TSON News | HT Sanchez gets called out by TUSD administrators: An open letter

HT Sanchez gets called out by TUSD administrators: An open letter

A letter from TUSD administrators to superintendent HT Sanchez.

September 2014

To: H.T:

On our own time, a few TUSD administrators have gotten together to share our concerns about the serious mismanagement of TUSD. For months we have felt that we are heading straight into a financial crisis. As we prepared to get this out, the news hit on a potential deficit of over $15,000,000. We are glad that an expert will be hired to examine the situation. The expert should report directly to the Governing Board. Those of us in schools feel abandoned, having to make due with little to support our teachers and students. Those of us in departments keep experiencing the “sweeping” of our budgets with no control over our budgets. Some have not even been allowed to see their budgets. “TUSD transparency” does not exist. Even desegregation budgets are being “swept.” Now we know why the sweeping is taking place. What we see is that you have treated TUSD as your own personal bank account, funding YOUR projects without thought of the impact on students. How can you possibly  think bonuses for those who go along with you benefit children? How does Ms. Tolleson’s extravagant salary increase support for the schools or students? She represents only your interests. We are just fed up and, in writing you, we are making the effort to let you know that you are not as clever as you act and not as popular as you assume. Recently you said that TUSD is the most political school district in the state. You have made it so. You are the most political superintendent in the history of TUSD; shallow on educational expertise and deep in the manipulation of board members and those who report to you.

You talk at us and seldom with us. The youngest of the site and department administrators are naïve about the emptiness you spout. We realize that your effort to get rid of so many seasoned and assertive administrators had more to do with your building personal support for YOU than staffing departments and schools with exceptionally qualified professionals. You have frightened seasoned and strong administrators out of the District.

By copy of this to many of our peers, community activists, to those involved in the desegregation case and to those who have the power to investigate, we are hoping that the facts in response to our questions will surface.

We have many questions of you:

-When you wash-out ALL of the budget reserve to use on YOUR projects and then make every effort to point to the state as the wrong-doer, it shows your level of immorality. You have depleted Title I funding and you are attempting to misuse desegregation money. The audits were funded for PR purposes; now you mostly ignore or twist the recommendations that were made in the audits.

– When you dominate every meeting by your incessant talking, we all wonder; do you ever want to hear any other voices? Does anyone else count besides you? May it be that your personality has many deficiencies? Get help. Meanwhile, stop talking so much.

– When you talk about Texas, Texas, Texas it is irrelevant to Tucson. Do you understand that we do not give a damn about Texas? Stop talking about your single reference point. This is not Texas. If you miss it so much, go back! Stop the Texas references. Stories of how you get out of your truck to kiss the Texas earth when you return to the lone state are obnoxious.

– When you profess to have a 3 digit IQ (most of us do) it makes it sound like you have a 2 digit IQ. Do you honestly believe that we believe that you are an expert in everything? We don’t! You spout off on every topic as though you are its sole expert. You are not.

– When your wife appears at 1010 and attends meetings; it is inappropriate. Your wife is not the 1010 first lady and she should not assume the role. You should not exploit her or your children by flaunting them at professional meetings such as TUSD meetings, the Hispanic Chamber, etc. She is not your mediator or PR agent. And she should not be attempting to influence people who attend TUSD meetings on YOUR behalf.

-When your wife attends professional development training sponsored by TUSD it is not only tacky, it is legally inappropriate. She should NOT be attending professional development training at the expense of TUSD. (Is she applying the training to obtain Arizona certification?) It is a good thing she was not hired as a principal in TUSD. Keep your personal life to yourself!

-When your wife enters a TUSD facility by using a security code, it is a violation of policy. It is likely your code she is using, which you were not supposed to disclose. If any of us did something similar, we would be disciplined.

-When you take out a loan for the day cares and spent all spring and summer advertising for the days cares, other things get forgotten; like K-12. We checked Board agendas and it does not look like you got approval for the loan.

– When you use insults in speaking about your staff, community members, board members and others, it is rude and unprofessional. Your insults are all repeated.

– When you use language that is disparaging, based on race, ethnicity or sexual orientation; do you really believe that what you say is not repeated?

– When you want to play games with the budget; do you not understand that there still remain some staff who will not be part of the unethical conduct? (We wrote this before the 15 million dollar projected deficit hit.

– When you question whether ‘the three people who speak during call to the audience the most- represent the community’- it makes you sound unsound.

– When you tell a large group of individuals that the people who filed the complaint at Tucson High Magnet ‘will all be gone..’ it is blatant retaliation. You may not like the fact that they complained but you should understand that YOU cannot punish those who complained based on the fact that they complained. (Steve Holmes, shame on you for doing H.T.s’ bidding.) Do you need to learn that lesson through the courts? Remember, there are now several witnesses to your statement.

(Article continued below)

– When you challenge your bosses (board members) when they question what the administration is doing or wants to do- it is unprofessional. That is their job. Do you not understand checks and balances? Stop threatening the board with your departure and learn how to be a superintendent. Stop being a whining politician. You talk over female governing board members and attempt to intimidate them. Stop the sexism. You are outrageously rude to Dr. Stegeman and Mr. Hicks and whether you agree with them or not, they are your bosses; treat them with respect. You are condescending to Mr. Juarez and pretentious.

– When you mispronounce words and have the nerve to correct others it makes you look small(er). Learn how to pronounce curriculum? You are supposed to be an educator! http://www.howjsay.com/index.php?word=curriculum

– When you almost cross the state/church line- it is offensive. STOP the religious overtones in meetings by having people stop for a moment of contemplation and group energy against those contesting YOU. You talk about the change you have brought about as though you have “saved” TUSD. It is offensive. You speak about good and evil as though you are the blessed one. You are not. If by change you mean disorder, confusion and turmoil; yes, you have brought about change.If by change, if you mean bankrupting the District- yes, you have brought about a lot of chaotic change.

– When you interfere with the hiring processes- everyone knows what you have done to “wire” the outcome. We know that there is a principal you hired who has NOT passed their state test. Yet, this is the reason you gave for not hiring a candidate that ranked above a board member’s mother-in-law. Stop tampering with the hiring processes. It has already burned you. Stop your pre-selection maneuvering; telling people that you are going to hire Lorenzo Lopez for the CRP Director months before any process is finalized. This just shows how corrupt the processes have become.

– When you move administrators and teachers around like chess pawns it is bad for the District and paranoid of you. Moving people out of 1010 so the “leaks” will stop is paranoid and retaliatory! If there is nothing to hide, H.T., why all the moves? There are more leaks now than ever…because everyone is watching you.

– When you do not empower administrators they take their power elsewhere. Your site administrators may not speak much during meetings but you should trust that they are talking a lot elsewhere. If any principal raises questions or concerns during any of YOUR meetings, it is understood that they are “HT blackballed”.

– When you retaliate against those who have opinions different than you but who are devoted to TUSD, it is another sign of your weak character. Your retaliation tactics have been exposed and at some point it is going to make headlines. How many administrators have you intimidated out of the District?

– When you lie to the Board about teachers having all that they need, it is sinful. Teachers do not have materials, textbooks, workbooks, etc. Problems with discipline continue, due to lack of quality training. A few power point slides is NOT sufficient to be called training.

-When you lower class size at the last minute before school starts and only for the sake of publicity and not kids, YOU wind up with a mess. You call this YOUR initiative; the Board did not vote on it except through the budget. This is NOT the way to adopt policy. You are not a Board Member. You may manipulate them (three of them), but you are not one of them. We have lost so much respect for the three Board Members who we believed were there to represent the students, parents, teachers, etc. They are there to serve YOU.

-When you have various department budgets “swept” these departments are left without the ability to do their job. This includes not being able to hire or purchase needed materials and supplies. That must be your intention.

– When you cut teachers at the kindergarten level- it has not been done fairly across the District. There are kndg. classes below 20 students at Fruchtendler (your neighborhood school) which have not been cut, while others have. This shows your lack of morality and fairness.

-When you say that if A. Grijalva loses, you are ‘out of here’- it shows that your destiny is closely tied to one single person. This is dangerous and does not say much about the depth of your work, which we agree is shallow. You are hurting her by making this statement.

-When you think you are the slyest of sly, think again. Everything you say is repeated in one fashion or another. Just know that. Everything you do is being watched. No matter where you move those who you believe to be “leaking” people will continue to talk. You, the talker of all talkers, should know that.

-When you got your bonus; where did it go? In YOUR pocket? Other superintendents have given it back to the District. You should have followed in this tradition.

-When you put the Strategic Planning Committee together did you inform the entire Board and the general public that Juarez’ wife and A. Grijalva’s sister were and are on the Strategic Planning Committee. You loaded the committee with your selection of TUSD employees, which was the majority of those who attended, and then manipulated members of the public into believing that they had contributed.

-When you allow Adrian Vega to get away with harassment of all types, you endorse his behavior.

Your reputation for gag-ordering people is wide-spread; for taking retaliatory action against those who question you; for your use of Adrian Vega as your hatchet-man and for your vindictive verbal attacks behind the backs of anyone who “stands in your way.” Be a “man” and confront people with your attacks; otherwise, please stop the attacks.

-When you lie to the Governing Board, administrators, teachers and the public…many know and many are getting the truth out.

We will not disclose our names. We ask Board Members to look into answering each and every question that has been put to you. We do not expect any level of honesty from you.

Copies: Board Members

TUSD supporters (please distribute to interested individuals)

59 comments on “HT Sanchez gets called out by TUSD administrators: An open letter
  1. Wow. Is this for real? My hat is off to whoever wrote this if its true, and/or whoever made it up for following so many real issues that truly do exist.

    • “Wow. Is this for real?”
      That about sums up the typical response Fox News wants from their audience.

      “…if this is true…”
      That about sums up the typical response from a 7th grader who just heard a stupid rumor on the play ground and went with it without doing any research themselves.

  2. And another thing…..as I turn over in my mind what it really means to have a lot of Superintendent churn, I am reminded that, given that the SUpe changes, the Board is the only institution that can bring about continuity….by making it clear to the new Supe, for instance, that the deseg order gets implemented, no ifs and or buts, because we just passed it and because, although YOU just got here, IT has been here for 40 years now, and that is way more than enough…..so listening to the concerns about “he’s going to leave if we change the board on him” as a candidate who wants to see things change and improve on the Board but DOESN’T want to see that “churn” I come up with the question of exactly what is the Board’s responsibility in this churn…..they do not HAVE to present themselves as victims of it, and our kids do not have to BE victims of it.

    • Very true, it’s so very obvious. Just watching the TUSD board meetings is painful. The board members who have been enablers of his behavior should also be held accountable. I hope that shows in the ballot box, I think if it does not TUSD is toast. Without staff support how can anything be accomplished? Three board members chose to hire him without community input and we expressed our frustration and disappointment at their broken promise to us. They said trust us. Not for a long time and not anymore…. trust… they never earned it. Ms. Lillian Fox, veteran retired teacher has been sounding the alarm for a year. But, Cam Juarez expresses his displeasure at having his “wisdom” challenged – he has said he trusts staff. Really? He ignored the staff that much is brilliantly clear. I applaud the commitment and dedication of people like Ms. Fox who care enough to make sure that this district is the best it can be for our children. Teachers have lost their voice under a weak TEA leadership too afraid to represent teachers and staff as they deserve. If TEA finds its voice we have a chance. Why they support Ms. Grijalva is a mystery to me. Ms. Foster rarely is willing to question and analyze an issue before rushing to vote. The leadership of the board is a failed one. The behavior of the “majority” is shameful. Betts Putnam-Hidalgo is a worthy candidate and an excellent one in honesty and with integrity who understands the role of a board member as a representative of the TUSD community. I have been witness myself to her ability to work with a diverse group of people in a respectful and creative manner. There should not be a self-identified “board majority.” This should not be a group of political partisan minds, but a collaborative based on issues for the advancement of education with the partnership educators of the district. Betts can do this. I urge all my fellow teachers and staff members to vote for Betts.
      Rosalva Meza
      Veteran Educator
      Past President of the Tucson Education Association

    • In reply to Betts: As a TUSD board candidate, you sound extremely naive about the state of affairs at TUSD and the roles played by the Superintendent and board. I’d like to vote for a qualified candidate who’s conscious of the issues in TUSD and who will hit the ground running.

  3. I have heard rumors of much of what is stated in this letter. I am surprised at how deep the resentment goes for HT. However, I believe he deserves it. He is way over his head and could care less if he left. I too believe we need critical thinking and a change of faces on the board. Betts Putnam Hidalgo is that new face. There is no majority on the board, just sheep willing to follow one, and I use this term loosely, leader.

  4. Sooo, I dont know about you guys but seems like a chill bro. Lets quit attacking him and let him do his job w/o all the lawyers, principals, board members, administrators, students and faculty getting in his way. Yanno, they ask too many questions anyways.

    • Really ht? (Lower case letters are intended as a sign of the lack of respect you deserve) That’s the only response you can come up with. Chill bro? Hahaha you are worthless and a pretentious small man who has nothing better to do with his time than to bully people. Your mental issues need counseling. Not a powerful position.

  5. Has anyone taken note of the fact that HT also uses his one of his staff as his personal errand boy? He’s been seen driving around town in his truck, chauffeuring his wife, his kids, to golf tournaments and even to “personal errands” during District time. He’s the TUSD Superintendent not the President of the US. He shouldn’t use employees paid by my tax dollars for his personal business? I hear HT also took a troop of District staff to TX to help him move all his stuff to AZ…during District time. Talk about loyalty to the King instead of the kingdom.

    • Let me guess Damon Jackson? He’s been up H.T. Sanchez’s butt since little Sanchez came to Odessa! I cannot say how glad I’m that Sanchez departed our district, but his reign of terror still haunts us today. His wasteful spending on unnecessary projects, New Tech High School, Cscope, bonuses for him and all his good ole boys, and his lavish travel spending for “recruitment” to hire people from Spain to teach our kids Spanish, hello idiot! Our kids speak Tex-Mex and could not pass his Spanish teachers courses because they did not understand. One thing I noticed is his skelator wife Mary has not been named principal at one of your schools yet. Be glad for that, she ruined careers and the school she is as big of a tyrant as he is. I’m sorry TUSD that you are going through his reign of tyranny! I am glad Ector county now has a superintendent that supports our district, students, and faculty!

  6. This “leader” sounds like the biggest LOSER that TUSD has ever had! His totally corrupt way of administrating the district is so obvious, it’s embarassing to even read about. My suggestion- send him back to Texas – things are already a sad mess for the district- don’t continue to make them worse!!

  7. So,
    The administrators of TUSD finally got some backbone!!! There is security in numbers. If you were real responsible adults you would file OCR complaints for hostile work environment, retaliation and discriminatory hiring processes on behalf of those H.T. Sanchez has wronged and when he retaliates against you as an individual you file the same OCR complaint! Know the law administrators, you have protection under the law! Hello… Grow up and do what is right for the sake of the children. The Board will have to take notice and put Little Napoleon in check!

    Yes, this is a right to work state but the employer still has to show just cause. P.S. Shame on the person who was sexually harassed by Vega, for not filing an OCR complaint.

      • So many thoughts…I knew when the newspaper quoted our semi-adolescent, three digit IQ guy as saying that he “prayed” on his decision to come to TUSD that we were in for a fecal storm of unprecedented proportions — Seriously, you’re surprised that he invokes the divine for intervention on his behalf during board meetings?.
        I have long desired to voice much of what was stated regarding ht in reference to every superintendent I have worked UNDER (note I do mean exactly what this implies) for the past 22 years. I am amazed, impressed, thankful and honestly flabbergasted that someone has finally reached their limit and gone after the latest in a long line of terrible top administrators —- I am even more surprised that it was a site administrator (most of whom are known for their slavish deference to any superintendent seated at the moment).
        From the absurdity of computer generated master schedules (destroying the integrity of some stellar programs at the high school level) to the rewarding of site administrators for finding some poor teacher to hang (yes I do know who sent some of my colleagues on their way through intimidation and harassment rather than due process and I know that some of the current site administrators had to hang someone to be promoted to higher positions —- so guys, are those cushy jobs serving high achievers worth your integrity? – yeah, I know the college tuition and child support are killing you, but really – was it KIND to throw competent people under the bus or was that all a fake too. ANYway, before I make too much more obvious a statement let me end with this —— if HT is such a loser, what about the people who hired him????? what about the administrators at sites who know the policies and procedures are wrong, but keep following along anyway? where is personal responsibility of individuals in positions of relative power?

        Just saying….vote for someone who might have some integrity and against the clowns who hired this bozo. I honestly don’t know who that might be, but we need to figure it out really soon.

    • You Arizonans are stupid. You elected me. Look, Adelita loves me-i will go back to Texas a success. I am sorry Vivi Watt that you are so angry. You were not a successful Administrator at Pueblo and Tucson High

  8. Not only did tolleson get a raise after being there for a few months but check out who her references were. The same ones who took over the deseg case. Why is that not a conflict of interest?

  9. Texas does not want him back!!! He is yours now and you also get his wife as well. Good luck. These two are bad people. Odessa was very thankful for his departure. Especially his wife as she was a horrible principal while he was superintendent. Yes that’s a conflict of interest.

  10. This is why all of us in Texas were very glad to see him gone! He put his wife in as a principal of a school that had a wonderful one then put all of his friends in admin or as principles at other schools. And just about ruined ecisd. So very sorry for Tucson!

  11. Odessa, Texas does NOT want him or his wife back Thank you. While your looking into money Accounts just see how much money the Arabs have given to fund several Muslim projects under his watch! All part of diversity and race or culture or Religion?
    Good Luck from all the thousands of parents and staff of Texas !!!!

    • TUSD received a grant last year from The Muslim Brotherhood organization to fund the culturally relevant pedagogy. You know the group, they caused havoc in Egypt last year. Yes, shame on you Steve Holmes!

  12. Please, for the love of God, DO NOT SEND HIM BACK TO TX!!! This man should not be hired in ANY school district!! Give him a one-way ticket to Mars!

  13. Wow that is harsh and to attack his family? I want to hear the other side of the story that shows all the good things he’s accomplished for TUSD! Good for him having his wife attend and allow a women’s perspective to be involved.
    Who ever wrote this sounds bitter, miserable and straight out mean! I would hate for my children to be under those administrators! I have met HT and he is far from being racists, rude or a looser.

  14. Texas don’t want him back!!! We were relieved when he and his wife left. Unfortunately y’all are seeing what we saw. It would be worth the money to break contract with him and find someone who is qualified. He is nothing more than a self promoting showboat. I wish the Tucson district the best and that isn’t what y’all are getting with him.

  15. Make all the “stipends” public that he and his cronies receive that are hidden in the budget. Does Vega still live with him and get a housing stipend like he did in Odessa?

  16. Believe me, Texas does not want this man back! We were never so happy to see anyone leave yet we all felt deeply sorry for TUSD when you hired him

  17. Sorry Tucson! Speaking as one who worked under his reign of terror in ECISD. We have a no return policy, he may love Texas, but we certainly do not love him! He took a district with good morale and great programs and destroyed it! Sorry, but the happiest day in the employees of ECISDs life was when he accepted the Tucson job! We were willing to help him pack.

  18. “then manipulated members of the public into believing that they had contributed.”
    His Forum meetings felt farcical. He presented a list of goals set forth by another group’s “focus” meeting at the outset. Then he solicited some truly progressive suggestions from the audience which were subsequently filtered through several 1010 members along the way. Then some time later, he would reveal a summary of the ideas which had since been reworded into ineffectiveness, seemingly manipulated to fall under one of the aforementioned goals or had been omitted all together. I suspect many left those meetings feeling that they had just been tossing their ideas out into the abyss and that they had been used to support an already existing agenda rather than helping to formulate one.

  19. As a ECISD tax payer you asked for him and we will be eternally grateful! I have never seen a less qualified person for the job here unless it was his boss here! Thank goodness you took him off our hands and we hired n excellent superintendent to replace both of them! Sorry Tucson got stuck as I like your city, but better you than us! It will take 10 years to correct the problems that this fool and his boss created. It will take that long just to regain the experienced teachers that he ran out of teaching! I suggest paying off his contract and kick him out the door. It will cost more each day he is in charge. Oh by the way every thing that was said in the open letter he did here in Odessa!

  20. My heart goes out to the TUSD Schools. As the mother of a teacher here at the ECISD I can say that a great number of teachers were so glad to see him leave. Please for the love of God do not send him back to Texas… I hope you didn’t give him to long of a contract.

  21. Everyone has pretty much said it all. The whole ugly thing is true there in TUSD as it was here at ECISD. The only difference was the points made in the letter presented by administrators where voiced by a few teachers. Our administrators were to afraid to band together and speak up or at least not publicly. We were lucky that he and his wife were already feeling threatened by the groups open and public criticisms to begin looking elsewhere.

  22. I worked for HT Sanchez when he was a principal in Waco ISD in Waco, Texas. I see that he rules an entire district like he did when he was a building principal. Fear and intimidation seem to be his only means of leadership. He certainly had teachers that were his favorite and God forbid that you speak up and voice an opinion that differed from his or the “HT chosen”. He allowed teachers to be bullied by the assistant principals as well as by his favorites. He was cold, callous and manipulative. He provided no support to his staff. As well he talked out of both sides of his mouth. I’m a good teacher and I love my job, but I would leave the profession before I would ever work for him again. My heart and prayers are with the students, faculty and staff of TUSD.

    • I have worked w him as a principal as well. All of the claims against him are truer than true. It’s ridiculous that he hasn’t changed. Too bad for him. And Arizona I am very sorry for your bad luck in the new hire. But….the women of Texas education do NOT want this dangerous douche-bag back!

  23. If you think that is bad the entire district is so harassed, retaliated against, discriminated against and beat down, NOW HEAR THIS! I am an employee who works for a certain department since 1992 and am now feeling the discriminating effect of the hire of Anna Maiden and Janet Underwood, who are the henchwomen for this superintendent. The poor employees of the district are experience horrindous hostile events every single day. This District has sunken so low that we are disregarding the GB rules and regulations, the employee agreement rules and yes, even non compliance to the FMLA Federal laws. What does it mean when the District (Anna Maiden and Janet Underwood) can arbirtrairily confiscate a persons job that they have done excellently for over many years and just give it to a newly hired white female and pay them more than the existing person, who has total experience in doing that job, without posting the job? People, in case you did not recognize it, we are now working under a dictatorship. (Isn’t that the way Hitler started. We are in direct defiance of the Unitary Status Plan, etc. but the District continues to state that we are treating all people equally. If you believe that, then I have some ocean front property to sell you in Arizona. HaHa. It has come a time that we should all have a townhall meeting and remove these perpetrators of hate, discrimination, retaliation and harassment out of our District and start anew with much better reprensentatives. We need to stop the madness. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. These people do not care for the students as well as respected employees.

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