Texas bills to ban Ethnic Studies FAIL – Next up, victory for Arizona!

Arizona plays an important role in this Texas struggle.

From the LA Times.

From the LA Times.

It was the Federal Court in Arizona that ok’ed Arizona’s bill to ban Ethnic Studies that set off this frenzy.

It was also many people involved with the Arizona struggle, such as Librotraficantes, who worked preemptively to stop the Texas bill in both Houses.

Victory in Texas, and next, Victory in Arizona after our Ninth Circuit victory in San Francisco.

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Two bills that could have affected ethnic studies classes, departments and professors appear to be dead in the Texas House and Senate.

And there appears to be little room for getting them onto the floors of either legislative body, especially the Texas House.

So, barring a midnight miracle, for all intents and purposes, state Sen. Dan Patrick’s SB 1128 and state Rep. Giovanni Capriglione’s House Bill 1938 appear to be dead. Both would have limited which history courses would count toward core credit for graduation at Texas public colleges and universities.

via Ethnic studies bills appear to be dead in Texas House, Senate.

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