TUSD Whistleblower letter: Is Kristel Foster a Mean Girl?

To: The Tucson Community- 19th Open Letter
From:  Whistleblowers– Comprised of Extremely Concerned TUSD Administrators, Teachers, and Parents

Subject:   Krystal Ann Foster, TUSD Board Member- Mean-girl-bully Picks Cowardly Fight Based on TOTAL Deception

Krystal Foster -Kinda Foolish (KF)

Krystal Foster has taken to acting Kinda Foolish most of the time! As the TUSD Governing Board Clerk, her actions are not those of a responsible professional ADULT.  KF, the mean-girl on the TUSD Governing Board, must have gotten restless during the holiday break and could not resist the instinct to “make fetch.” As a mean-girl-bully, she just had to go out and pick a fight to prove that she and her pack are “right.” Denial is their MO. KF is never direct or professional in her disagreements; she is a bully. She usually hides behind one of her accomplices, HT Sanchez, Adelita Grijalva or Cam Juarez (her pack) when she is attacking from the dais. She also takes up mean-girl malicious rumor mongering when she is speaking to people individually or in small TUSD groups. We know, since some of us have been subjected to her rumor mongering. It is not very ADULT behavior. Of course, she also uses FB to get in her 7th grade mean-girl digs.

Reality Check, Krystal Ann Foster; You Are Not a Mexicana!

If there is need to attack a white male Board Member, she uses her “whiteness” to go after Mark Stegeman and Mike Hicks, making sure that there is no perception that the division on the Board is racial. And it is not, so she can relax and go into her wanna-be Latina fantasy all she wants. (Her lavish Latina wanna-be charades make those of who are Latina/o cringe!)

The Division on the Board has Boiled Down to One Thing: Those who UNCONDITIONALLY Support HT and Those Who Do Not; Those Who Never Question Any of HT’s Recommendations and Vote in Favor of Every Single One of Them and Those Who Do Not.

KF and her two minion peers, fall into the UNCONDITIONAL support camp. As if we had to tell you! Stegeman and Hicks actually want to know what they are voting on, with details and data, before they vote. With less and less background information going forward with HT’s recommendations, they are not about to do “we trust you with our lives” votes as their zombie peers always do.

We actually have taken a look at the Board packets and see that many items do not even have materials offered on the day of the Board meeting.  Last minute management is not a good way to run a large school district; the largest one in Pima County. From a public perspective, it is impossible to know what some items actually are about. We guess blind support is required of all of us these days. NOT!

Krystal Ann Foster’s Mean-girl-bully Tirade

Krystal Foster takes cheap shots, whines, calls out names, whines, makes false accusations, whines, takes more cheap shots, whines, diminishes others to elevate herself, pretends that she is an educational expert, whines and then runs away, feeling proud over her mean-girl-bullying (all of which she seems to consider “winning”).  And because she is such a miserable human being, she cries a lot, often displaying her misery. She has become dangerously obsessed with “protecting” whatever position her darling Superintendent and her Board majority peers have assumed (and BTW- they are always the same), no matter how dead wrong the position. Mean girls, you know, are not particularly smart or fast on their feet, but they do excel in the use of mean words as their main weapon. Their attacks are not eloquent, sophisticated or well thought out.  Which brings us to her written tirade which appeared in the Arizona Daily Star on December 29, 2015.


The written rant sounds as though she sat at her computer while having a two hour hissy fit while going on a wild written attack on a “handful of adults” who “need to be right.”  The writing is emotional, immature, nasty and trivial. Now, we know that she is not intelligent or self-reflective enough to be speaking about her adored HT Sanchez, her peers Grijalva and Juarez and herself when she refers to a “handful of adults who need to be right” although the description fits the lot perfectly!

So who do you think she was attempting to degrade? Ah, well first off, of course, Tim Stellar who has been absolutely brilliant in his columns which have spelled out how TUSD lied to the community regarding the desegregation court order and magnet schools. Adelita Grijalva wrote an opinion piece which attacked him for exposing the BIG LIE, as he referred to the TUSD misinformation crusade. She also attacked the plaintiffs. (What else is new?) But after the Court issued a ruling which referred to the many letters it had received from parents and community members as being based on misinformation, Stellar hit back with the facts and basically said that the Court agreed with him. He was right.  He also said that TUSD’s actions in dealing with the desegregation case is costing millions of dollars. Right again. We guess that KF just doesn’t like it when the Federal Court and a credible columnist calls TUSD on their manure.



A Dictator Here and A Mean-Girl-Bully There- Ee i ee i oh!

Well, Dictator Grijalva couldn’t very well write another opinion piece repeating her ill-informed position. It was KF, the mean-girl’s turn to defend her dear and cherished HT Sanchez and the Board majority position, which, in a nut-shell is that the magnet schools should not have to integrate and that it is racist for a DESEGREGATION order to mandate integration is racist. Honestly, we are not making up this stupidity. It is actually the position that HT has forced his Board majority to take; outrageous, idiotic, and actually racist, as it may be!

We Imagine Krystal Foster Screeching, “You stupid adults who think you have to be right. But you can’t be right because we are always right, and we have three votes to prove it and have spent millions of dollars in legal fees to prove that we are right! So there!”

So Krystal Foster, as clueless, if not more as Grijalva, on the desegregation topic, began pounding her laptop keys as she attacked Stellar. But who are the other handful of ADULTS (besides Stellar) whom she attacks in her piece. Hum? Could it possibly be the Special Master, the Judge, and the plaintiffs? Of course! We figured out KF’s 7th grade mean-girl code since, she, HT, and the rest of her pack have made the Special Master, the Court and the plaintiffs  the subject of their attacks for three years!

It is really not rocket science to figure out that KF, Cam and Adelita have all have consumed the HT Kool-Aid, making them delusional and also making anyone who does not stand with him the enemy. Those of us at magnet schools know, only too well, that HT Sanchez has argued against integration and the Unitary Status Plan since he arrived from Texas. Some of the magnet schools are in jeopardy of losing their magnet status solely based on HT’s misaligned directives. We know that Adelita supported the USP until HT convinced her to do otherwise and we know that KF and Cam have to do what is dictated by Adelita or, heaven forbid, the Grijalva machine will extract their support as they plead for re-election. These liberals who claim to believe in the concept of freedom and liberty, are themselves not free; they are owned. Not very progressive progressives!

Krystal Foster is the Consummate Victim and Mean-girl-bully all Wrapped Up in One, Pero no es Mexicana (but she is not Mexican)

In her pathetic opinion piece, KF paints herself as a frigging victim. First she tells us what a positive mind set she had when she ran for office, thinking that all she had to do was make sure that there was communication and collaboration. She now conveys defeat, hopelessness and lots and lots of frustration, cuz, golly-geeez, it wasn’t as easy as she imagined.  Her failures and frustration have boiled into anger and blame. Lots and lots of blame. (This is not close to any form of leadership.) She has adopted HT’s blame-scape-goat position.  (Let us insert here, that Krystal Foster’s first campaign was one that promised to reinstate Mexican American Studies. She has flat out failed in supporting culturally relevant courses (CRC) and we strongly believe there are less students enrolled in CRC than there were in MAS.

(Article continued below)

We at Cholla and Tucson High know this to be a fact. She has failed. She really should not remind voters of her first platform because it will end up haunting her.) KF’s opinion piece then explains that she hosted several meetings between TUSD staff and plaintiffs’ representatives. Yet, by mere coincidence we have learned that Krystal Foster has never, yes NEVER, hosted any meeting involving the Fisher plaintiffs’ representatives. Hum? Does this mean that she flat out lied in her opinion piece or does it mean that she contorted the truth? Either way, a lie or partial truth; it is more muck from this deceptive mean-girl-bully.

In her tirade, KF goes on to say, “that ideas agreed upon at the table quickly turned into more objections filed in the court”, implying that the either the Special Master of plaintiffs are liars. We have to wonder if she has ever actually confronted each of these individuals directly and called them a liar and not in an underhanded way.  Of course, not! There is no integrity in her back-stabbing attacks! Given the bread-crumb trail of lies laid by TUSD, you know who we believe when it comes to Krystal Foster hosting meetings with the plaintiffs and any other guano she included in her opinion piece and it sure is NOT Krystal Foster, HT Sanchez, Adelita Grijalva or Cam Juarez.

We Imagine Krystal Foster Demanding, “All We Want from You (Special Master and Plaintiffs) is Agreement, Without Any Questions, Just Like We Three Give to HT; That’s All!”

The bigger question is why she would expect the Special Master or plaintiffs to agree with any of the half-cocked initiatives that TUSD puts forward. We have spent hours reviewing TUSD documents that have been filed with the Court along with the objections filed by the plaintiffs and the reports submitted by the Special Master. We are a group comprised mostly of educators and we can say that all of the proposals submitted by TUSD lack input from the schools and have not been developed using any logical approach. The proposals are not educationally based documents.  When we use the term schools, we mean beyond HT’s neighborhood schools (Fruchthendler and Sabino) and  we mean administrators, teachers and parents and not just those selected because they will go along with just about anything.

Most of TUSD’s work is frankly shoddy. The Special Master and plaintiffs objections are usually based on the fact that TUSD’s work leaves more questions unanswered than answered as well as the fact that TUSD seems to forget that the USP must drive the proposals (not HT Sanchez’ ego) and that the plaintiffs should be involved from the onset. The Court’s rulings consistently remind the District that it must work with the plaintiffs and not exclude them, along with reminding TUSD of what it must do to gain approval for certain proposals. The Court has had to do a lot of TUSD hand-holding. KF says she resents the legal costs. Well- then, she and her team should stop driving the legal costs up!

There are many examples of how the schools have been excluded from the vast majority of initiatives that have gone to the Court. The best example is the District’s Magnet Plan. It was not until the Court rejected the District’s Magnet Plan and ordered TUSD to basically scrap it and develop a new plan that included a plan for each magnet school that it was forced to have each magnet school participate. Even then, what was developed at the schools was altered by central administration.  The schools, which should be the most important part of TUSD, are minimized and ignored as they have never been before.

HT Promises to Fight Desegregation Issues All the Way and His Three Minions Nod, “Yes, Yes, Yes.”

The ownership for the legal costs belongs to TUSD since it is TUSD who is responsible for a breakdown in communication, for lack of collaboration, for turning in shoddy-incomplete work, for providing school communities and the entire TUSD community with misinformation or in other words- for itsdeceptive lies! HT has pounded his chest several times while speaking to school staff and parents, promising to fight the integration requirements as far as he has to go. He and his three minions have already lost at the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals, which is an example of how TUSD drives up legal costs and how legal defeats have done little to humble HT and his Board majority.

KF is wrong in all that she presents within her opinion piece. It is not a good way to start off 2016 and an awful way to end 2015.

Krystal Foster Votes In Favor of HT’s Recommendations In a Block, with Cam Juarez and Adelita Grijalva 95-100% of the Time

Since she has joined the Board, KF has voted with Juarez and Grijalva, as a block, most of the time. We are guessing between 95-100% of the time. Our suggestion to Krystal Foster is that she learn to think for herself; that she actually spent time gathering the facts instead of drooling over the Superintendent; and that she get out of her victim/bully identity and begin acting like a responsible ADULT (instead of a groupie).

Perhaps then she will not need to go on unfair and undeserved attacks, which are laced with personal attacks and digs. Cheap, underhanded attacks pulled off by a mean-girl are not appreciated by the ADULT community and ultimately hurt the work that should be taking place for children. A woman acting as Krystal Foster does is disgraceful!  It casts women in an ugly role. Oh, and Krystal Foster should use a current picture that actually shows what she looks like today. The current picture she often displays, including in the opinion piece, is just more deception. (Guess it matches the words.)

Childish Underhanded Comments About Whose Children Attend TUSD Schools

Adelita Grijalva has made a big, big deal over plaintiffs and plaintiffs’ representatives who do not currently have children in TUSD, even though their children attended TUSD schools, and who might also have grandchildren, nieces and nephews attending TUSD. She and Sanchez have made these attacks over and over again, at Safford, Ochoa, other schools and community meetings. Many of us have heard the attacks in person. HT and she think that the they  should be replaced by her and HT Sanchez’ hand-picked Ochoa parents. Mas marionetas para HT! (More puppets for HT!) HT started this childish nonsense!

We wonder, however, why it is not a big, big deal for Adelita that her fellow Board member who votes with her nearly 100% of the time, Krystal Ann Foster, has NEVER EVER had children attend TUSD, nor has grandchildren, nieces, nephews, etc. who attend TUSD schools. Exactly what are the rules around representation according to Adelita?  Should she randomly apply rules when it suits her? Or does she think that we are just too stupid to ask the obvious questions about her ridiculous and inconsistent attacks? And, once again, it was HT Sanchez that began these attacks. One more glass of Kook-Aid and Adelita has carried it forward with fervor.

We also will once again ask,  is it OK for TUSD Board members to fraternize with employees, since Krystal Foster often socializes with members of the administration (her darling, Superintendent Sanchez, Desiree Cuito, and teachers (happy hour, etc.)? Are there any professional boundaries?

Krystal Foster should think twice about flinging boulders at glass houses (which are really Plexiglas) when it is so very easy to shatter her krystal house that is made of nothing more than deception.  

The Treatment of the Secrist Administration Remains a Sin

We once again want to point out the horrible treatment that the Secrist Principal and Assistant Principal have received. They each were ousted from Secrist and transferred to other positions without the support needed to improve the school, due process and professional respect. HT Sanchez sacrificed them as “fall guys” shortly after the Secrist situation was exposed by the media. There are many schools boiling over with the same problems due to lack of direction, support and respect. If you did not read our last letter which deals with this issue, you can find it at:


And….Attention Sunnyside School Board Members: Krystal’s management at Sunnyside needs to make sure that Sunnyside tax payers are not paying for her to attend one TUSD function after another during Sunnyside work hours, which we know she does. Her ineptness on the TUSD Board cheats TUSD students and her lack of ethics in leaving her job on a constant basis at Sunnyside cheats Sunnyside students.

Thank You!

Thanks to all who have helped us spread our letters: Three Sonorans, Arizona Daily Independent, Tucson Weekly. All of our letters may be found on Three Sonorans @:  http://threesonorans.com/tusd-whistleblower-archives/

Faithful readers please forward to your server list.

The election for TUSD Governing Board members is in November of 2016.  The stakes are high! Krystal Ann Foster has done nothing to improve TUSD. It is worse off now than when she was seated.

4 comments on “TUSD Whistleblower letter: Is Kristel Foster a Mean Girl?
  1. As I read this new Whistleblower letter, I found myself nodding yes at all of the observations and comments about Krystal Foster. Krystal has a nasty and sneaky mean streak! I know her from Sunnyside where we both work. At Sunnyside, strictly due to her role as a member of the TUSD Board, she acts presumptuous and entitled. She thinks we should all bow down to her because she has a political position. People complain about her behavior all of the time. She leaves her job pretty much anytime she wants to without consequences. She comes in late from morning TUSD meetings, takes long lunches, leaves for TUSD during the day and leaves early, especially on Tuesday’s when she has TUSD governing board meetings. It is disgusting to watch, while most of us are putting in our full 40 hours and more. Krystal Foster has NO commitment to children; to public education; to Sunnyside or to TUSD. She is unethical and in it for herself.

    My best friend works at TUSD’s central admin office and she says that she has overheard conversations that HT and Krystal have had about how to attack her fellow board members, Mark Stegeman and Mike Hicks. The actually plot who will say what during board meeting and it is usually Krystal offering the idea. It is sick.

    There are rampant rumors about HT and Krystal Foster based on her obvious infatuation with him. He plays on it and is playing her. The Whistleblowers are right in all that they have described and as a woman, and mother of two daughters, I believe Krystal is the type of woman who sets women back. She should definitely not be voted in for any elected office in the future.

  2. I applaud this group of TUSD employees/parents who are holding the Superintendent and majority board members accountable for their failure to implement the USP! What would the fabric of our educational system look like if the board majority in Brown vs. Board of Education had resisted for over 40 years?!?!

  3. Steve Holmes are you aware that an employee of Sunnyside may be derelict in their duties? If true, soneone needs to get this to the board at Sunnyside!

  4. Once again I want to acknowledge the Whistleblowers for their letters. Under the Sanchez Administration, the letters been the only honest information coming out of TUSD since they began and I am grateful that Three Sonorans has posted every letter. As a liberal, I have even taken to reading the Arizona Daily Independent because I think they try to keep it real when it comes to TUSD. There is no truth and a lot of cover up coming out of 1010. Secrist is just the most recent example of how fault is punted to school administrators and the magnet school propaganda that was all designed by HT Sanchez has done nothing but further hurt the magnets and embarrassed TUSD, AGAIN. There seems to be no shame in being caught lying- flat out lying.

    TUSD is unraveling due to terrible leadership both at the administrative and board level. There is nothing but corrupt politicking going on and the schools are being grossly ignored. HT may be the most political superintendent in TUSD history and I am not talking fair, good politics. I am talking about downright corruption.
    My father is very involved with the Chamber of Commerce and he says that HT actually successfully lobbied the Chamber to get Adelita Grijalva endorsed. Superintendents are not supposed to get involved in school board elections but such ethical rules have been totally ignored by him. He thinks he is above the law.

    Krystal is a horrible disappointment to many of us who believed that she would really relate to the needs of a classroom teacher and not play political games. She has become the most political player of all five school board members and is in bed with the TEA leadership, and Dem elected officials for her own gain. None of her political jabbering has done anything to benefit teachers or students. It has only made her feel important and made her the nasty monster that she has become.

    We need to vote in new people to take the place of Foster and Juarez and HT needs to go back to Texas.

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