Dear Malintzine: You’re right

Thanks mujeres!

Dr. Diana just gave birth.

The best way to honor her to is write what you just did not even an hour after her giving birth. She didn’t need the phone calls or congratulations from her amigas. She really needed your essay, not your love.

No one honors women the way y’all do!

BTW, Diana is special for many reasons, but also because she went from the bottom, from poor and humble beginnings, to getting a doctorate continuing to give back to our community which is what I wrote. Somehow all you read was that I knocked her up, which says a lot about how you filter what you read. Maybe all that talk about math and science scared ya?

The goal of MAS is education, and that is something that Dr. Diana can be a role model for. And even while pregnant she was able to conduct postdoctoral cancer research without making excuses and despite living with the embodiment of misogyny/machismo that is me. I think that is amazing.

Much love.


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