TUSD defies MALDEF and Federal Desegregation Court Orders

Remember when MALDEF was bragging about victory in TUSD and how MAS would be replaced with “Culturally Relevant Courses” in the 2013-2014 school year?

The Tucson Unified School District is backing down from requiring freshmen to take a “culturally relevant” course in the fall.

The decision to delay implementation of the course – titled “Ninth Grade Culture, Identity and Transformation: A Culturally¬†Relevant Viewpoint” – came after criticism from Governing Board members who were surprised to learn weeks ago students were being enrolled in the class even though the curriculum had not yet been created or approved.

TUSD administrators told the board Tuesday night the class could be ready to roll out for the 2014-2015 school year, but declined to offer an absolute time frame, explaining more time is needed to fully develop and vet the curriculum.

via Arizona Daily Star.

Instead of just criticizing what TUSD is doing, I also offer a solution and it is very simple:


obey the law

MALDEF should be in court outraged that TUSD is once AGAIN defying federal court orders.

How will this make a difference?

Very simply, the Culturally Relevant Courses are supposed to be created under the direction of a Director who is separate from the Multicultural Curriculum Director.

This CRC/CRPI Director is supposed to “recreate” the MAS-lite classes and get the teachers trained and so on for this Fall Semester which is now less than three months away from beginning.


So who is in charge of this highly important victory that MALDEF bragged about but then ignored on the enforcement and implementation?

The curriculum was put together by a team of TUSD high school teachers and members of the district’s Student Equity department.

Last year Auggie Romero was the Director of Student Equity. This year he is the Director of Multicultural Curriculum. The very thing that MALDEF and the community worked for with all those public forums was for a SEPARATE DIRECTOR who would be in charge of these classes.

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And that was a victory that we won after lots of hard work. But TUSD isn’t following its federal court orders. There was a timeline built into the Unitary Status Plan, and by April 1st TUSD missed the first deadlines to hire a CRC Director, and in May 1st missed the second set of deadlines because THERE IS NO CRC/CRPI DIRECTOR!

The project is simply beyond the capabilities of Auggie Romero, and we all knew that, which is why the USP was written in such a way that he would not be in charge.

But he is in charge of CRC, which is a violation of the USP.

And he’s bumbling the entire process!

Added Foster: “I am miffed that something so important was mistreated and miscommunicated. ‚Ķ I believe in the people who are working on this, and what happened is devastating to the community’s understanding and perceptions. So we move forward and work around that, but we don’t stop this process.”

The multicultural classes were ordered by the Governing Board in 2012 when it eliminated Mexican American Studies courses that were found to be in violation of state law.

The culturally relevant courses are part of a federal desegregation plan designed to bring TUSD schools into racial balance.

via TUSD reverses decision on requiring culturally relevant course.

Note that even the Arizona Daily Star gets the distinction with what I bolded above. Multicultural Classes are NOT the Culturally Relevant Courses. But we have video of Auggie Romero talking about them as if they were the same, which makes it easy for him if he is in charge of both, then just merge the two into one…

… and MAS continues to be dead, all because of political posturing not just by the Republicans who passed the anti-Ethnic Studies law, not just by the Democratic board which is closing down barrio schools and firing teachers, but by people who want to get all the fame when the “new MAS” is created.

This would have been fine if Romero was capable of creating curriculum, but that’s not his forte.

Instead he gets the fame of being the guy who bumbled everything up, but with MALDEF’s backing. Meanwhile the USP continues to be not worth the paper it is printed on, the orders not enforced, and the MALDEF plaintiff’s promise that CRC will be better than the MAS courses the local Mexican American community created is not going to be reality anytime soon.

I wish some of these folks could learn that TUSD has been violating the federal court for three decades and still made over a billion dollars raiding the Deseg funds, and thus the motivation to continue this pattern is strong… heck after closing down 11 schools and firing 187 teachers in staff, TUSD now wants even more money, a total of $83 million in the name of bringing “racial-balance” to the district. And the board approved it; massive layoffs and shutting down factories of knowledge with bailout money going to less people in the new TUSD Corporation.

This is also what happens in wars.

Brown people get hurt and meanwhile rich white companies profit off the money that is supposed to be helping the people; the DeConcini law firm is like Dick Cheney’s Halliburton.

Follow the money…


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