TSON News | TUSD Administrators vs HT Sanchez: Round 2 (Open letter)

TUSD Administrators vs HT Sanchez: Round 2 (Open letter)

To: TUSD Governing Board
From: Extremely Concerned Administrators
Copies: H.T. Sanchez
TUSD Supporters (Please distribute to interested individuals)

Subject: H.T. Sanchez is on the “Oops” Tour in Tucson

We had not planned to put another communication out until the issues outlined
in our last correspondence had been looked into. A few things have happened to
alter our plans. From the point that our letter to H.T. Sanchez was received by
him and widely distributed by others (thank you everyone) he has been very busy
in attempting to explain all of his misdeeds away. At the same time, he executed
a crusade to find out who we are and how many of us are involved. We are
committed to keeping our identities concealed for the time being. Sanchez has
gone as far as to have told insiders that we should have gone to him before
“going public,” that what we did was not fair and that he wanted to be able to
face his accusers. He has said that we are not team players. Those who have
tried to discuss matters with him have suffered and we were not about to put
ourselves in a similar position. We believe that what we are doing is a display
of commitment to do what is right for students. We are on their team.

This correspondence is addressed to Board Members with the request for an
investigation into the issues outlined here and in our previous correspondence,
which is included for those of you who had not received it previously. (It is
found at the end of this correspondence as “Item A.”) This is also addressed to
the Pima County Superintendent since a specific certification issue is addressed

Some say that the new apology trend in American politics and sports is to
apologize – only when you get caught. Then, any stated regrets are packaged and
filled with justifications and/or lies. No doubt, the TUSD Superintendent is
in-trend, not having demonstrated the slightest level of humility until he was
caught with a projected 15 million dollar deficit and with a list of issues,
which he certainly has not made any effort to explain publicly. Ooops! He is
making the rounds in what we refer to as his “oops tour” meeting with
individuals and small groups and declaring his desire to do better. His words
may come off as being sincere and his efforts, in reaching out, may be seen as
notable. We warn that you should be very cautious in believing that any real
change in Sanchez is in the horizon.

The last TUSD Superintendent’s update was entitled “Reaching Out to Do Better”
and came out the day after our last correspondence. The first paragraph of the
Sanchez update goes onto say, “As a fairly new superintendent, I have a lot to
learn. I am very fortunate to work with great district, campus, classroom, and
operations professionals and support staff. We become better by opening
ourselves up to criticism and learning from points that are made by people who
agree with us and from points made by those who do not.”

H.T.’s behavior does not match the above words and, again, we caution you in
believing any degree of performed sincerity, as he takes to his “oops tour” in
reaching out to do better.” We believe any apologies offered would be shallow
and only a part of his ongoing self-campaign. He has drowned out top level
administrators who have disagreed with him; mid-level administrators have been
treated as pawns – treated as we are here only to comply with H.T.’s directives;
he has shut out site administrators by minimizing the important connection we
have in serving our students. H.T. has never been open to criticism and he has
punished many who have disagreed with him. It is not that he holds people
accountable; it is that his definition of accountability means agreeing with him
regardless of how wrong he may be on issues such as the budget, his poorly
thought-out 27:1 staffing ratio, managed curriculum, procurement practices,
hiring practices, the use of Title I funds, the use of desegregation funds, the
inappropriate use of District resources, the treatment of community members,
etc. H.T.’s nasty and unprofessional methodology in pressuring administrators
-out or down- in the direction of resignation, retirement or demotion- has
provided real insight into the sort of person H.T. is. His tactics have nothing
to do with improving performance.

A very short list of administrators who have been pushed out, pushed down or
intimidated into submission includes: Teri Melendez, Elizabeth Redondo, Jim
Fish, Cara Rene, Augustine Romero, Yousef Awwad, Jeffrey St. Claire, Maggie
Shafer, Candy Egbert, Ana Gallegos, David Scott, Kathyrn Manley-Crocket, Rex
Scott, Sam Brown, etc. Some, like Sam Brown and Ana Gallegos were put out to
pasture, until they changed their ways and stopped questioning “the man.”
Gallegos was going to be moved to Pueblo; she protested and then agreed to work
with him – landing her in his graces and a gigantic promotion. Brown was moved
into the legal department, stripped of many of his functions. He then bent to
the will of “the man” and now has been moved back into the desegregation
department. Many have said that he was “punished” for advocating for African
American and Latino students which was, in the view of Sanchez, advocating for
“the plaintiffs.” This is frightening for any of us who believe that we must
advocate for our students.

Sanchez visited Santa Rita High School once or perhaps twice, where St. Claire
served as principal, and based on what he saw, yanked him out of the school into
a forced demotion; without an evaluation; without due process; and without any
respect. Everyone got the message; this is the REAL new professional
development in TUSD.

You may ask why we show little compassion for Sanchez. The simple answer is
that Sanchez lacks empathy and compassion for others; he is self-serving. He has
treated many within TUSD and the community without dignity, respect and
compassion. The following is one of the best illustrations of Sanchez’ lacking
level of professionalism and compassion:

Last spring Sanchez recommended that the Governing Board not renew Rex Scott’s
contract as the Catalina High School principal. This was based on the school’s
“D” grade, although the most current grade had not yet been provided by ADE.
Approximately eight months prior, Sanchez recommended Adrian Vega as the Deputy
Supt. Vega was the Principal at New Tech High School in the Ector County
Independent School District, where Sanchez had served as Interim Superintendent,
prior to landing the TUSD supt. position. According to the Texas Education
Agency, New Tech did not meet standards and its status was deemed as
“improvement required” (the period is reflective of the time Vega was

New Tech nearly met standards; nevertheless it did not meet standards, which
is very similar to the Catalina High School scenario and once the most recent
school grades were released by ADE, this last summer, Catalina’s grade went from
a “D” to a “C.” “Ooops”- too late; the harm by Sanchez had already been done.
Vega was snapped out of a school, which did not meet standards, and was elevated
to deputy superintendent without any transparency of the facts. We know of no
better word than “hypocrisy” to describe H.T.’s treatment of Rex Scott. The
following site provides the standards information on New Tech:

Rex Scott’s correspondence to H.T. on this issue reveals a great deal about
his character and management style. It is a MUST read! It is found at the end of
this correspondence, as “Item B.”

What the Board and public do not understand is that there is no place within
TUSD for employees to report wrongdoings. There is no independent complaint
office; the teachers’ union has all but gone debunk and the existing and
struggling TEA is not protecting its members in any real sense of the word.
Their enrollment is at an all-time low. Educational Leaders, Inc. (ELI) has not,
for a long time, supported TUSD administrators. The conditions make for a
perfect storm for the abuse of employees at the hand of an outrageously power
hungry superintendent. It is an indictment against the Board, whether they know
or do not know about such abuses. They are either oblivious and do not know
what they should know or know and choose not to correct the situation.

The most honest statement made by H.T. during his 14 months as TUSD Supt. is
that he is new and that he has a lot to learn. Up until this point, he has come
across as knowing everything about any and all matters.

At the end of last week Sanchez visited with leadership from ELI to discuss
the creation of a focus group comprised of administrators with the goal of
better collaboration. He has kept site administrators and directors in the dark
for fourteen months and now, overnight, we are to be blessed with a process to
improve collaboration? It will be yet another manipulated process, facilitated
by one of HIS cronies and used only to “report” to the community and his Board
majority on how he is collaborating; the meaning of which is unknown to Sanchez.

H.T.’s first “oops” was when he got caught playing procurement politics. You
can find information on this at: http://tucson.com/news/local/education/tusd-s-sanchez-gave-consultant-early-track-on-tucson-contract/article_010f280f-959a-557d-b7bd-d6d1a79ce7d6.html

First he recommended that the Board increase the approval threshold for
procurement bids to $100,000. Of course, at the time they approved the
threshold increase they were unaware that their newly hired supt. had contacted
Cathy Mincberg, one of his named references in his application for supt., to
inform her that he would be reaching out to her to work as a consultant in
TUSD’s strategic planning. This was three days after he was appointed TUSD Supt.
Sure enough, she wound up with a $92,500 contract which did not have to go to
the Board for approval. If you followed the coverage on this in the news,
Sanchez changed his story a few times before finally stating that he was not
perfect in front of the Board. “Oops”!

The 15 million dollar projected deficit is a massive “oops.” The “oops”
trickles down to our schools and departments in very damaging ways for our
students. We do not have the resources needed to serve our students (textbooks,
workbooks, supplies, etc.) We listed several areas of concern in our previous
correspondence. Here is one more glaring example: There are three math programs
in TUSD- the schools using EnVisions have not yet been provided with the K-2
workbooks. There was either a massive error in ordering the workbooks OR they
were never ordered. Schools have been asked by central office if they
“absolutely need the large workbooks” and if they can make do with the homework
and practice book. The dilemma, principals have been told, all has to do with
the lack of $$$$. We believe that a massive “ooops” took place and now students
who are in the EnVisions math program, are absent critical materials; they are
being asked to “make do” without the consumable workbooks. If there is no
shortfall in funds; why are the students who should have these workbooks be
cheated, along with all others who have not been provided with textbooks,
workbooks, materials, supplies, etc. ? Think about this- the salary increase for
Julie Tolleson and the bonuses for central administrators could have paid for a
great deal of these NEEDED student learning materials. Ooops! Sanchez’
priorities are clear.

We remain concerned about the lack of consistency in moving toward a single
math curriculum; especially after the findings of the Curriculum Audit and its
many recommendations. We continue to hear from Sanchez that this problem goes
back to Dr. Fagan. On many problems, according to Sanchez, when she is not at
fault, of course, it is Dr. Pedicone. The honeymoon period has come and gone.
When, oh when, will this Supt. own up to the current problems at hand?

Perhaps more focus on these K-12 issues should have taken place instead of the
day care center-pet project that consumed millions of dollars and lots and lots
of staff time.

On the whole issue of the budget short-fall, after the news broke on September
30th on a local television news report about the inquiries that were made of Mr.
Yousef Awwad by a Board member, we were able to obtain a copy of the what was
requested, along with the responses (see the site which follows for the news
coverage). http://www.jrn.com/kgun9/news/Is-TUSD-being-reckless-with-your-tax-dollars-277684002.html

We believe that Mr. Awwad’s responses provide a strong indication of just how
terrible finances have been misdirected by the Supt. It specifies the period of
time that the Supt. has been warned about budget decisions that should have gone
through the finance office or his review. It is no surprise that Mr. Awwad
found it in his best interest to seek employment elsewhere. Ethical and perhaps
legal challenges that he had to confront seem obvious. Mr. Awwad was one of the
first people that Sanchez promoted immediately after he was appointed Supt. (in
July of 2013). Awwad went from Chief Financial Officer to Assistant
Superintendent. Sanchez did so because he had ALL the confidence in the world
in Awwad. We will see how Sanchez tries to discredit Awwad’s work as things heat
up. He who has spent all of the money will undoubtedly make an attempt to
discredit the projected deficit. A copy of the listed questions by Mr. Hicks
and responses from Mr. Awwad follow:

Correspondence between Board Member Hicks and Mr. Awwad (late September):

1. When was Superintendent Sanchez made aware of the information you shared
with me, which has now gone public? I understand the delicate nature of this
inquiry since Supt. Sanchez is your supervisor but it is essential that the
Board and public have this information. Please inform me if there are any
adverse consequences to your addressing any of my inquiries. Were any other
Board members apprised of the dire financial projection which you shared with me
and, if so, when were they made aware?

Karla and I have been talking to the superintendent and cautioning him against
decision being made without consultation with finance or my office as early as
Last March and April. Emails and memos from myself and the CFO were sent to the
sup to caution against the budget process and financial decisions.

2. It is my understanding that you had compiled a contingency or reserve fund
which had accrued to a considerable amount (in excess of $25,000,000 dollars)
for the purpose of addressing a deficit situation such as facing us at this
time. Is this a fact? If so, please present a detailed account of the status of
this fund account, at its peak and at its present status, as well as a detailed
account of any and all expenditures from this fund.

By the end of the FY2013 we have had the following cash balances Indirect: 7.7
Million, E-Rate 2.7 million. Mediacid $1 million, Impact aid 245K and Civic for
about 2.7 million that is in addition to the surplus of about $4.5 million when
we balanced the budget. These amounts are considered our cash reserves.

3. Are there any other areas of concern relative to budget/finance matters
that you believe the Board should be made aware of prior to your departure? For
example in areas such as Title I funding, desegregation funding, etc. I would be concerned about the decisions made in Seg fund, Title I and Desegregation.

(Article continued below)

4. In your professional opinion is it appropriate for the Independent
Financial/Budget Auditor to report directly to the Board? Had we had this
position in place, the current situation in the Board and public getting caught
off guard would have been prevented. According to the news conference that was
held yesterday by Superintendent Sanchez and Board Members Grijalva and Foster,
an external review of the current financial picture will be reviewed. In your
professional opinion, should this consultant report directly to the Board?

In my professional opinion, Internal auditors should report to the governing
board as it is consistent with the literatures from AICPA and Institute of
internal auditors. In our district case, I believe a sub committee from the
governing board should be established to be the audit committee and have
citizens advisory group help them in the process.

Internal auditor would play important role in preventing certain things from
happening and if they are empowered, they will strengthen the internal control.

The 27:1 teacher/student ratio has resulted in absolute chaos. Sanchez did not
listen to those who raised concerns about moving forward with this half-cooked
idea. Many schools continue to have long-term substitutes and many classes are
NOT at 27:1. At least two middle schools have had between 14-20 substitutes
which have now turned into long-term substitutes. Yet, the TUSD employment web
site suggests that advertisement for these positions has halted. It is the end
of the first quarter for these students- without a full-time teacher! Will
students who now have long-term substitutes have them for the remainder of the
year? Long-term subs are not required to go through the professional
development training that teachers must attend which adds to their lack of
qualifications for a long-term situation. It is cheaper to have long-term subs
than to have a full-time teachers. Are our students paying for the Sanchez
staffing formula that really could not be fully implemented (as he was told
prior to doing it)? Poor planning; poor education will produce poor results for
these students. We believe that the use of long-term substitutes is not a major
issue in more affluent neighborhoods and that it is students who most need
quality and consistency who are once again being short-changed. This is tragic.

In our last correspondence, we stated that a principal had been hired who had
not passed the state test which is required for certification. We surfaced this
to illustrate the inconsistency in hiring practices concerning Ms. Grijalva’s
mother-in-law. Ms. Grijalva’s mother-in-law was hired, although she was not the
top candidate. A candidate who scored above her did not hold an Arizona
administrator’s certification which Sanchez said was the reason for not hiring
the candidate. The administrator to whom we made reference to not having passed
the required state exam is actually a higher level administrator -an assistant
superintendent- (the administrator is Assistant Superintendent of Student
Services, Eugene Butler, Jr.). This raises questions about the lack of
consistency in following policies/procedures in the hiring and/or promotion of
individuals. It also invalidates the excuse used for hiring Adelita’s
mother-in-law; that the candidate had not yet obtained state certification. We
believe that when lies are told, the string to that lie often becomes exposed,
which reveals the truth. This matter must be looked into for very obvious
reasons. (It is appropriate to point out that the EEO person who should be
assigned to investigate these type of matters works in HR. HR obviously approved
the promotion of this assistant superintendent, therefore, HR should not
investigate HR. An external investigation requested by the Board is needed.)

Since Friday, we have heard many positive things about our correspondence to
H.T. and there has been a general appeal by many to join our group, however in
our own interest for safety, we will continue to work underground. Some just
cannot stand this and they need not read our correspondence. One comment was
that little credibility could be given to us as a group because we had not
identified ourselves. We are not seeking credibility for ourselves. We are
seeking that what we reported will be investigated and validated. The
information is credible and that is what should matter. The Board should take
action to investigate the listed issues and until this occurs, we will continue
these communications.

We know that many of you will continue to support the dissemination of this
information and we are overwhelmingly grateful.

One former principal has challenged us via Facebook based on her not being
able to assess the size of our group. Honesty and concern may surface from one
or from many; honesty is just that – honesty and concern is part of honesty. We
are a well-represented group; we are progressive educators.

Adelita Grijalva has noted that her sister was not part of the Strategic
Planning Committee. We stand corrected on this point.

Sanchez has said to some that he does not think we should have made his wife
an issue. We didn’t. She is present at central administration a great deal. She
attends TUSD related meetings, including professional development sessions. She
has used a security code to enter a TUSD facility. As a non-TUSD employee she
should not benefit from tax-paid professional development, nor should she
violate security protocol to use TUSD facilities. She has “intervened” on her
husband’s behalf in very inappropriate ways. This is habitual, as she did the
same thing at Ector Independent School District where she served as principal
while her husband was Superintendent. In July of 2013 she spoke to the Ector
School Board, promoting her husband’s bid for superintendent, without revealing
the fact that she is married to him (see the following article and comments

We did not make her an issue. The issue was created by the Superintendent. The
issue has been talked about all over the District; overwhelmingly with

It goes against good business norms to have one’s spouse hovering at their
work place, intervening and lobbying on their behalf and exploiting services to
which the spouse is not entitled. The problems were created by H.T. and his
spouse and the whistle-blowers should not be blamed!

Kristel Foster responded to our email and has assessed us as being angry and
resentful and says that she is aware of some of the people hiding behind our

She says that some of the things in our letter are true, while some are not
and that the rest falls somewhere in between. She says that Adelita has been on
the Board, while six superintendents have served and that the District needs
stability- therefore, we should all work with Sanchez. Kristel also states that
the people who rallied against Fagan and Pedicone are the same people rallying
against Sanchez and will also rally against the next supt., implying that we
have been a part of the “rallying.”

This is our response to Ms. Foster: We are not angry; we are concerned. We are not hiding; we are protecting ourselves. We are concerned and worried that TUSD is being grossly mismanaged. Our students pay the consequences of this mismanagement. We worked well with Dr. Fagan and were not involved in any “rallying” against Dr. Pedicone. We are unaware of any “rallying” that took place from anyone except the obvious players. We were not,
nor are we now part of that.

We agree that the District is desperate for stability; the desperation for
stability has heightened since H. T. took over as Supt. Fear is prevalent.
Communication is selective and poor. Favoritism, cronyism and chauvinism worse
than ever. There are very serious matters that we have brought to your attention
and we think that you should not diminish these issues by casting incorrect
judgment on our purpose or on our identities. You take exception to our
anonymity which shows us your deep lack of understanding about the retaliatory
nature of Sanchez. You are often depicted as being captivated by Sanchez and
this is just one more indication in support of this depiction. We did not fully
believe the depiction until now. We have been dismissed by you, which is
extremely disappointing. As it turns out, we all voted for you and felt that you
would offer a fresh and fair perspective. We were wrong. Our interest is ONLY
our students. All the listed grievances are huring our students one way or
another. Although we vote and have opinions about local and global matters- we
have not been involved in TUSD politics- which is what we believe you have also
implied. The Board is split and dysfunctional in many ways. We are not
interested in entering into that dysfunction. We are reporting our concerns to
the Board as a whole; as a unit- all of the Board should be concerned and even
outraged by many of the problems we have reported.

Tucson Weekly blogger David Safier takes on the role of psychiatrist as he
criticized the number of words in sections of our correspondence, certain terms
used, the tone, the complaints that were listed and just about everything else
he could think of, it seems. He questions the mental stability of the writer(s)
of our correspondence and compares us to those who have blasted President Obama
during his presidency. (This was likely the harshest of insults thrown at us by
him.) He takes exception to our stating that Sanchez is being watched. Our
response to Safier: Sanchez is being watched; this is a reality. It is not a
threat; it is just a fact. How do you think so much information is revealed
about his (mis)conduct? Sanchez is a public figure who happens to be seen and
observed a great deal. David, you are not a shrink and you hit below the belt
with many of your shrink-like assessments of us. Sanchez had many of the same
issues in Ector Independent School District as he is having here. He is said to
have undermined the superintendent who he served under in order to get the
position himself. Here, he undermines anyone who gets in his way- be it
community members, administrators, Board members, etc. Many in Ector County
believe that their loss (of Sanchez) was their gain and that our gain of Sanchez
was really our loss. When Sanchez left his former school district he did not
have a solid board majority that would vote for anything put before them by him;
as is the case now. Perhaps the following article will remind you of some of the
warning signs about him.

David, here is a hold-up mirror for you. You really have no idea about what is
going on inside of TUSD. You only think you know, based on what you are told by
Sanchez and a few Board Members, which is not very credible. Sanchez “invited”
you to a few meetings which has given you some sense of importance but no real
knowledge about what is happening in the District. You now believe yourself to
be a “player.” Come on!

Are you aware that the job requirements for those working at the day care
centers are minimal? The requirement is a high school diploma; the same as for
many low-skilled positions. The term “early childhood learning center” is not
appropriate when those providing the services have the same qualifications as
those flipping hamburgers, scrubbing toilets, or digging trenches. You can try
to glamorize it all you want, as Sanchez has done, but TUSD’s day care centers
are day care centers. The staff who work directly with the children are not
certificated. Those working the most direct with children at the day cares have
been trained far below what many day care centers provide for their employees.
The issue that we addressed was the loan that was taken out to pay for the day
cares; you seemed to have lost that point along with many others. Safier’s blog
is at: http://www.tucsonweekly.com/TheRange/archives/2014/09/29/the-letter-against-tusd-superintendent-sanchez-from-anonymous-administrators#more

We still want to know the source of funding for the day care centers. Was it a
loan? Was funding used from MO or another funding source; if so which one? If we
are headed in the direction of a deficit, as projected by Mr. Awwad, has the day
care expense been part of what has created the deficit? If so the public should
be made aware of this.

We hope that the information that we have brought forward will support getting
the District to focus on the schools, programs and most importantly- the

Item A.
Correspondence from Rex Scott to H.T. Sanchez:

On Mar 29, 2014, at 11:13 AM, “Scott, Rex” <Rex.Scott@tusd1.org> wrote:

Dr. Sanchez-

This is an incredibly difficult message for me to write, but the dictates of
conscience require that it be composed and sent to you. Yesterday, during a
phone conversation with Dr. Morado, I informed him that there was absolutely no interest on my part in pursuing other positions within TUSD after my contract ends on June 30th. I feel that you and our Board members deserve to know why, after 14 years of service to TUSD as a teacher and administrator, that I have no intention of seeking to extend my tenure in our district.

Last Tuesday, you recommended to the Board that my contract not be renewed
under the terms of a regulation that affects principals who lead “double D”
schools. This same regulation affected the renewal of my contract last year
after it was put in place by Dr. Pedicone. There was no doubt in my mind that it
would come into play this year as well, but what I did not expect was how you
would recommend that the regulation be carried out.

When the notice of non-renewal was given to me and two other principals last
spring, we were told that contracts would be issued to us if our schools showed
the “significant growth” called for in the language of the regulation. Once the
AIMS scores were released and information from the Arizona Department of
Education made it clear that Catalina would gain 10 points (from 88 to 98
points) in the state letter grade calculations, Dr. Pedicone recommended to the
Board that I be issued a contract for this school year and they agreed.

Bear in mind, please, that 98 points put us just two points shy of a “C”
letter grade. Moreover, we missed earning the three points that schools can
receive for reclassifying a certain percentage of English language learners by
just a handful of kids. Had we gotten those three points, we would be a “C”
school right now. That’s how close we came.

AIMS Reading scores will be released to schools very soon because that test
was administered at high schools in late February. Students take AIMS Math on
April 8th and we will receive those scores right before graduation. The
preliminary state letter grade is made available to us in June and is released
to the public in July. The language of the regulation allows you to use either
AIMS score or the state letter grade to make the determination of “significant

21 comments on “TUSD Administrators vs HT Sanchez: Round 2 (Open letter)
  1. I recognize the fact that e-mails are public records and I stand by everything I wrote in the March 29th e-mail to Dr. Sanchez that is included in this letter from an anonymous group of TUSD administrators. However, the e-mail that I sent to him after my contract with TUSD was non-renewed was included in this public letter without my knowledge and consent and was never written for public consumption. Although I wish all of my former colleagues in TUSD the best, I am curious as to how they acquired this e-mail (which was sent from my now-defunct TUSD e-mail account over six months ago) and why they thought it was OK to use my words talking to me first. The last thing that I want at this stage in my life and career is to be involved with TUSD politics. My professional focus is on serving the students, parents and staff at the school where I am now the principal, not to be dragged into a fight in a school district where I am no longer employed.

    Rex Scott

    • Sadley Mr. Scott,
      You do not see the “Big” picture and yet, you are an educator. This not about you per se, but about the wrongful dealings of HT Sanchez and how this is effecting the students of TUSD. Your statement suggest that you could careless about the students you once served. What does that say about you as an educator?

      • Maybe Sanchez was not so wrong about Mr. Scott, jut maybe Mr. Scott is only concerned with earning a paycheck.Good Luck Marana!

  2. Mr. Scott should know better than anyone that email is public record and whether he wanted it to be used or not, it’s not up to him, so I’m not sure why anyone would ask for his permission. He also should know that he contributed to it by going on a tour of local radio shows after the letter grades came out and slamming Sanchez. If his professional focus was just to move on then he should have just moved on.

  3. Anonymous-

    While you are correct that I did appear on two local radio shows after state letter grades were announced and that I was critical of Dr. Sanchez in those interviews, I was not critical of him for recommending that I be removed as the Catalina principal. Rather, anyone who listened to those interviews heard me criticize the prediction he made at a public Board meeting that Catalina would be a “D” school again. Instead, when state letter grades were announced, the school had earned a “C” grade and was only eight points shy of a “B” grade.

    During the two interviews, I also described how the students the school had targeted for additional assistance had led the progress that was made. Had the Board and the superintendent closely examined our improvement plans, or visited the campus to witness the work that was being done, they would have seen that the focused efforts of the teachers and staff paid off. My criticism of Dr. Sanchez on those two radio shows was 100% focused on his failure to ask questions and dig deeper into the purposeful work of a dedicated faculty before he made brash predictions about eventual outcomes, especially when he said what he did about the school during a public Board meeting.

    As for the use of my e-mail to Dr. Sanchez and the Board, there is no reluctance on my part to stand by what I said at that time, but I did not appreciate the e-mail being used by people who probably once worked alongside me without my permission. I have moved on professionally and do not want to be dragged into this current debate as I have no role or interest in how it will finally be resolved because I do not live or work in TUSD. However, the deep affection and respect I will always have for the Catalina students and staff moved me to speak out on their behalf when their growth and success was publicly announced.

    Rex Scott

  4. Where were all these “administrators” during the board meeting where Mr. Scott’s contract renewal was up? Why weren’t they speaking up in his defense then?

    • Exactly! As can be seen by this whole “Open Letter” mess, there is no loyalty in the TUSD ranks. TUSD is full of fear and pay check collectors. The checks may not be large, but the benefits are worth the “keep it quiet and keep your job” attitude among the Administration, Faculty, and Staff of most schools, generally speaking. This whole open letter character assassination is being carried out by a trained and experienced character and media savvy assassin with time on their hands.

      I know people that make a living in TUSD and struggle daily because they feel the district will somehow dissolve because of the infighting, and along with it, their jobs and retirement contributions. This is complete hearsay, but I believe that one teacher I know of doubled their teacher pay by going into administration. I see why this administrator is keeping silent.

      Administrators will ruin careers and lives for the stature, pay, and benefits that being an administrator provides. Administrators know how to get rid of people through writing, and therefore, the best writer of all TUSD administrators (known for spending hours in her office writing volumes of teacher observation feedback) is none other than VIVI WATT. She and H.T. had a falling out, she loves ANA GALLEGOS, loves to demonize people, loves whistleblowers, and aligns with the recently retired ABEL MORADO. WATT was MORADO’s attack dog during her years at Tucson High. I believe that she (WATT) had a problem with Adelita Grijalva, a mexican woman and she attacked H.T. Sanchez’s wife and kids. WATT is a bitter and obsessed, if she was being attacked like she is attacking Sanchez–more heads would roll than she is putting on H.T.

      TUSD is a system that is in need of transformation. It needs to be purged, and fixed. I do not support H.T. Sanchez, the TUSD Governing Board or anything having to do with this event, I am just connected to the district loosely because I care about my grandchildren and want to see them in a system that works. This is a sad situation.

      • If it is the retired Vivi Watt, why is she hiding her identity? She is retired. Maybe H.T. will let loose on her and her biased and unprofessional behavior, or she is protecting friends.

      • Do not think for one minute Abel Morado is retired or a saint. He is still in the district as the Assistant Superintendent of Secondary Schools and his hands are just as dirty as HT Sanchez when it comes to wiring the hiring process. I have seen first hand how Morado will ignore rank scores and place his buddies in administrative positions so he has a loyal following. He sits on interviewing teams so he can push HT Sanchez’s agenda.

  5. TUSD relies on the fact that they undereducate the students and they don’t leave tucson. The citizens don’t read papers or get on the internet. Educators know that people in Tucson don’t know how to read, except for the old white people. The old white people will never make a difference, nor will the mexican people because they are scared. TUSD knows this, they just massage the T.V. literate–most of the young people think they are voting, yet they are just guided by the media and don’t know whats going on.

  6. While I very much understand, given the charges in the letter, why the group writing the letters call themselves “Anonymous”, I surely do NOT understand with the commenter above is calling him or herself “Anonymous”. Mr. Huppenthahl, is that you again?! I don’t think that anyone here will retaliate, especially if “Anonymous” is only connected to the district loosely. He or she is casting aspersions and using names. and yet not using his or hers. I myself wondered the very question that Mr. Scott wondered, and appreciate his candor in asking it. Certainly if he is willing to identify himself, Anonymous, you should do the same? Or perhaps there is more than one Anonymous (even though they all have the same funny little picture?)

    • This was Odessa Future You all took him Now Tame the Beast. Every thing in the letter from anon took place in odessa vet educator driven from classroom would not even allow retiring supt to speak at graduation. HE DID. If any had done any research in the oa they could have seen this comming

  7. Just for the record a superintendent at any level does not have to hold a certification, but a site administrator does. So please look into this.

  8. Where are the governing board members in all of this? We have heard from Mr. Stegeman. Don’t you think it is time to hear from the entire board? They have to account for the accusations stated by the administrators, after all they are the ones who hired HT Sanchez.

    • I Believe I Will Write the Book ” Death of a Principal”…… Only the Names will be Changed to Protect the INNOCENT…..That is All !

  9. The whitch hunt is on… What happened to the directornof Culterally Relavent Pedagogy? The position seems to be open. Did HT think he was part of the “Secret Administrators Society” and get rid of him? Sal where are you?

  10. Awwww, the irony… Come out from the Anonymity and identify yourselves… You can not be taken seriously under that anonymous auspices… As a former teacher of Mexican American Department, my colleagues and I took on the State of Arizona and the even more lethal Pedicone-Stegemen-career-character assassins and stood up to their intimidation and retaliations… We stood by our students who’s educational sovereignty was being attacked by these political hacks and continue to struggle for their educational rights… Therefore, come out of the dark and stand by the beautiful children you are privileged to serve… If you have the courage to say what you have stated, stand by your words and your students…

    Respectfully, jose gonzalez

  11. The district claims they don’t keep emails longer than 30 days but they have access to anyone’s email at any time, even after you leave. After certain people leave they preserve the emails for “posterity”. Then there are those who abuse the system and call up HTs boy in TS (the one hired without having an education even though it was a requirement of the job) and request someone’s emails. They do it all the time. It’s their way of monitoring what is being said.

    Those of you who doubt this have never worked for the District. Its poorly run with no oversight. They make arbitrary decisions based on personal reasons. As the case with Sam Brown. He was moved out of deseg so he could be babysat by the two inept school attorneys. Tolleson and Woll are about as as clueless as it comes when understanding deseg and state and federal school law. Wonder how many times Sam Browns email has been reviewed?

    There is no help to fixing a broken and corrupt system. The teachers are doing their best but with the current administration in place there’s little hope for a brighter future.

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