TUSD Whistleblowers: What do HT Sanchez and Donald Trump have in common?

To: 11th Open Letter to the Community
From:  Whistleblowers- Comprised of Extremely Concerned TUSD Administrators, Teachers, and Parents
Subject: HT Sanchez’ Anonymous Whistleblowers in Texas

H.T. Sanchez and his continued leadership lessons of Attila the Hun

We just discovered that an anonymous group of whistleblowers was formed in H.T. Sanchez’ former school district- Ector County Unified School District, in Texas for similar reasons as those used in forming our group.  Read more below.

What do H.T. Sanchez, Chris Christy and Donald Trump have in common? A trail of: Shade, shade and more shade; greed, greed, and more greed; lies, lies, and more lies. All have a case of narcissism on steroids.  Each will retaliate against anyone who disagrees with them or intimidates them. All exemplify Attila the Hunn attributes. Given popular opinion: New Jersey is in worse shape than it was when Christy took over as Governor. Trump is damaging the Republican Party. TUSD is on a tremendous downward spiral.  In other words- each man has poisoned the environment they are in.

Trump paid actors to attend his presidential launch; during which he put his racist foot in his mouth and then steadfastly back-peddled, without apology, explaining that what he said is not what he said (even though it is on video). Christy has been tagged as a pathological liar by Tom Moran, of the Star-Ledger Editorial Board, who has followed Christy for fourteen years. Anyone with any level of intelligence knows he was behind the George Washington Bridge lane closure. Guilt is sometimes blatant.


Those in Ector County, Texas who got to know H.T. Sanchez the best, as well as many of us here in Tucson, know that Sanchez is nothing more than a strategic opportunist who will do whatever he has to for his own personal and professional gain. Sanchez may be small potatoes compared to Christy and Trump- but he shares the same personality flaws and is as hollow as they are in any level of integrity. It is important to keep Sleazy Sanchez’ corrupt tactics in view. It is as important to highlight that the three Sanchez devotee-Board members, Cam Juarez, Krystal Foster and Adelita Grijalva, have lost all ability to direct, supervise and evaluate Sanchez. He self-evaluated himself at a 100% performance level and all they were capable of was more sideline cheering. They have no more command over Sanchez or Board policy and its implementation than Little Red Riding Hood had over the Big Bad Wolf.

We are still reeling from the $300,000 salary/benefit package that was wrapped up for Shady-Sanchez to “keep” him as the TUSD Superintendent. Juarez, Foster and Grijalva could not risk the slightest possibility of having to go through a selection process to replace him. They know that the community would insist on transparency and would not tolerate anything similar to what took place in selecting Single-shot-Sanchez from a finalist pool of one. It is worth repeating that Sanchez had only 4 limited months as an interim-superintendent when he was hired. In less than two years he has become the highest paid superintendent in Arizona and one of the highest paid in the entire country. As a rookie he seems to have fooled three very irresponsible and shameless Board members.   We knew that he would do one, of only a few,  theatrical options in dealing with his performance pay and bonus (both undeserved) and we had guessed that one would be to “give it” away. As the controversy over his salary/benefit and contract extension went viral, he did “gift” his bonus and performance pay and he made it a point to say that the recipients would get the remaining dollars after taxes were deducted.

The Board could have taken the full amount for both the bonus and performance pay, without taxation and allocated it directly to student focused services. Instead, the money was used as a “good-guy” campaign to offset the outrage over Shifty-Sanchez’ extended contract and ridiculous salary/benefits increase.  The three minions continue to think that community members are stupid and are incapable of seeing right through these policy/administrative shams.

It is obvious that open meeting law violations took place in working up the contract/salary deal for Sanchez and whether or not anyone files a complaint with the Arizona Attorney General is almost irrelevant since the prevailing opinion is that Sanchez, Juarez, Foster and Grijalva commonly violate open meeting law. (Do not get us wrong; we would love it if someone did file a complaint and would love it more if the traces of violation were found). Guilt is sometimes blatant.

While the three minions talk a lot about “stability” in TUSD, the turn-over rate in TUSD is the highest it has ever been- experienced administrators cannot get out fast enough; especially if Sanchez and his deputy hassle them. Paying a superintendent $300,000 a year has nothing to do with stability. If anything; it is symptomatic of just how UNstable TUSD is right now.

Blazing Trail of Retaliation

We know that both Christy and Trump have histories which would more than suggest that they are retaliatory bullies. Sanctimonious-Sanchez has nothing over on them. As mentioned, he has had the highest turn-over rate within a two year period of any superintendent in any decade that can be remembered by any TUSD living historian. With great pride, he brags that he got rid of the “bad” ones.  Really? Was any due process involved in getting rid of the “bad” ones?  He also takes full claim for losing the “good” ones, bragging, that as members of HIS administration, of course, they were sought after by other school districts, as if HE was the attraction. Not true. Most administrators who have departed- left to get away from a ruthless rookie superintendent who is known to manage through intimidation and innuendo. They did not want to be associated with his unethical ways. (Sanchez initiates and perpetuates personal rumors as a means to discredit former administrators. He thinks nothing of fabricating rumors about sexual affairs simply to distract us from paying attention to his managerial mishaps.) For a subordinate who spends such an abundant amount of time with Krystal Foster, one of his three aficionadas, (in all communication & meeting forms), he should be careful about starting such rumors.

He has also repeatedly criticized former Superintendents Pedicone and Fagan, practically stating that they were incompetent. Two years into the job and he is still blaming them. He builds himself up by tearing others down. He makes excuses for the lack of progress in TUSD by blaming former superintendents and high level administrators. His biggest blame-game is the desegregation case; the special master, the plaintiffs and the court. He thinks nothing of dishing out personal attacks on those most involved in the case. The Board majority accept and, in fact, applaud his scape-goat tactics and horrendous unprofessionalism. For awhile now, the nastiness has been mirrored. Sarcasm drips off of Sanchez, Grijalva, Juarez and Foster in an almost scripted and rehearsed presentation.

We know of individuals who have consulted with their attorneys about Sanchez’ defamation propensities, awaiting a continued pattern of libel prior to proceeding with legal action. Both personal suits against Sanchez and suits against TUSD are in the works.

Whistle While You Work

Cam Juarez, Krystal Foster and Adelita Grijalva could have done an in-depth background check when they were considering hiring Sanchez as Superintendent; after all, the hiring and evaluation of the Superintendent are primary Board functions. If they had spent any time at all in finding out about Sinister-Sanchez they would have easily unveiled his severe problems in the area of (lacking) leadership. For example a Facebook page entitled “Leadership Lessons from Attila the Hun” was posted by those who reported to

Sanchez while he served as Ector County Independent School District (ECISD) Chief of Staff. This would have been a RED flag which they could not have ignored!

https://www.facebook.com/ pages/Ecisd-Leadership- Lessons-from-Attila-the-Hun/ 317871441581895

We find the recently discovered Facebook page quite eerie and, yet, validating. Two distinct groups of administrators from two different school districts in two different states took it upon themselves to expose Sanchez (as Whistleblowers) for the leader-less and retaliatory person that he is. This is quite incredible.What is more incredible is that Grijalva, Foster and Juarez failed to do their job in looking into Sneaky-Sanchez’ background.  OR, perhaps they decided to ignore any of the dozens of negative facts they discovered.  What we know is that WHERE Sanchez works, whistleblowers rise to the occasion, making effort to expose him for what he is.

Additionally, not all ECISC Governing Board members were contacted during the selection process to provide reference information about their less than 4 month interim-superintendent. Some would not have had favorable comments about the Self-righteous-Sanchez. Many within Ector County claim that Sanchez gained his interim-superintendent position by back-stabbing HIS superintendent. Sanchez was taking rumor-filled reports to Board members about his boss on an ongoing basis. Sanchez sabotaged Superintendent, Hector Mendez.  Sabotaging-Sanchez’ management practices are crude and hit below the belt. Facts are meaningless to him; it is only what benefits him that counts. Had Juarez, Foster or Grijalva bothered to have done an in-depth check into Sanchez’ background they would have discovered that he was (and is) a light-weight in the leadership arena and that he is not regarded as ethical or fair.

Hokus Pokus Community Involvement

Similar to Trump paying actors to attend his Presidential launch, Sanchez filled up lots of space at his Strategic Planning Meetings with many of us who were ordered to attend the meetings (TUSD administrators and teachers). It was obvious that the whole affair was nothing but smoke and mirrors. He keeps attempting to hypnotize people into believing that the Strategic Planning process was owned by the community; which is a total lie and sham. There were always more TUSD employees at each of the meetings than community members. Last October when the Plan was voted on by the Board, Sanchez and his schleps were in a panic; afraid of not having enough participants fill the meeting room. All newly hired teachers were directed to attend the meeting. Administrators were directed to attend and of course, all of 1010 was in attendance.  Throughout the entire process, there were less than a dozen community participants who attended every meeting; many original attendees fled and were never asked why.

(Article continued below)

Sanchez’ “loyals” facilitated every process and when they did not agree with a community member’s input; the input simply was not documented. Why is this important, since the Self-satisfied-Sanchez- Strategic Plan has now been in place since last fall? Because it exemplifies the way that Sanchez manipulates so called “in-put” processes for his sole gain and his grueling effort get one over on the community. It is HIS Strategic Plan upon which he evaluated himself. How absurdly convenient and self-serving!

Sanchez speaks about HIS strategic plan all of the time, as though he is Moses speaking about the Ten Commandments. At least Moses had legitimate input; Sinning-Sanchez did not.  This leads us into the next topic.

Another Slimy-Sanchez Illegitimate “Ownership” Process Is Birthed

As we all know, the Fruchthendler/Sabino (F/S) Plan to add 6th grade to Fruchthendler and to include 7th and 8th grades at Sabino, which was approved by the Board but was rejected by the court. The F/S Plan was rejected by the court. We have read the court order and it is pretty clear to us that the federal judge used the order to spoon-feed the District exactly what they need to do if they plan to resubmit the initiative for approval once again.

Seething-Sanchez was furious with the court ruling and has said that he plans to slam the plaintiffs in the desegregation case; no matter what it takes. He said that ‘he is a better chess player than any of the parties in the desegregation case and that he plans to annihilate them.’ This is a guy who publically says how much he and his team collaborate with the plaintiffs and Special Master. He wears hypocrisy like he wears his boots.

His new scheme for Fruchthendler and Sabino is to “throw in” some other schools into the mix in order to distract the court from the two schools which are really at the crux of his plot. He is using Collier and Drachman as bate for the plaintiffs and will finally “allow” the schools  to change their grade configuration to get what he truly wants. Smug-Sanchez’ plot includes having each principal “get” two parents from their school to buy the deal and then sell the deal to the Board (and court). He thinks he can fool the Board, schools and the plaintiffs. Remember, his daughter attends Fruchthendler and Mary Ann Sanchez, his wife, has become a fixture at the school, so his “stuff” with Fruchthendler is very personal.

Since the Fruchthendler/Sabino Plan that was rejected by the court included an “honors pathway” (an exclusive east side model), we just do not know  how Scheming-Sanchez will remedy the exclusivity problem which was exposed to the court by the plaintiffs, especially since he has never shown any interest in remedying anything having to do with desegregation.  We are dumbfounded at how the Sabino was granted permission and funding to start reconstruction for the addition of 7th and 8th grade, since the court rejected the District’s plan!

Sanchez and Two 1010ers Travel to Washington D.C. to Discuss TUSD Student Discipline

Sanchez’ self-bragging has informed us that he was “invited by President Obama” to attend an event in Washington D.C. (No, the President did NOT actually invite him!) He and Julie Tolleson, Chief Legal Counsel will undoubtedly stretch the truth or flat out lie at the event. They will report how great TUSD is doing in implementing the discipline section of the USP, which is a great distance from the truth.  For starters, will they tell the Whitehouse, the presenters and guests at the event that the TUSD Guidelines for Student Rights and Responsibilities (GSRR) for SY2015-2016 will not be ready to provide to students and parents when school starts, which makes it impossible for students and parents to know their rights and responsibilities? Of course not. Omissions sometimes are lies.

  • Question: Who in TUSD administers discipline? Answer: Site Administrators and Teachers
  • Question: Who has complained about the requirements for discipline under the court order? Answer: HT Sanchez.
  • Question: Who will take credit at the Whitehouse for the policies that have been put in place as required by the Unitary Status Plan? Answer: H. T. Sanchez; the one who has complained the loudest about the USP.
  • Question: What does H. T. stand for? Answer: Hypocritical & Two-faced

For two suffering years site administrators and teachers have asked Sanchez to provide clarification on the discipline requirements. In response, we were provided with intranet training and were required to verify that we actually went through the electronic training. Within the last few months we have received improved training, but Sam Brown and Charlotte Brown are often contradicted by Eugene Butler on key discipline policy, thus, there remains confusion over discipline implementation.

Mindlessly Modifying the PACE Program

PACE is one of TUSD’s treasures; it is recognized as one of the best pre-school programs. So, of course, Sanchez sets out to tamper with it with the excuse of needing to have a more inclusive Project ABLE Program. This however, was being driven by Grijalva and Juarez- based on their own personal experience as former pre-school parents. They have NO expertise in early childhood education.  Unfortunately, almost like everything else he does, Sanchez did not include the critical stakeholders in the planning. The early childhood education staff (management, teachers, etc.) and parents have not been included in the planning that has taken place up through mid-July. It was NOT INCLUSIVE. (School starts soon.) Parents, grandparents, management and community members have let their voices be heard and while they support the idea of inclusion, they know that implementing a half-baked plan would result in a collapsed cake. Not wanting more egg on his highly paid face, Sanchez has slowed down the process. Everyone should recognize that it is only because external voices began to get public exposure.

Credible Evaluation of Teachers

Within our Whistleblower group, comprised of site administrators, teachers, parents and a few research volunteers, we agree that the current teacher evaluation process is a sham. School administrators work hard to hold teachers accountable, with little support from central administration. The biggest hurdle is the legal office. No matter how much documentation an administrator may have on a teacher who is performing poorly; it is never enough and we are made to feel that it is simply too much trouble to go forward with any action. There is also political interference. If a union (TEA) “darling” is being held accountable in a way that they do not like or has been written up for something such as sexual harassment, central administration has often intervened and rescued the poor performer. Site administrators have dozen of stories of how our jobs are stymied by central administration and the legal department.

The manner in which poor performing teachers are constantly rescued for political reasons or legal laziness is an insult to good teachers. Every teacher, in every school knows who the bad apples are in their building and they begrudge the fact that the system tolerates their inadequacy.

Teachers who are put on improvement plans get very little help from 1010, which results in little improvement. Principals need to run their schools and it is impossible to provide the support that is needed for teachers on improvement plans. Once upon a time 1010 had administrators who truly supported the schools and their staffs. Teachers were provided with the tools needed to do their jobs. Teachers who were placed on an improvement plan were coached, supported and mentored by central administrators whose goal it was to have all teachers succeed. The current administration has left both principals and teachers hanging out to dry-without the necessary support. The teacher evaluation issue is just one of hundreds of issues that we are left to deal with on our own!

The Special Master has recently recommended that in addition to a building administrator, another neutral evaluator be involved in evaluating teachers. At a recent Board meeting Slithering-Sanchez addressed the issue by insulting the Special Master and insisting that the Special Master meet with union leaders. Of course it is ridiculous to even suggest that the Special Master negotiate with TEA.  Everyone in our group agrees that if site administrators were truly allowed to evaluate teachers the Special Master’s recommendation would not play well. But in TUSD, having an external co-evaluator to also evaluate teachers may be part of the chemotherapy that is needed to get rid of the 1010 cancer that permeates the teacher evaluation process (as well as other vital processes).

Teachers; Get Freed from Freed!

Most anyone who lives in Tucson and is associated in anyway with TUSD is furious about Sanchez’ extended contract and outrageous salary. But not TEA! The TEA leadership has totally sold-out its membership. Recently Jason Freed was interviewed on KGUN 9 News about TEA’s response to the lucrative contract.  Freed said, “The feeling from the number of teachers and support staff I’ve talked to is that our district is going in an improved direction.”  He is totally out of touch with teachers and support staff! He is an embarrassment to the profession and to the true concept of a union.

https:// arizonadailyindependent.com/ 2015/07/17/tusd-teachers- surprised-by-unions-sanchez- statements/

We implore anyone who still is paying dues to withdraw your TEA membership; free yourself from Freed and those who surround him. They have sold out to Sanchez and as we have mentioned in previous letters, next only to the three minions, they cheer on Sanchez, applaud him, give him accolades and seem to serve as his public relations team. TEA is not about teachers; it is about the dozen or so “leaders” who have allowed the organization to fall flat due to their self-serving interests. They lobby for themselves. The following speaks for itself. It was extracted from the Board minutes of May 19, 2015 on item 3; Superintendent’s Report. “Dr. Sanchez also announced this is the last meeting Frances Banales will be attending as TEA President. He thanked her for her leadership and asked her to the podium. Ms. Banales thanked Board and district leadership for their collaboration and shared a Power Point presentation highlighting TEA?TUSD accomplishments over the past two years. Dr. Sanchez also introduced the new TEA President, Jason Freed. Mr. Freed briefly addressed the Board indicating he looks forward to continued relationship between TEA and TUSD.”

Remember TUSD Board Member Terms END

The terms for Krystal Foster and Cam Juarez end in 2016 UNLESS they are re-elected.  Justifiably, their terms should end or they should be recalled; sooner than later.

We just learned  that there is a recall effort underway, so, perhaps with some real community effort the three minions- Grijalva, Foster and Juarez will be recalled.

http://www.scrippsmedia.com/ kgun9/news/Effort-to-recall- three-TUSD-board-members- underway-318230671.html

Thank YOU!

Our previous letters are easily found in Three Sonorans. We thank TS for including every letter we have written in their blog.  We also appreciate the Arizona Daily Independent and the Tucson Weekly for including some of our letters and/or referencing our letters in their coverage of TUSD. The media has our permission to reprint our letter.

13 comments on “TUSD Whistleblowers: What do HT Sanchez and Donald Trump have in common?
  1. This anonymous group is a tremendous inspiration. They keep exposing Sanchez and the Board majority for all of their corruption and ineptness. I love my work at TUSD and have almost been driven to leave- based on Sanchez’ saturation of evil throughout the district. The comparison between him and the other “evils” mentioned in the letter is right on target. Even though I was offered a job with another local district, I decided to remain with TUSD and be more resistant to the 1010 manure. It is obvious that he is making every effort to push older and significantly experienced site administrators out the door so he can bring in young inexperienced and impressionable administrators. I fall right in the middle and have been mentored by some great administrators who Sanchez has treated like crap. He is doing it only to ensure that he can manipulate his young hires. He is an ego maniac.The consequences are tragic. We have a rookie supt. -leading rookie site administrators who believe much of what he says- which are mostly lies.

    As for the Board majority; they need to go. I hope the recall effort is a success.

    I know for a fact that the information about Sabino in the letter is accurate. They are moving forward without court approval.

  2. I am so disgusted with Sanchez and with his pocketed board members. They are ruining TUSD faster than it can be comprehended or reported. It is exactly times like these that teachers need strong union representation. Instead, we have the likes of Freed and Banales who act so indebted to HT and Adelita. I no longer belong to TEA and I have suggested to all of my peers that still belong- to get out. For HT to “present” Banales and Freed under his supt.’s report just shows how cozy they all have gotten. In order for unions to function properly, union leadership does not get up and compliment management for 15 minutes.

    I have worked on many campaigns and know what it takes to get petition signatures. On the recall effort- Brian Sauber needs 20 people to get 1000 signatures each because he will need signature buffer of at least 500-600 signatures to make up for the names that are thrown off the petitions. Or he could get 40 people to get 500 signatures; starting now. They need to be at every function- standing on public property with signs about HT’s $300,000 yearly salary. It is very doable!

    There are no boundaries with HT and his minions. I saw Krystal Foster at the movies with Desiree Cueto. They are obvious friends. Since when is it OK for board members to fraternize with administrators? Did she vote on Cueto’s appointment? She really should not be voting on anything concerning administrators with whom she hangs. And it is true, she and HT are like peas in a pod at every event. She is right next up to him at his elbow. Pretty disgusting. For what it is worth, the rumors about the two of them started months ago. Too many people have seen her swoon over HT and have heard her drooling as she doles out one compliment after another to HT. If they are engaged in anything but a professional relationship, she should not have voted on HT’s contract and enormous salary increase. From all that it is seen; their relationship is anything but professionals. She takes women back 40 years; as my mom would say. She and Adelita are far from being role models for young female teachers. Of course, sometimes one learns what they do NOT want to be like from women the likes of Foster and Grijalva.

    The Anonymous letter writers are awesome. I hope they will continue their work. It is very much appreciated.

  3. I am glade to see another letter from the whistle blowers , you are doing a great job, keep it up. I want you to know that I have filed a complaint with the AG’s office The board is under investigation, by the phoenix office. I have also filed a complaint about Grijalva’s campaign finance reports , the county attorney has that now. I am running a recall , it is a huge effort and I need help, many supporters have contacted me , but I need more. I will be at the wilmont library Saturdaythe 25th from 9:00 to 11:00 come out and talk to me , I will have some of the petitions ready to sign , come join me , I am already under attack by Foster , but we can show these arrogant people that we are their bosses , help me fire all four of these people, contact me at bsauber8@hotmail.com

    • I am chairman of the recall effort , I have been told of a lot of illegal issues with TUSD. I would love to hear about this fraud, and if you have any evidence I will not let it go. Please contact me at bsauber8@hotmail.com

  4. The anonymous group keeps exposing the ugly workings of Sanchez and his three puppets. I did not think they would last- but they have and seem to have gotten better and better each time. I think the information is essential but I also like the fact that they put some humor into their messages. I have heard Sanchez and the three hypocritical Democrats constantly complain about the USP. I have read the USP and see that everything in it would help our students. The four of them have done nothing for Latino kids! I am west side teacher and see that our schools are the ones with the most substitutes and the ones with the least support. Sanchez’ loyalties are in his corner of the world- Sabino and Fruchthendler. It is as clear as day. A friend from Sabino told me that their principal is now calling out the plaintiffs in the desegregation case; mirroring Sanchez’ behavior. He actually wants the plaintiffs at the meetings to help churn out HIS plan and the Fruchthendler plan. That type of behavior would not have been tolerated by Pedicone, Fagan, Pfeiffer, Paz, Garcia or any other supt. At least they were all professionals. We have a classless superintendent who is modeling terrible behavior. While I am a Democrat, I hope that the three democrats on the Board are booted out. The letters have all been on target; Adelita, Krystal and Cam do not direct or supervise Sanchez. It is the tale wagging the dog!

    As for Krystal and her fraternizing- teachers talk about her behavior with Sanchez all of the time and many of us know that she cavorts with Desiree Cueto. She did vote for her appointment, which is not a conflict of interest violation. It is just plain unethical. That is the spirit of the District right now- totally unethical. Sanchez has made it all about himself.

    I dropped my TEA membership because it was clear that the union leadership does not know what the hell they are doing. Freed’s comment that the district is going in the right direction is ridiculous! In the many years I have taught in TUSD, it has never been this bad.

    I love teaching. I see that it is just getting more and more difficult. Last year I spent over $1000 on classroom supplies, including for things like Kleenex for kids with the sniffles and hand sanitizer to prevent the spread of sniffle germs. The District will not buy us basic school supplies; especially items like tissues. We are now asking parents to purchase more and more items for their child’s free and public education. Many of the parents whose children attend my school cannot purchase all of the items. Why should we have to embarrass parents or kids, when we should be providing basic supplies. The backpack donations that Sanchez keeps bragging about does not cut it! We need SUPPLIES.

    We got a raise of about $700, which still does not make up for the money I take out of my purse to support my teaching on a day to day basis. TEA is nuts, as are the Board majority to think that the pennies they threw our way was anything but scraps. Sanchez made out like a self-centered BANDIT and the Board assisted in his crime. Ultimately, they are robbing teachers and kids from what they need to teach and learn. This is the shame that plagues TUSD.

  5. Get rid of Cam Juarez. His unprofessionalism and the way he speaks to audience members and fellow board members is uncalled for and not needed.

  6. 20 reasons to dump the board majority as a means to get rid of a Runaway Rookie Sanchez.

    The reasons to rid TUSD of Sanchez and his pocketed board members; Krystal Foster, Cam Juarez, Adelita Grijalva are NUMEROUS. The list below just scratches the surface!
    1. There are three board members who do all that is recommended, suggested, asked for or otherwise promoted by Sanchez; without examination; without question; without consideration to the public they serve.
    2. Sanchez gave the board the ultimatum of hiring him as the single finalist in the selection process or he would bolt. We all know what they chose.
    3. The board stupidly took him up on the offer and selected a guy with 4 months experience in a pool of ONE finalist. They did not look into his background in Ector County.
    4. Sanchez gave his friend notice of a lucrative consulting contract in strategic planning right after he had been offered the job as supt. He was NOT admonished for his actions.
    5. Sanchez pushed forward approval on contracts that the board did not have in front of them and lied to them about the content of the contracts, which resulted in costly contracts and year round elementary principals, which was not deemed necessary until he became supt. He was NOT admonished for his actions
    6. Sanchez gave HIS legal counsel, Julie Tolleson, a $20,000 increase. She acts as though she is very much HIS personal legal counsel and the board majority allow it.
    7. Sanchez, without discretion, has twice given bonuses to central administration. He spends tax dollars as though there is no bottom to the pocket. Bonuses are a recent and expensive invention.
    8. The board did not evaluate Sanchez on either increasing student enrollment, improving achievement or implementing a federal court order.
    9. Cam has insulted members of the public who have addressed the board during call to the audience. He was not stopped by Board President Grijalva.
    10. Cam has exposed the fact that open meeting law violations took place in considering the contract extension and salary increase for Sanchez by revealing that he had received a draft of the contract via email. Stegeman had not seen the contract until the night it was approved by the board majority.
    11. The TUSD budget hides expenditures that should be transparent.
    12. Adelita hired her mother in law; voted on her appointment and never disclosed that there was a family tie.
    13. Desiree Cueto, obvious friend of Krystal Foster’s, was promoted into a position without Foster revealing their close relationship. Foster’s relationship with Sanchez is apparently too close for comfort.
    14. To date, Adelita has failed to file her paperwork with the campaign finance filing officer.
    15. The early childhood centers are loosing money, which has not been publically reported and whether they received a grant or not; Sanchez had promised that they would be self-sustaining. They are not.
    16. Use of public funds have been used to pay retirees for time not worked, after they leave the District.
    17. The dismantling of Title I programs and the shifting of Title I funds has infused dollars into schools that should not be supported by federal funding that is intended to be used on low poverty children.
    18. The federal court order is being undermined at every turn by the Sanchez administration and the Grijalva led board majority. Sanchez takes cheap shots in attacking the judge, the special master, the plaintiffs and their representatives.
    19. The new ERP system was promised to be in place by June 2015. Financial reports, as of June, are still run on the old system OR simply do not report what was promised.
    20. Sanchez is not being directed. Sanchez is not being held accountable.

  7. Grammar. Grammar. Grammar.

    1) the semicolon and commas are not the same thing.

    2) please reread your paragraph starting “Seething-Sanchez,” as with needs to be replaced with will.

  8. As a Sabino supporter- or at least former supporter- I am astonished by what the current administration has proposed in adding 7th and 8th grades to the school. It was a bad idea that was never vetted by the faculty, students, parents, community and much less the plaintiffs and court. I know many of the teachers at Sabino and none of them are in favor of having junior high students on a high school campus. But Matt Munger, Sabino Principal and Central Administration are hell bend on getting this thing done. If for no other reason- to beat the plaintiffs. They are now contemplating on how best to get “buy-ins” from all those who were snubbed during their initial failure to push their idea forward. They are even looking to “learn” how Maxwell sold their change in grade configuration to their community. And herein lies the problem! Maxwell began with their immediate stakeholders and gained approval by being TRUTHFULL in what was being proposed. They did not need to learn about the concept of stakeholder involvement and plot out how to beat the plaintiffs. Both Sabino and Fruchthendler have been totally dishonest in the plan they put forward, leaving out critical components of their elitist plan. At heart, the plan is creating an elitist honors pathway and everyone knows it. Munger wants to build an east side University High School” and not have to worry about integrating it. He has said as much. Enrollment is plummeting in TUSD for many reasons. At the top of the list right now is the dishonesty that has saturated the administration. They literally conspire and plot behind closed doors.

    I, like one of the above commenters noted, know for a fact that the remodeling to accommodate 7th and 8th grade was started and is being worked on right now at Sabino, even though the court rejected the District’s plan. This superintendent believes he is beyond all reproach- even the federal court. Until recently I did not give two hoots about the desegregation case but have come to realize the logic behind much of what is in the Unitary Status Plan. Whoever is monitoring the court order should make a trip out to Sabino right away.

    There are very sound educational and safety reasons not to mix 7th and 8th graders within a high school setting. But because this administration believes that enrollment will increase by making this change, it flies in the face of what is good for kids. H.T. Sanchez and Matt Munger have lost all relevant perspective. It is disgusting!


    Coordinator – Frances Banales
    Frances.Banales@tusd1.org 102 N. Plumer, 85719
    225-3205 fax: 225-3202

    Another very important reason not to belong to TEA right now – everything we had/have heard about how Frances Banales was in cahoots with TUSD administration is true. Banales promptly got her payback. An appointment at 1010. No other TEA president in recent history has done this. We cannot trust TEA. TEA cannot and should not be trusted. Jason Freed the new TEA president announced in the news how we, teachers, are just fine with ht’s 24 % raise and that we are giddy with excitement because of the direction that TUSD is headed. TEA has betrayed us.

  10. Agree with all said in the above post. What a payoff for Frances Banales! She has unethically earned every penny of her newly advanced position by applauding every dirty deed of Sanchez. For two years she has stood before the board and oozed out accolade after accolade about how wonderful HT is and has thanked him over and over again, very much like Adelita and Krystal. He has had his own groupie swooning over him. It is quite disgusting and not very liberated for women who are in positions of authority. Banales has done this with her TEA gang hovering all around her. Now Jason Freed has assumed the role of kissing HT’s tush. She and Freed throw plenty of compliments at the board majority. It is a disgusting display of the weakest of all teacher unions in the country. Teachers drop out of the union!

    HT convinced Banales to bless Adelita Grijalva as the single candidate that TEA would endorse during the last election. They agreed and the pay offs have come with an insulting salary increase in contrast to the shyster- Sanchez, who walked off with a $300,000 per year salary increase and now with a cushy administrative position for Banales from which she can comfortably retire. She is hardly the most qualified person for the job. She has been LAZY, immoral and ineffective as TEA president. Her MO will continue. It is beyond incredibly slimy. The useless union has probably agreed to support Cam Juarez and Krystal Foster when they run…AFTER they get recalled.

    TUSD is on the brink of destruction- financially and programmatically. Sanchez is leading each fatal step and being hailed as a hero by his board majority and his TEA. They are all in his pocket, along with $300,000 per year. It is collusion at every turn.

    The District is going backwards. The current superintendent runs the District like a dictator. He is NOT inclusive. He is not collaborative. He is not transparent. He is not ethical. He is a good old boy and in two years has returned to the days of cronyism and good old boy and girl favoritism. Skills and abilities are of no matter- it is favor for favor and blind loyalty to a corrupt public school dictator.

    Teachers who are union members need to get out. Your dues are going down the drain. Prior to her term ending as TEA president, a union member was told by Banales that HT does not like grievances and she talked the employee into dropping his grievance. If this does not say it all- well nothing will.

    As a teacher who believes that the profession is one to take pride in, I am outraged by what is happening.


    Today’s vocabulary list:

    [ ˈpāˌôf ]

    NOUN informal
    noun: pay-off · plural noun: pay-offs · noun: payoff · plural noun: payoffs · noun: pay-off · plural noun: pay-offs
    a payment made to someone, especially as a bribe or reward, or on leaving a job:
    “widespread rumors of payoffs and kickbacks in the party”
    synonyms: payment · payout · reward · bribe · inducement · incentive ·
    payola · kickback · sweetener

    [ ˈSHīstər ]

    NOUN informal
    noun: shyster · plural noun: shysters
    a person, especially a lawyer, who uses unscrupulous, fraudulent, or deceptive methods in business.

    [ ˈkrōnēˌizəm ]

    NOUN derogatory
    noun: cronyism · noun: croneyism
    the appointment of friends and associates to positions of authority, without proper regard to their qualifications.
    [ kəˈlo͞oZHən ]

    noun: collusion
    secret or illegal cooperation or conspiracy, especially in order to cheat or deceive others:
    “Sanchez and TEA, Cam, Krystal and Adelita were working in collusion”
    synonyms: conspiracy · connivance · complicity · intrigue · plotting ·
    secret understanding · collaboration · scheming
    Powered by OxfordDictionaries · © Oxford University Press

  11. Thank you for exposing this. Sounds like he was schooled by the Grijalvalistas…retaliation, corruption, and no real commitment to public service.

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