TSON News | Is it time for HT Sanchez to resign as TUSD Superintendent?

Is it time for HT Sanchez to resign as TUSD Superintendent?

To: The Tucson Community- 16th Open Letter
Whistleblowers– Comprised of Extremely Concerned TUSD Administrators, Teachers, and Parents

Subject:  HTHeinous Trickster- Sanchez

Is it time for HT to Resign from the Position of TUSD Superintendent?

We recently gathered our group to celebrate some very important actions that have taken place, while at the same time recuperating from some pretty horrible things that have occurred.

The reasons to celebrate: Woo Hoo!!!

ONE- A.: Mike Hicks Came Through & Delivered for TUSD Students and Magnet Schools- Woo Hoo!!!

Mike Hicks sent a letter to the US Federal Court that gave his account or “minority opinion” on what is happening with the magnet schools. Many of us felt that he was channeling information to the Judge straight from our magnet schools and we are grateful from the bottom of our “love-our-magnet-schools” hearts! We also want to thank the parents, teachers, staff, principals from the magnet schools who have obviously bend his ear (maybe even twisted his arm) and provided him with critical information. He has listened and more importantly, he has done something powerful about it. Read more at:




Many have gasped in surprise over what Hicks did because it was unexpected. Got to admit- we were right there alongside everyone else. But the real shock value is in the content of his letter and the clear exposure of the sleazy and corrupt campaign that HT Sanchez has connived and executed with Brian Flagg, Cesar Aguirre of Casa Maria Catholic Workers or the Bus Riders Union (or whatever political jag they are on at the moment), TEA Chief Jason Freed and his minions (A. Grijalva, C. Juarez, and K.Foster), along with their politicos.

The Heinous Trickster and his trio have tried to paint Hicks in a very negative light. HT shows total disrespect for Hicks as a school board member. Sanchez is insubordinate in the way that he treats both Hicks and Mark Stegeman (after all, they are his bosses). And Schoolmarm Krystal Foster has learned much of what she now knows from HT, who many say- and we agree- she swoons over. She is forever speaking down to Hicks as she pulls her “wanna-be” expertise out of her “educator” bag. She sees herself as a public education expert, which is delusional. The truth is, she is a language acquisition resource teacher who is known for fudging her work hours so that she can be with HT at TUSD functions while on a neighboring district’s payroll. Not cool. Her long lunches, late work arrivals and early work departures are noticed by everyone at Sunnyside, yet, she thinks that she is fooling them all.

Schoolmarm Foster is not a classroom teacher and she is not known for supporting classroom teachers in her district, much less students. Yet, she chimes in at every opportunity during our board members desperately attempting to impress those watching. Does she not get how stupid she sounds when she pops up with her shallow input? She has learned a trick or two (or maybe even three) from HT in the use of snide, sarcastic comments- directed at Stegeman and Hicks. She is a disgrace to the profession of teachers, to feminists, and to the position of a governing board member. (Krystal- please, let us “reiterate” for the love of God and TUSD, keep your limited “expertise” in your bag!)

And Cam. What can be said, except, poor Cam Juarez– foot in mouth almost every time it is open. His frisky debate with Dr. Stegeman last summer over HT’s contract (and raise) revealed that he (Cam) had received the contract via email when he scolded Stegeman for not reviewing it prior to the meeting because he had not read his email. Ooops! He accidentally exposed an open meeting law violation.  He goes along with whatever HT and Adelita direct, which gives him such a sense of importance.

It is time for HT to resign from the position of TUSD Superintendent?


TWO-A.: Adrian Vague-ah is Returning to Texas- Soon Nothing More than a Bad Memory- Woo Hoo!!!

In our last letter we said, “We expect that Adrian Vega will soon be history.” Our forecast was based not only insider information but on recent actions. (Yes, Sanchez, the leaks have not been plugged.) Since we started our letters, more under-ground information than ever is flowing, which is what happens when you gag-order people.) Adrian has NOT contributed anything tangible to show for his salary, his bonuses, and his presence. There are no creative programs, no added curriculum (over the last 6 months since Steve Holmes left), no improved relationships, no glimpse that he was actually here for two long years. There are, however, those who can speak of the terror he brought to many when he conducted one-on-one or group meetings.  His screams and insults will not soon be forgotten. His sexual behavior with female employees has left a haunting effect, since TUSD, as an institution, did nothing- absolutely nothing- in holding him accountable. This kind of run-away maniacal management is what happens when you, as the culprit, have your good friend, the Superintendent watching out for you (at least while it suited him).

Before Adrian was appointed to the next highest position in TUSD to Superintendent, HT should have disclosed that he and his buddy Adrian were not only Texan colleagues but that their families actually lived together for some time in Texas. Having been house-mates would have raised- or better said- should have raised concerns over the closeness of their relationship and the ethical conflict of interest that exists. Right now the Sanchez and Vega families live within the same Sabino neighborhood, but not for much longer. The split between them has been obvious.

HT has allowed Vague-ah to do very little but once Steve Holmes, the work horse, left- the void could not help but be noticed, although, it should not have taken Holmes’ departure to red-flag the vacuum. What a waste of space, funding and time!

Here is the “Vague-ah and HT hype” on Adrian’s departure: ‘Adrian could not pass up the opportunity….’ to sit as a superintendent in a school district.

Here are the facts: HT has recently told him to “step-up” and Adrian was not able to step-up so he stepped-OUT! The school district that he could not resist to go to has about 11,298 students and is comprised of 17 schools; 1 high school; 1 ninth grade academy; 3 middle schools and 4 alternative education schools, by name and description looking very much like prison prep schools. There is a boot camp, a detention camp, a gateway to graduation, and a redirection facility. This punitive philosophy in an educational setting that Adrian embraces which was shown when he came up with the idea of having a detention program in TUSD (DAEP) mirrored after the one from his and HT’s former school district. No creativity- just cut and paste. No prevention- just punishment!

Vague-ah’s new district sits in San Benito (a small town) which has 25,000 residents (smaller than the U of A student population). He barely squeezed by in getting approved for the position on a 4 to 3 vote. Obviously, three of them looked into his flakey-do nothing background and 4 of them didn’t. Desperation is the only sound we hear out of this move. Vague-ah’s move is not a step-up by any stretch of the imagination. He and HT are notorious for moving from position to position and from district to district- just before it is discovered that they are nothing but bullies with not much going on in terms of legitimate leadership skills.  With the three rubber-stamp-go-along-with-the sins-of-HT board members there has been ZERO accountability for either HT or Vague-ah.

Is it time for HT to resign from the position of TUSD Superintendent?


TWO B.- Adelita’s Grijalva’s One and Only Campaign Promise of Stability Has Been Shattered Many Times Over!  

We have said time and time again that this Superintendent has had the highest turn-over rate of any that we have been able to account for from our research. Remember, HT has been here 28 miserable months. This lack of stability and revolving-door leadership is unhealthy for an institution. TUSD is not only unhealthy- it is quite ill and in its leaders total denial about it.

Let us count just some of those who have fled the district in 28 months:

Top Administration Level: Adrian Vega (from Texas and hired by HT), Damon Jackson (from Texas and hired by HT), Steve Holmes (hired by HT), Yousef Awwad (promoted by HT), Martha Durkin, Teri Melendez, Jim Fish, Rene Cara, Maggie Shafer, Candy Egbert, etc.

Middle Management and Principals: Elizabeth Redondo, Jeffry St. Claire, Kathyrn Manley-Crocket, Rex Scott, Brenda Hanna, Shannon Roberts, Larry Haynes, Ignacio Ruiz, Pam Palmo, Lorrane McPherson, Dean Packard, and many, many more who retired only because of HT’s tyranny.

On top of those who have escaped, there are many who remain but who have been silenced through intimidation.

(Article continued below)

Dozens and dozens of our schools have new first year, second year principals without any specific orientation provided by HT and his leadership team (we use the term loosely) about their school, their school community and the expectations. Our group is comprised of some of these new site administrators and we can tell you, first hand, we were thrown into our jobs.

HT also has moved administrators around in ways that only make sense if you know that his only criteria for promotion is loyalty to him. If he questions anyone’s loyalty the person gets transferred or demoted and “supervised” micro-management style. Some examples: He had initially decided to move Ana Gallegos from her Title I Director position to Principal at Pueblo, but she screamed and hollered about not wanting to go to Pueblo. HT conceded, promoted her to Assistant Superintendent Elementary Leadership (a gigantic leap from principal or director- with a gigantic raise), which she took for her blind loyalty. Part of that loyalty was to look the other way while HT extracted Title I funding from schools so that he could reduce class size district-wide, which wound up causing a greater teacher shortage crisis than would have otherwise been the case.  Sam Brown was the Desegregation Director. He advocated too loudly for minority kids and was punished. Sanchez moved him “back” into the Legal Department, where Julie Tolleson (one of HT’s favored) can make sure that Sam never advocates for kids again. Then HT moved Martha Taylor into his desegregation position as executive director (a step up from Sam) on an interim basis. Martha had not one single nano second of experience in the area of desegregation. But, hell, what does that matter?  She then easily slithered into the permanent position. She takes orders well and knows how to say yes- a lot. This is what we call an independent thinker in the world of advanced education. NOT! And how in the world did Richard Foster go from a recruitment specialist and program coordinator (midlevel management) to interim assistant superintendent without ANY background to hold the job. Loyalty to HT Sanchez, that is how. Richard would kill for HT and HT knows it, thus, the title and the money to go with it. This means that no one is leading the path in the curriculum arena, once again. It also means that HT has totally dismissed the findings and recommendations from the Curriculum Audit. More waste! Then HT’s IT bud from Texas, Damon Jackson, left and HT had to find another loyal to take his place which wound up being Scott Morrison Chief Technology Officer on an interim basis which then turned into a permanent position.

Shout-out to Adelita Grijalva: What you have created through your negligence to supervise and lead is the opposite of stability; it is chaos being managed by a man who is overcompensating for his short-falls by distracting from his failures and constantly blaming others. Our TUSD has NEVER been in worse shape.

Is it time for HT to gracefully leave the position of TUSD Superintendent?


TWO C.: The Sanchez Team Have ALL Been Hired/Promoted by Him- There is NO Institutional History or Wisdom

So who is left to lead the way through the darkness that is now looming over TUSD? HT’s Leadership Team is weak, not well respected, and constantly in crisis mode.

So, here we go with the “top leaders” in TUSD- Julie Tolleson- Chief Legal Counsel (Sanchez hire- from Denver- no public school background). Karla Soto- Chief Financial Officer (Sanchez promotion- took place of Yousef Awwad upon his departure; she came from Nogales Public Schools); Richard Foster-Interim Assistant Superintendent Curriculum & Instruction (Sanchez promotion- see above); Ana Gallegos- Assistant Superintendent Elementary Leadership (Sanchez promotion- see above); Eugene Butler, Jr. –Assistant Superintendent Student Support Services- (Sanchez promotion. Remember he did not have the required certification when he was promoted);  Stuart Duncan, Chief Operations Officer- (Sanchez hire); Anna Maiden- Chief Human Resources Officer (Sanchez hire); Scott Morrison- Chief Technology Officer (Sanchez hire and promotion); Abel Morado is a retired TUSD administrator contracted as Assistant Superintendent of Secondary Leadership with a history of being a company/”yes” man- and not a leader.) Stefanie Boe- Director Communications (Sanchez hire); and Adrian Vega -Deputy Superintendent (Sanchez hire) and galloping back to Texas.

Within TWO years, ALL- yes, we said, ALL of the individuals above have replaced top level experienced administrators who have left for one reason or another (Sanchez) (we are not counting the contracted individual since he is not a TUSD employee).The Sanchez crew are rookies to top level administration; many are learning on the job and are in over their heads. We basically have rookies running the largest school district in Tucson, along with one non-TUSD contracted individual.

It is time for HT to resign from the position of TUSD Superintendent?


Recuperating from Some Pretty Horrible Things that Occurred: Manipulation of Our Schools and Our Principals

Last week the magnet principals received two dictates from HT Sanchez.

The first order or “favor” that was imposed by HT on some magnet principals was to contact their school’s parents and invite them to a community magnet forum on November 9th- sponsored by Casa Maria Catholic Worker- Brian Flagg and Cesar Aguirre. Automatic calls and emails went out to thousands of parents. We believe that this was a misuse of HT’s authority. The school board never voted on approving massive invitations to a non-TUSD political function. Of course, we know that HT was behind the curtain orchestrating the whole thing, but the fact is- there was no approval for the use of District resources to roll out a all of HIS lies. They all started with him and are now being repeated by many.

Representation from our group attended the meeting to obtain first-hand information. Suffice it to say that from every perspective possible, the Magnet School – Food and Festivities Forum was a Flop (FFFF).  We do not want to give much credence to the organizers and their continued unethical and offensive strategies, because it only gives the real organizer- HT- credence. By our count, thousands of parents were invited and by our count there were about 200-250 people in attendance- but clearly not all parents. A flop of a turn-out. The FFFF event was poorly organized, extremely noisy- with little or no attention being paid to the speakers during the hour of LIES that were told.  

The organizers lined up a string of elected officials that all echoed HT’s lies.  Insults in all forms were thrown at the Judge, the Special Master, the Plaintiffs, their Representatives and their Legal Counsel.

The audience was told many, many times how the student population has changed since the 1970s. Wah, wah, wah! Yes, the demographics have changed but- the Unitary Status Plan/USP is based on student enrollment data from the time that the USP was developed (2012-13). But- no one was really paying attention. People were conversing, clattering dishes and glasses.  Children were running amuck the entire time. Brian Flagg stood to the side of the stage cheering and applauding each and every LIE that was uttered by each of the speakers, although it seemed robotic. Oh, and some of the  KA principals  were there supporting their Superintendent- Steve Gabaldon and Auggie Romero. Your peers take shame in your self-serving political behavior.

Out of curiosity, we spoke to several participants at the meeting and most knew nothing about the Unitary Status Plan. We asked if they understood the integration goals and we were told that they were told that Mexicanos should not have to sit next to white kids to learn. They also said that they wanted to keep the money for Ochoa and some said Safford. (A racist divisive lie that HT started which is now being repeated by Cesar and others.)  Some admitted they knew nothing about the purpose of the meeting. We asked if they knew that the Special Master had never said that the magnet schools should be stripped of their money and they said that was not what ‘el doctor Sanchez’ or Cesar had said to them. One parent said, she did not like being lied to by anyone. She thanked us. She got up from her seat and left the meeting. Mostly though, people told us that they were there because Brian and Cesar had told them to be there and they told family and friends who they met up with them to have dinner. One woman told us she had just wondered into the meeting. This is what we call sloppy organizing and a shell turn-out. An article on the event summed it up pretty well- a must read!


The anti-desegregation, anti-Special Master, anti-Plaintiffs, anti-Judge campaign seems to have been exposed for what it is- a LIE. A lie that was initiated by the greatest liar of all- HT Sanchez. 

While on stage, Raul Grijalva said that he was sure his comments would be included in a 20 page memo. Our response: No, Representative Grijalva- your comments were those of HT’s and those of your daughter’s (one and the same) so your actual meaningless comments will be found nowhere in our letters, if that is what you were referring to in your snide and slurred insults. Your loyalty is not to the kids in our schools; it is to your consentida daughter and most people are actually smart enough to figure this one out. The very least you could do is respect the community enough to show up in a non-slurring/staggering state of being.

A reputable organizer from Promise Arizona in Phoenix attended the meeting. We hope she smelled the rot during the meeting and that she will dis-engage.

It is unethical to use the schools to broadcast a meeting that is being held to meet HT’s political agenda to “CYA” based on his failures and on his 1960’sMississippi racist anti-desegregation tactics. It is pathetic that he has convinced his Board puppets to go along with him. So called-activist Brian Flagg (who employs Cesar Aguirre) is just following the command of his Casa Maria funders who have obligatory ties to Raul Grijalva; non other than Pima County’s Richard Elias who had provided consistent support for funding the soup-kitchen/homeless shelter run by Flagg. What does Flagg know or have to do with desegregation anyway? He is not an educator. He is not a parent. He is part of a string of political patronage tied to Adelita Grijalva and her daddy, which includes Richard Elias. Flagg is a re-located Californian; a former surfer boy- who has gone from riding the water waves to riding on the coat tails of people who have actual power in this community. Seems to us that a mighty big wave (the truth) took him under.

The second HT order had to do with informing (scaring) the principals about the Special Master auditing the desegregation budgets at the magnet schools and looking closely at their school’s line items during his next trip to Tucson. HT said that he does not want desegregation funding carried over or for the question to be raised about why some budget lines have not been spent.  He instructed principals to immediately spend their unspent funding for items that are not scheduled “as needed.” Are we to understand that on one hand Sanchez is attempting to draw blood from the Special Master and that on the other he is cowering to him? Come on!  What he is doing is creating another fear and blame pocket.

Is it time for HT to resign from the position of TUSD Superintendent?    We believe that the evidence at every turn speaks for itself. Here is even more exposure of the corruption.

The TUSD Audit Committee has  been riddled with committee members who have family members on the TUSD payroll. Institutional CYA and corruption. HT bends the facts (LIED) and did what he damned please in loading the committee. Must read:




Once Again- Gratitude

Thanks to all who have helped us spread our letters: Three Sonorans, Arizona Daily Independent, Tucson Weekly. All of our letters may be found on Three Sonorans @:  http://threesonorans.com/tusd-whistleblower-archives/

Remember- the re-election is nearing. The so-called Democrats on the Board do not perform their due diligence; they do not inform themselves outside of what they are spoon fed by HT; they are not promoting policies or actions that best support students. They need to be replaced by progressives who are willing to be Board members instead of awe-struck by HT.

3 comments on “Is it time for HT Sanchez to resign as TUSD Superintendent?
  1. Sanchez should have been forced to resign some time ago, perhaps after Lillian Fox caught him lying about cabinet bonuses and David Safier wrote about the Grijalva mother-in-law hiring fiasco. Definitely after the compensation package atrocity. Yet the sorry soap opera featuring unbelievable levels of malfeasance and dysfunction just goes on and on and ON and ON and ON. Ad nauseam.

    Our collective inability to stop this conspicuous rot in a public institution “educating” 40-something thousand of our young people is a measure of two things: DESPAIR and APATHY in the Tucson community about the possibility of good governance. Failure to pass every single Pima County bond proposition on the ballot this month is a measure of the same thing. We live in a community where the public has entirely lost its confidence that government can be asked to manage our money and our institutions responsibly and with professionalism. What a sad shame.

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