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Racism in Gun Laws: Does “Stand Your Ground” not apply to African-Americans?

It has been over four months since a Florida judge sentenced Marissa Alexander to 20-years in prison. What surprises me the most about Alexander’s case is the lack of outrage or backlash from the community.

Corrine Brown, Florida’s congresswoman and the Support for Marissa Alexander are doing a damn good job in exposing this injustice; but they can not do it alone.

If you haven’t been following Alexander’s story, please allow me to recap the events that led to her getting slammed with a senseless and unjust mandatory twenty year sentence. Continue reading

Is Arizona headed towards extreme drought this year?

Spring is typically the driest time of year in Arizona, and the lack of rainfall over the last two months has caused our drought to worsen.

Unfortunately, little to no improvement is expected before the monsoon arrives this summer.

Seventy percent of the state is now in severe or extreme drought. That is a big jump from the 44 percent reported last month by the U.S. Drought Monitor.

via Arizona drought conditions expanding and intensifying.