TUSD Principal escorted out of NAME national conference after violent behavior (VIDEO)

According to the code of conduct that the TUSD board has established, its principals must:

  • Maintain courteous and professional relationships with pupils, parents/guardians, other employees of the district and all patrons of the District.
  • Refrain from conduct or speech that violates commonly accepted standards of the District and that, under present circumstances, has no redeeming social value.
  • Employees shall not use language which is offensive or profane.
  • Employee must not intimidate, threaten, coerce or abuse, either physically or mentally, another employee, patron or student.

Over the past week, the Principal of Pueblo High School, Augustine Romero, violated each of these regulations.

TUSD Principal Auggie Romero being held back after trying to fight a parent of two TUSD students at a national conference.

TUSD Principal Auggie Romero being held back after trying to fight a parent of two TUSD students at a national conference.

Speaking to a parent of two children in TUSD, the TUSD Principal was very unprofessional and used profanity, yelled at teachers in an abusive manner, and almost got into a fight before being escorted out of a national conference (NAME) that he was in charge of organizing.

For these violations nothing will happen to the Principal since he is in training to be the next superintendent of TUSD. Despite the fact that if any of his students talked to teachers the way he did they would be suspended, power protects power and some people are above the law.

In January 2012, the Mexican American Studies program was banned in TUSD. A few weeks later Augustine Romero wrote an editorial to the Arizona Daily Star vowing never to compromise since the MAS program was innocent. In just a few weeks he would be offered a highly paid position to do just that, working with white supremacists to whitewash the MAS curriculum to appease their racist censorship. He still defends his actions to this day as you can see in the video above.

Meanwhile the MAS teachers continue to be vilified for standing up for what is right, and now that vilification is coming from the vendido himself, Auggie Romero.

Earlier this year Romero published a book about the MAS program. He failed to include even one MAS teacher in the book and yet took credit for all their work as if it were his own. Despite this clear fraud, the NAME head honchos still kept him in charge of organizing the Tucson conference and even let him spread his fraud at a session where he spread lies such as claiming to be the founder of MAS when in fact he was an intern for John McCain when the program was being founded in the 1990s.

Never listening to the local community, the NAME organizers allowed the TUSD superintendent to speak at the conference at the same time that the MAS teachers spoke, thus ensuring he would not learn anything about the program he keeps banned by learning from the teachers themselves.

But what do you expect when a conference on decolonization in education is held at the Valley of Gold at El Conquistador Resort?

There was an uproar over this scheduling conflict, which had to be intentional due to Auggie Romero, so the conference decided to set aside a room so that the teachers and the superintendent could share their ideas together. This would turn out to be a disaster.

First of all, there was no moderator and there was confusion about which room this would take place in, since the room they mentioned was already booked for something else. Then the TUSD superintendent left like a coward after just hearing one teacher speak about the continued racism in TUSD.

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In hindsight we notice that the discussions were between the board president or the teachers, never addressed to Auggie, yet he had to be metiche. He always violently interrupted the women speaking more than once to tell them that they are wrong and then proceed yelling while standing at the seated teachers.

He cussed multiple times. His hands were waving and he was angry, speaking loudly and yelling at everyone. Then he tried to start a fight and had to be escorted out.

In attendance at this conference were my two kids, aged 18 months and 6 years old. Also in attendance were grandparents of TUSD children, and yet this is how the host of the NAME conference acted to members of our community, our familias?

Augustine Romero has also admitted to blacklisting MAS teachers such as Sean Arce, and is trying to derail his Ph.D. dissertation. Is this the kind of leader NAME chooses, the kind that kisses the ass of white supremacists yet yells at his own raza and tries to prevent Latino educators from getting their doctorate?

Apparently so. They gave Romero an award at a their banquet later that evening, even after all these events had gone down.

Even though this abuse was witnessed by the board president, she has made threats to the teachers involved, telling them there will be consequences for calling out her loyal doggy Auggie. None of them will get a chance to be the next director for the culturally relevant classes, some may not get their teaching contracts renewed, and even this blogger who was simply videorecording was yelled at.

When I said that this was horrible behavior for a school principal who is setting a bad example with his violent behavior, the board president responded childishly that I need to be a better example, ignoring the fact that had the principal in question had instead been a white Republican yelling at her Latino teachers and trying to fight with parents she probably would have fired him on the spot.

Is there a problem in TUSD? Was the ban on MAS just an illusion as Auggie mentions? Does the state really have no power as Auggie says even though it makes Adelita Grijalva’s excuses into lies?

Auggie claims that MAS is back and says it doesn’t matter that we can’t call the program Mexican American, saying that name does not matter… at a NAME conference… apparently identity is not important in education and censorship is acceptable?

Is it okay to just violently interrupt women that are speaking to go on angry tirades that includes profanity… at a national conference as a TUSD representative?

Teachers and parents yelled at and then threatened with physical violence by Auggie Romero. Is this kind of behavior acceptable by HT Sanchez and his TUSD board?

I will be vilified for even asking these questions. Heck my own job may be threatened because of the powerful connections that Auggie and Adelita have. But video doesn’t lie, and you can judge for yourself what kind of principal TUSD promotes and protects for power.

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  1. This is Xicano history. Nice job ThreeSonorans! Your dedication to this struggle is ensuring the the whole picture (literally) is being shown.

  2. Wow! It is so hard to watch how a colonized mind works. Romero has provided this white supremacist system everything they want… a brown person who says us brown folks are crazy, unintelligent, etc. AND a brown person who doesn’t know how to “control themselves.” DAMN! Wake up Romero… tu eres el pendejo si tu crees que los gringos ten van a cuidar! Siempre andan buscando el momento cuando jamas te necesitan!

  3. Will Pueblo High School Principal be held accountable for this outburst while representing TUSD at a national conference? It will be interesting to see what TUSD does. What if a student at Pueblo acted like that? Their Principal is setting a poor example nd needs to be removed.

  4. I wondered why this story was released in bits – why the story was first released with a 37 second piece of video taken out of a much longer video. I can’t believe I have to get the full story from the Arizona Daily Star of all places. You have made not one mention of the comment by Arce. It is buried in the middle of the long video. I would like to ask you how you would have responded to such a comment – being called a “vato” and told you were selling everyone out. Would your voice have been raised? I also object to your edit of the video with the insert of the theater scence. I would have preferred to see the video in its entirety without your editorial comment in the middle. I am now left wondering if you edited anything out. Is anything missing? Why is the video cut right at that second? Your website sometimes provides a a very valuable perspective on issues in TUSD. In fact, it is the only source of news sometimes. However, you lose a lot of credibility because you often use your website to settle personal scores and to blatantly try to shape public opinion. MAS is a very valuable addition to education but you often exemplify what is sometimes a weakness of that curriculum – the lack of a true critical perspective – one that takes all sides of an issue into account. This entire account of Dr. Romero’s actions seems personal to me. It appears as if you are trying to settle an old score. Even your presentation of the issue with the most unflattering picture you can find of Dr. Romero off the video and presenting it in a square of four pictures is straight out of the practices of sensationalistic journalistic practices. My objection is you often present information such as this as “news” and not the personal politics that it is. I would also like to ask you what good is going to come out of all of this? It is infighting among MAS supporters that will do nothing but bring the limited power the state has down. It plays right into the hands of the state.

  5. A 90 minute (approx) video HAS been posted and was the first one shared by Tres. The Vato is a sell-out and his body language throughout has been defensive and AR’s disrespect evident throughout the meeting. What you fail to understand is that “the theater” was EXACTLY what Auggie represents. His betrayal of our respected MAS Educators over the years is shameful. His soul is dark and guilt ridden. His outburst is an attempt to convince himself he is right. Everyone is watching him, his masters can’t control him. He can’t control himself.

  6. Those who plot against social justice movements need to find a person that is willing to collaborate, a hired gun. This is a historic fact. Also, those who keep true to the movement will be attacked and black listed. You can determine who is on the right side of history by following the personal rewards and punishments handed out by those in power. The sacrifices made and the impact this has on one’s family is hardly acknowledged. It’s sad to hear someone allege that Sean sold out his family considering the fact that people in power, with malicious intent, are making it hard for Sean to move his career forward and take care of his family. I put my trust on the one who is outside of the house, punished for his courage to stand up against oppression.

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