Democrats and Grijalvistas and their 187 on TUSD teachers and staff tonight

snoop_dre_ogsHit them
Nah man, I can’t
Man, I’ve been dealing with you for 5 months and you ain’t hit the non-MAS teachers in front of me yet
So wat u saying?
You ain’t part of our 5-0
5-0? Man I’m scared shitless of SALC
Well hit these muthaf*ckers then!

Yeah and you don’t stop
Cause it’s 187 on teachers and staff

Yeah and you don’t stop
Cause it’s 187 on teachers and staff…

The Tucson Unified School Distrct Governing Board will vote tonight on whether to issue pink slips to nearly 200 teachers, librarians, counselors and other certified employees.

While year-end layoffs are common, the number of employees being considered this year – 187 – is more than the past two years combined.

The layoff list is the largest since 2009, when the district notified more than 600 staff members they could lose their jobs, although many of them were ultimately retained, recalled or reassigned to different positions.

via Arizona Daily Star.

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