TUSD loses two Office of Civil Rights complaints; Signs Racial Discrimination Resolution Agreement

Tucson Unified School District signs Federal racial discrimination Resolution Agreements to try and end Racism and Discrimination vs Latinos and Limited English Proficient parents and students. Federal OCR Investigators to monitor TUSD1.

Phoenix , Arizona – After many months of having filed federal racial discriminatory allegations vs TUSD1, the Civil Rights Center, Inc., (aka the CRC) has finally received federally signed discriminatory Resolutions vs TUSD1, while it awaits the federal decision on the third filed case vs TUSD1.

Because of how the TUSD1 federally-misbehaved and mistreated the Limited English Proficient (LEP) communities and especially the Latino residents initially and during the Mexican-American Studies passionate debates and dismal TUSD1 decisions, the CRC Executive Director was forced to file multiple racial discriminatory US Department of Education, Office for Civil Rights (OCR) federal complaints.

Silverio Garcia

Silverio Garcia

“Seeing the US Federal Government continues to rule in favor of our past filed racial allegations and statements vs TUSD1 (2 out-of-2 cases thus far) , it is time we the Civil Rights Center now physically go into Tucson, Arizona, and truly advocate on a local level for the TUSD1 victims of color and language. It is incumbent upon all of us more than ever before to step forward and aid the weak, vulnerable, poverty-stricken and/or oppressed. The days of TUSD1 discriminating vs its residents of color or limited English are over” said Silverio Garcia Jr, the Founder and Executive Director of the Civil Rights Center.

Javier Madrid, President of the CRC Board of Directors said the following, ” We are for the most part satisfied with the Federal ruling on two of the three cases. We hope the third case will also go in our favor. This is a start in correcting these issues directed at the Mexican- American community and its students.”

Executive Director Garcia also had the following to say as far as the CRC’s planned future actions in Tucson.

“Thanks to the Leadership of CEO Edmundo Hidalgo and his superb staff at Chicanos Por La Causa (CPLC) and CEO/President Tommy Espinoza and others at the Raza Development Fund (RDF), we just satisfactorily tested our Civil Rights Training program here in Phoenix. I am prepared and will be preparing even more to personally train the students and residents of TUSD1 so the CRC can empower them so Civil Rights violations come to an end inside TUSD1. We are also not shy to taking our struggle/causa to the streets if need be with our students leading the way. The Community will not endure another year of “business as usual”. ENOUGH is ENOUGH! I am very elated to see that the next CRC Board meeting is in Tucson, May 11, 2013 with a Press Conference to follow the Board meeting, hope to see everyone in Tucson on Saturday, May 11th, 2013, details to follow.”

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