MAS teachers yelled at by NAME organizer and TUSD principal (VIDEO)

The man yelling in the video above is the new principal of Pueblo High School who in a professional setting as a TUSD representative at a national conference demonstrates how all his teenage students can act when talking to teachers. Don’t worry, he can’t be fired, even by HT Sanchez because he has powerful connections to a majority of the TUSD board.

At the national conference of the NAME conference, held at El Conquistador Hotel because apparently they don’t see the irony, the local president of NAME and organizer of the conference exhibited violent behavior toward the MAS teachers, including one who is now teaching the “culturally relevant” courses that Augustine Romero created.

TUSD representative and NAME organizer yelling at MAS teachers at a national conference.

TUSD representative and NAME organizer yelling at MAS teachers at a national conference.

This would be the second angry outburst (and not the last) by the Principal of Pueblo High School, one of the schools that is now getting full-time police despite the fact that a constant police presence increases the chances of death, especially at the hands of those very people tasked to “serve and protect” but who have hand-me-down weaponry from old wars.

This second outburst was also during a conversation that never included him, the first one being between this blogger a the board president, and now this one between two former MAS teachers who are involved in the new watered-down and white-washed “culturally relevant” classes that former superintendent John Pedicone, the man who banned MAS and books by Latino authors, paid Augustine Romero a huge salary to create.

What more informative dialogue could there be than with two teachers who taught the old classes and who teach the new ones?

But this conversation did not involve Dr. Romero, who sets a great example for all the kids at Pueblo high school by interjecting angrily and yelling at an MAS teacher currently teaching at Tucson High School at a national conference! All the student has to do is show this video to the principal as evidence that there are no consequences for this kind of behavior.

So much for all that love and respect that this same person claimed he was about in the movie Precious Knowledge. It seems he was always polite to the white supremacists banning MAS, but when it comes to the MAS teachers, themselves victims of hate and racism for many years now in Arizona, Auggie Romero joins the state in attacking these same maestros and proving that even at a NAME conference there is no refuge for teachers of multicultural education in TUSD.

In Lak Ech…

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