TUSD fires 187 teachers and staff on Teacher Appreciation Day

What kind of cruel joke is it that on “teacher appreciation day” TUSD decides to cut teachers and their support staff?

UA Professor

Democratic women with labor union support who voted yes on the mass firing. Image: AZPM.org

FACT: The votes to fire 187 teachers and staff included only Democrats and received 100% of the female board members’ vote.

No Republican voted to yes on the mass firings.

That’s how you show support for the union that helped you get elected!

This reminds me of John Pedicone’s original decision to kill MAS on May 5th, 2011… what better symbolic days to do you damage.

At least the teachers can get a free hamburger from Wendy’s on Teacher Appreciation Day, but make it last because Democrats are transferring you from TUSD Employment to State Unemployment checks. I hear the Private Prisons and Border Patrol are hiring…

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