Tucson Rally TODAY marking 30th anniversary of CCA

I think it is doubly symbolic to protest CCA, which has DeConcini on the board, at the DeConcini Federal Courthouse. – Three Sonorans.

Tucson Rally, Press Conference Marking 30th Anniversary of Corrections Corporation of America


Tucson:  A Quaker group that has been advocating against prison privatization in Arizona is organizing a demonstration and press conference for CCA’s 30th anniversary. The American Friends Service Committee (AFSC) and other organizations and churches say that the corporation’s track record and practice of profiting from incarceration is nothing to celebrate.


The event will take place TODAY, Monday, May 13th from 4:00-5:00pm in front of the DeConcini Federal Courthouse, 405 W. Congress in Downtown Tucson.

Watch a short video message from AFSC regarding CCA’s 30thhttp://youtu.be/4ZBIMYFj3G0


Here in Arizona, CCA operates 6 facilities, holding prisoners from Arizona (in 2014), California, Vermont, and Hawaii as well as federal prisoners. CCA is one of the main beneficiaries of harsh immigrant enforcement and detention policies, such as SB 1070 and Operation Streamline. A publicly-traded company, in 2010, CCA saw record revenue of $1.67 billion, up $46 million from 2009.


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The event is part of a week of national actions against Corrections Corporation of America, which will celebrate its anniversary on May 16th at a shareholder meeting in Nashville, TN, where its corporate headquarters are located. There will be demonstrations there as well in other states including Ohio and Washington, DC.


Organizers cite widespread problems in CCA and other for-profit prisons around the country, including prisoner abuses, cost overruns, staffing problems, lawsuits, and violence.


The American Friends Service Committee released a report in 2012 on private prisons in Arizona that showed that the private prisons under contract with the state cost more than equivalent units operated by the Department of Corrections. The report also reveals the extensive political and economic influence wielded by the corporations, which spend millions every year on lobbying and campaign contributions. https://afsc.org/document/private-prisons-publics-problem


The event will feature the following speakers:

  1. Kymberlie Quong Charles, Grassroots Leadership. Based in Charlotte, NC, they work with communities across the country to abolish for-profit prisons, jails, and detention centers.
  2. Nicole Porter, The Sentencing Project. This Washington based organization is a leader in the movement for progressive sentencing policy nationwide.
  3. Isabel Garcia, Pima County Legal Defender and member of Derechos Humanos, a grassroots organization which promotes respect for human/civil rights.
  4. Alma Hernandez, a member of Fuerza! and Corazón de Tucson, she has personally spent time in an immigrant detention center run by CCA.


Visuals: CCA birthday Pinata! Street theatre performance. Huge signs.                        


The American Friends Service Committee is a non-profit organization that works for justice and human rights both nationally and internationally.  The Arizona office, based in Tucson, advocates for criminal justice reform.


  • Derechos Humanos
  • The Law Office of Rachel Wilson
  • ACLU of Arizona
  • Social Action participants of the Unitarian Universalist Congregation of NW Tucson/MVUU
  • Progressive Democrats of America—Tucson
  • Fuerza!
  • End Streamline Coalition
  • St Francis in the Foothills United Methodist Church
  • Arizona Prison Watch
  • Southside Presbyterian Church
  • Rincon Congregational Church United Church of Christ
  • Eastside Tucson Democrats

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