TSON News | After becoming national disgrace, TUSD to approve some Chicano authors but keeps Rudy Acuña banned

After becoming national disgrace, TUSD to approve some Chicano authors but keeps Rudy Acuña banned

After becoming a national disgrace once again with a booklist for new culturally relevant courses from a Chicano perspective that included no Chicano authors, TUSD is finally updated its list of approved books to remedy this embarrassment that Dr. Augustine Romero’s group created.

The new booklist is below.

The new booklist noticeably keeps one banned book banned, and that is one of the most important book of them all; Occupied America: A History of Chicanos by Rudy Acuña.

Profiting from the new booklist are at least one UA professor who was on Auggie’s advisory committee, and surprise surprise, their books made the list and TUSD will be purchasing those books in bulk. It is amazing how you can see the personal vendettas played out in a booklist, leaving the Latino students to suffer without access to seminal books that other students have access to.

Especially when the new edition of Occupied America may have a chapter devoted to the MAS-TUSD struggle… ah, that’s it! Now we know why Auggie and company will never allow Chicano History Professor Acuña’s perspective in TUSD when it may challenge their own roles in this debacle.

Since the Pedicone Era TUSD has taken about 100 steps backward, and HT Sanchez’s role in avoiding compliance with the federal desegregation order and the deadlines made things worse, but now we are finally taking a few steps forward.

1 down, 99 to go in TUSD. I have a feeling HT’s three years will not be enough to break even, but his career advancement elsewhere awaits!

This also now leaves State Superintendent John Huppenthal in an interesting predicament; having done nothing after the first book list with zero Chicano authors was approved, for him to act now that there are Chicanos authors on the new approved list will make his racist censorship action overt, even if Auggie’s list is just a watered-down version of what was available before to the real MAS, which CRC will never be as it continues to lack the main foundation.

Grab some popcorn, the Huppenthal vs HT Sanchez showdown is about to begin. I got my money on the Mexican Ph.D.

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