TSON News | John Huppenthal: There’s nothing wrong with owning slaves (VIDEO)

John Huppenthal: There’s nothing wrong with owning slaves (VIDEO)

In just the first 40 seconds of the video above, John Huppenthal defends his campaign ad promising to “Stop La Raza” and then goes on to defend slaveowners, responding to my question about the Founding Fathers owning slaves by saying “there’s nothing wrong with that.”

Three Sonorans warned you about “falcon9” aka John Huppenthal 4 years ago. Where was the outrage after he banned Chicano Studies even after his own audit found it innocent?

That was back in 2010 when it was cool to be racist in Arizona, when even Democrats could support SB1070 or not mention it as an important election year issue and the state could vote for a guy running overtly racist campaign ads. Now it seems Arizonans are disgusted when they look in the mirror and see Jan Brewer, Sheriff Arpaio, Tom Horne and John Huppenthal in the mirror…

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  1. While I am glad that Superintendent of Public Instruction, Huppenthal has been outed as a White Supremacist; readers of the 3SONORANS knew this 3 years ago! Thanks for doing the investigative reporting on educational issues that the media should be doing. It is a thankless job however as you can see, the truth about Huppenthal was crystal clear to the Chicano community thanks mostly to the 3Sonorans articles and videos. Now that the mainstream media has noticed the truth; the haters cannot claim that Huppenthal wasn’t on a racist vendetta against the Mexican American Studies Students who were succeeding in record numbers. I knew the truth would come out one day. Shame on all of the people who went along with Huppenthal’s racist vendetta.

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