Steve Gallardo to run for US Congress after bravely fighting for Ethnic Studies return in Tucson

Video below is of Steve Gallardo’s speech outside the State of the State address in January 2014.

State Senator Steve Gallardo has always been there for us in Tucson even though he lives in Maricopa County.

I have seen him at many events, labor rallies, marches, and he was even present during the April 26th event at TUSD when Mexican American Studies students bravely took over the board dais to stop a vote to dismantle the MAS program.

He came to Tucson a few days later to hold a press conference with the rest of the Latino Caucus defending the actions of the students.

Steve Gallardo

Gallardo is not ashamed of standing up for those being attacked in Arizona.

He has sponsored an Arizona version of the DREAM Act and bills to repeal SB1070.

He has proven himself over the years to be a consistent advocate for what Arizona needs, a positive voice in the Arizona Senate who has a vision beyond the politics of hate that the GOP-majority focuses on.

During the recent speech in the video above, he gives Tucson a special mention and mentions his bill to repeal HB2281, the Ethnic Studies ban. He also mentions the DREAMers and his work to make sure they have the ability to get a driver’s license in addition to paying in-state tuition for higher education.

Long-time US Congressmember Ed Pastor announced this week that he will not seek another term this year. Senator Steve Gallardo has decided to run for the vacant seat.

Steve Gallardo has my 100% support and he is part of the solution to turning the page on this sad and hateful chapter of Arizona history into a more progressive future.

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