inches in front of my face telling me she hates me, yes, there is a lot of hate in Arizona today.

That’s a fact, and that is something she cannot deny.

These are the types of winners in our political system, and nothing looks better than the bad little Mexican kid being scolded in public in front of a bunch of powerful white people, putting me in my place.

Welcome to Arizona 2010.

Note to Paul Cunningham: Please excuse Katie Bolger if she is late to work today, or has a headache. She was out giving your office a good name last night…

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