TSON News | Got Cojones? What Arizona Dems can learn about Civil Rights from the Blue Herring of Virginia

Got Cojones? What Arizona Dems can learn about Civil Rights from the Blue Herring of Virginia

Legalized racism or other civil rights injustices today are sometimes (always) a complicated thing to argue with Republicans.

Sometimes people forget that it is men, usually white men and usually rich white men, like the type of people who would own slaves, that write the laws. At the same time they are writing that all men are created equal, they have their slaves preparing the dinner for the gathered guests at this celebration of liberty and freedom. Laws are written to protect power and property of those in power, plain and simple.

Nothing annoys a Republican more than a minority speaking the truth; his initials are D.A.M., Da Annoying Minority.

While the white men sit around and share their American Pride, and how great their freedom and liberty is in the year 1860’s (see video above), Da Annoying Minority jumps in and says, “what about the slaves?”

The response is “the law is the law.”

“If you don’t like it, stop complaining and go change the law.”

“Why do you always have to bring up race?”

“It is you that is racist for always talking about our racism.”

Slavery is an abomination today. It is evil. Yet it is something that many living today would have accepted if they lived in different times; the times when slavery was legal. It is this great evil that built up the American empire; zero labor wages are a powerful advantage for any business and any country seeking to become a superpower.

Then segregation was alright and American as apple pie. Things were “equal” inasmuch as slaves were “equal.” Separate but equal was the justification, but even then Da Annoying Minority points out the truth that those in power do not want to hear because it warps their White Privileged view of the world were racism ended after slavery in 1865.

Each generation has its own racists that justify the state’s structured inequality against minorities, and it’s always justified in the name of the law that was written by those very racists. The sheriffs departments even have a history of beginning as slave patrol in America; their job was always one of protected institutionalized racism. Before they used to return black men to slavery, and now they put minorities in private prisons or deport them.

Even Democrat Sheriff Dupnik is part of this racism that we justify as simply “upholding the law”; nevermind the morality of breaking up families or that these laws are rooted in racism, including drug laws.

If Democrats want to not be racist, they need to not be in positions of power when racism is being fought, and that goes for every office from Governor, to Felicia “SB1070 doesn’t go far enough” Rotellini running for Attorney General, to Kristel “I would have voted to kill MAS on January 10th also” Foster in the TUSD school board. Knowing what is right and still voting for what is evil makes you more evil than the ignorant GOP.

A huge part of someone as smart as Terry Goddard losing to someone not-so-smart such as Jan Brewer has a lot to do with racism. Brewer won her race because of her embrace of the top race issue of the day; SB1070. Terry Goddard lost by not only being weak, but being part of the evil.

So this brings us to an example of fighting against injustice and it is a prime example of what is wrong with Arizona today.

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In 2010, right after SB1070 was passed, our Democratic Attorney General Terry Goddard, who KNEW SB1070 WAS WRONG, decided to defend it rather than stand up for what is right; he challenged the nation’s first Black US Attorney General who was fighting a racist law, and at that moment he lost tons of support and demonstrated that sometimes the two parties really are just two heads on the same demon.

Officials in the Obama administration have urged the Justice Department to prevent the law from taking effect. Earlier this week, reports surfaced that Justice Department lawyers had drafted a legal challenge to the law.

Goddard said he asked them not to sue but if they do, he will “vigorously” defend the law.

“I told them we need solutions from Washington, not more lawsuits,” he said. “While Senate Bill 1070 is far from perfect, it is a response to a serious problem. It would be just plain wrong for the federal government to sue.”

via Arizona Republic.

Now contrast Goddard, who is now running for Secretary of State, the first in line to be Governor should that office be vacated, to the “Blue Herring” from Virginia; the new Democratic Attorney General Mark Herring.

Asserting that Virginia had too often been on the “wrong side” of justice on civil rights matters, the state attorney general asked a federal court on Thursday to invalidate the state’s ban on same-sex marriage, calling the law unconstitutional and oppressive.

via New York Times.

The Ninth Circuit has already decided that SB1070 is unconstitutional, and Terry Goddard probably knew it would if he was smart, but he chose politics over (brown) people in an attempt to win in a red state, and he lost.

Mark Herring is going against the very state law he is supposed to be defending because he thinks it is on the wrong side of history, a civil rights injustice and unconstitutional, and he won.

If only Arizona Dems could get the hint, but I doubt they will. While even Terry Goddard made public his support for the recall of Sheriff Arpaio, the new chosen one, gubernatorial candidate Fred DuVal, refused to get involved with the recall, something that would have brought about real change instead of just words uttered later.

Always better to be “safe” as a Democrat, but how does that saying about those staying quiet during oppression go?

In the End, we will remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends.

– Martin Luther King, Jr.

Then again, this is the state where we have Democratic Congressmembers that might as well be Republican, including their own resistance to the most important legislation the first Black President has passed; healthcare insurance reform. Instead, we have our own “tough on immigration” Democrats who are now part of the Blue Dog (Republican-lite) Caucus; the former Green candidate Kyrsten Sinema and Ron Barber.

But why listen to Da Annoying Minority? Minorities by definition can’t promise power, and power is what politicians seek, even if real people have to suffer.

Hopefully we will have more Blue Herrings rather than Blue Dogs in this election year.

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