The Undocumented: Must watch PBS documentary tonight!

PBS Broadcast of The Undocumented by Marco Williams:

Monday, April 29th

*Check your local PBS listings for local air times.
(Tucson: 10pm KUAT-6)

Clemencia and Josefat

Clemencia holds up a photo of her husband, Josefat. He disappeared in the Sonora Desert in southern Arizona. One of the many, one of The Undocumented.

Don’t miss the PBS Independent Lens Broadcast of The Undocumented, the incredibly powerful film by Marco Williams that highlights the deaths on the U.S.-Mexico border, and the impact it has on migrants, their families, receiving and sending communities.

This film, set on the Arizona border as well as several sending communities in Mexico, shares the stories of migrants who have paid the ultimate price crossing the border, and the families who must endure their absence.

If you are interested in screening the film in your community, please


At the 2013 Full Frame Film Festival, The Undocumented was recognized with an Honorable Mention for the Kathleen Bryan Edwards Award for Human Rights. Below is what Laura Edwards wrote regarding the film and the Honorable Mention:

Choice. Peril. Cost.

Life and Death consequences were at the heart of both films. Unfathomable situations in which these people find themselves and the decisions that they make.

“The Undocumented” put a white-hot light on the United States immigration policy. Immigrants crossing the border looking to better their lives in our country make the very risky journey with hope and trust. When they do not make it and lose their lives who reconnects them to their families? In one section of the border these officers, organizations, and doctors work to do just that. These folks provide anguishing but humane and honorable services by identifying bodies, human beings and reunite families with their loved ones. We would like to give honorable mention to “The Undocumented” and thank them for revealing this ongoing human struggle.

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