“MAS=KKK” says John Huppenthal; asserts book ban was not his, but TUSD’s doing

In case you haven’t heard by now, our state superintendent John Huppenthal, the guy who ran a campaign commercial promising to “Stop La Raza” and the guy who found Mexican American Studies in violation of state law despite his own audit finding it innocent… well now he has crossed the line.

Arizonans are disgusted by the revelations that he has been commenting on blogs under secret names: Huppenthal admits writing ‘harsh’ anonymous blog posts.

I was curious and decided to search Three Sonorans for any blogs by the person we now know as John Huppenthal. The 13 pages of results are below.

We will start out with the nice comments.

  • “David, you are a smart guy, but…”

Ok, that was it for the compliments.

Regarding the MAS program Huppenthal says:

  • “MAS=KKK”
  • “hispanic history [is] defined as a history of victimhood leading to a future of victimhood owned by you…”
  • “Not every country in the world is suffering as much as the United States. China and Russia tax their smallbusinesses a fraction of the United States…”
  • “They don’t spend time studying hispanic culture, they spend time studying the marxist theories of paolo friere… they define hispanic culture as being equal to marxism and socialism but that doesn’t work.”
  • “Ethnic Studies is a racist program that pits the races against each other and encourages students to view themselves as victims and successful people as ‘oppressors.'”

Below we will see Huppenthal referring to MAS teachers as “MAS skin heads.” There are also many comments against Paulo Friere which you can read also.

What I found interesting was the multiple comments by John Huppenthal that he never ordered a book ban; that was all TUSD’s doing. For what it’s worth, the attorney behind the book ban is now the city manager of Tucson, appointed by the 100% Democratic Mayor and Council.

  • Huppenthal didn’t ban those books and explicitly made it clear.
  • Their having an orgasm over the claim that their book was banned. Now, maybe a student will read it.
  • You can’t believe a word on this blog. No book whatsoever has been banned. Just that MAS skin heads can’t run classrooms. They were teaching hate in these classes, just as this blog preaches hate and revenge.

Huppenthal also praises Russell Pearce after he was recalled.

  • Senate President Russell Pearce was a very good man. Like the sheriff in High Noon, he restored the rule of law… Thank you Russell. We are all safer as a result of your efforts.
8 comments on ““MAS=KKK” says John Huppenthal; asserts book ban was not his, but TUSD’s doing
  1. Someone could very well do a public records search, emails and press releases included, and discover when a ban was first mentioned … someone could … will anyone?

    • We already have. It was ordered by Martha Durkin after MAS was banned on January 10th, 2012. She sent a memo to all principals to have the books taken out of the classroom.

  2. I don’t want him to resign. I want him to be publicly humiliated for his outrageous, bigoted, and false statements….and I want him to lose his bid for reelection as a consequence. It’s time for Arizona voters to elect thoughtful, responsible public officials, instead of the likes of Huppenthal, Tom Horne (under investigation now), Russell Pearce (ousted from office because of his radical, reactionary agenda), Andrew Thomas (disbarred), Sheriff Arpaio (under federal court order to end his department’s racial profiling practices) and Jan Brewer (who signed into law SB 1070) the single most punitive piece of anti-immigrant legislation passed in the U.S. in the past 50 years, and the same person who once claimed (falsely) that “a majority” of undocumented immigrants are “drug mules”,when in fact the great and overwhelming majority of immigrants (undocumented or otherwise) are hardworking, family-oriented people who for centuries have helped make America strong. I believe Arizona is changing course because most Arizonans do not think like the individuals I cite above. I only wish we could do it quicker and our public leadership posts could be rid of the likes of Huppenthal and the rest of that bunch. (And to those who say, “But didn’t Brewer veto that anti-gay bill and expand Medicaid and restructure our Child Protective Services department?” Good for her. I support her stance on each of those programs, but that doesn’t change the fact that potentially thousands of immigrant families (whose only ‘crime’ was that they wanted to work) were ripped apart or had their futures crushed because of the passage of SB 1070. Her veto of 1062, health care expansion, and child safety policies apparently took into account the human costs at stake. Her support for 1070 clearly neglected to consider that immigrants are also human beings.

  3. Its worth pointing out that Brewer restructured our Child Protective Services department after her own government cuts dismantled it…..

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