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Republicans stop hold on Latina appt to Federal Court in Tucson

For background on the Rosemary Marquez case click here.

Arizona’s Republican U.S. senators have finally lifted a hold on most federal judicial nominees for their state—a delay that left one candidate waiting two and a half years for her confirmation.

Rosemary Márquez, a private practice attorney from Tucson, was nominated for the federal bench by President Barack Obama in June 2011. She is expected to receive her confirmation hearing this week.

Senator John McCain and former Senator Jon Kyl placed a hold on Márquez’s and other judicial nominees’ confirmation.

This continued even after Kyl retired from the Senate at the end of 2012. His replacement, Senator Jeff Flake, took all of 2013 to review Márquez’s nomination. He finally lifted the hold on her and five other judicial nominees to the Arizona federal court.

via AllGov.com