Disguised Democrats fighting Desegregation: TUSD’s Kristel Foster announces re-election campaign

To: The Tucson Community- 24th Open Letter
From:  Whistleblowers– Comprised of a Large Group of Extremely Concerned TUSD Administrators, Teachers, and Parents and Growing with Each and Every Letter
Subject: Kristel Ann Foster Announces Catastrophic News and Sanchez Salary Escalates Administrative Costs for TUSD

POLITICS DO MATTER. We are TUSD administrators, teachers, and parents and know exactly what is going on within TUSD.

Kristel Ann Foster Ostentatiously Announced Her Candidacy for TUSD Governing Board During the Rodeo Break, As She Contributed to the Amount of Bull Manure that Was Dropped that Week!

For months Kristel has been making the political rounds throughout Tucson and pleading her one sided-lie-based case to gain endorsements. Much of this has taken place during her Sunnyside work hours. Even Daniel Hernandez, Sunnyside Governing Board Member, who votes on her employment contract, endorsed her. Nothing like separation of functions! He should recuse himself from all Sunnyside School District actions which would include Kristal Foster.

In her endorsement pleading, she has told Tucson politicos about the “gains” (NOT!) that she and HT have brought about for TUSD. While presenting her lie-laced endorsement pleading she once again condemned Michael Hicks and Mark Stegeman, saying that they are obstructions to all that she and her Board majority peers, along with HT desire to accomplish. She has also damned the Special Master and the plaintiffs in the desegregation case.  Of course, in order to gain her lie bated endorsements, she left out critical information about the decrease in student enrollment; the drop in achievement levels; TUSD’s questionable financial practices; the 25% salary increase for HT Sanchez (which caused outrage throughout the community); the “caught in the act” procurement shenanigans that HT was involved in at the onset of his shady TUSD career; the phenomenal turn-over rate of administrators which has taken place during HT’s painful tenure; the District’s failure to follow-up on the Efficiency Audit, as well as the Curriculum Audit; the impediments that HT Sanchez has created in working with the Special Master and plaintiffs in the desegregation case; the general erosion of trust of TUSD top officials  within TUSD and within the community; and much, much more. Hearing the bombardment of Kristel’s self-serving promotion, those she approached have conceded to endorsing her. It is a sad statement about Kristel Fibbing Foster and about those who have believed her.

Part of Kristel’s re-election strategy has included HT Sanchez’ (her informal campaign manager) maneuver to get Kristel on as a member of the Southern Arizona Leadership Council (SALC) (which used to be referred to as “Tucson’s Dirty Thirty”, when it was initially birthed by a group of about thirty Tucson top 1%ers ($), predominately white wealthy businessmen (with some white token women included) before it grew to its five-fold status. Its Board of Directors (still the “Dirty Thirty”) is made up of predominately whites (some things never change) with some token Latinos (2) thrown in and with no African Americans. SALC membership has grown to 144 (with sprinklings of Latino and African American in a mostly white, elitist organization). You can take a look at their website:  https://www.salc.org/members/

In examining SALC’s top priorities, as depicted in their actual work (and not their verbiage) as covered in their most recent press releases and media, the  list of critical topics which follows exemplifies what they are REALLY all about, which is Davis Monthan Air Force Base. For all the progressive Democrats who have endorsed Kristel Fibbing Foster; since when has a predominately white self-proclaimed “leadership” organization that focuses primarily on military support been part of Democratic values? But there she is- sucking up to SALC as if her life depended on it! Perhaps she has returned to her roots. After-all her father was a conservative military man.

SALC Press Releases:

 We liken what has happened to Kristel Foster during her tenure on the TUSD Board to what  happened to Donald Trump in his desire to become POTUS, but in the opposite direction. He was a Democrat and now he is a right-wing-nut-case of a Republican. Kristel Foster was a raging liberal Democrat when she ran for the Board, fully supporting the reinstatement of Mexican American Studies and the immediate implementation of the Desegregation Court Order.  She dumped both issues as soon as she became enamored with HT Sanchez. She did not hang on to her convictions, her platform, her values or her promises. She now is clad in “Demo” disguise but associates with groups like SALC; says she would have voted against MAS; and has repeatedly spoken out against desegregation. She, her two Board majority peers and HT Sanchez have stated that they do not support the integration requirements within the Court order.

(Article continued below)

Kristel Foster’s SALC membership validates what she now represents. Liberal Democrats do not willingly join organizations that represent the interests of the top 1% and the military. Kristel Foster has done this and has gained Democratic endorsements in a very dishonest self-serving way!

HT Sanchez, Kristel’s unofficial campaign manager, was also responsible for her Flinn Foundation spot in the sun. It is all part of her re-run for the Board. But be aware, Kristel is not the person she told us she was, once upon a time, and she has GONE BACK ON HER WORD in several areas. She is part of a rubber-stamp majority that has voted as a block 95% of the time, since HT joined the District. NOTHING has improved during her term on the Board and, in fact, things have deteriorated. Resignation and retirements are at an all-time height. Go back and review some of our letters and you will see that there has been a continuous erosion in all areas within TUSD.

Principals who qualify for retirement have recently been approached by HR prompting us to get out of a District that we love. Many of us have served TUSD for a lifetime. Instead of holding on to us, we are being pushed out. Those of us who are fairly new to the administration have received NO support from HT’s un-leadership team. Magnet principals are still waiting for HT’s team to support the hiring of positions for our schools; we are still waiting for our materials and supplies; we are still waiting for the recent Court orders that apply to magnet schools to actually be followed. There is no fairness or equity in the way that the magnet schools are supported. Some of the smallest magnets are getting big bucks because of their cronyism relationship with Sanchez. (Can anyone spell Ochoa?) Teachers have never been more demoralized as they have witnessed their union play political favors with HT and his Board majority in giving out nothing but scraps in salary increases, while HT Sanchez received a 25% salary increase, much ofwhich has driven up the administration cost category through the roof. Typical HT Sanchez, though, he lied through his Texan teeth while explaining that the costs have been driven up by…yes, you guessed it… the desegregation court order because of all the positions that are called for in the Unitary Status Plan. He lied. He also “threatened” (by suggesting) that he could eliminate assistant principal positions to bring the administrative costs down. Again. It is his salary that drove up the costs. Here is an idea. HT should remove himself from TUSD ASAP. The administrative costs would go way down!

The Arizona Auditor General released the following Fiscal Year 2015 results on March 2, 2016:

  • Students attending TUSD decreased to 45,970 – a loss of 857 students in one year. During the last five years TUSD has lost 6,706 or 12.7% of its students.
  • Actual classroom spending remained flat from FY 2014 at 48.7% and is over 2% less than the 51.0% presented and celebrated at the State of the District. Classroom spending has decreased by almost 10% over the past 5 years.
  • Administrative, Plant Operations, and Transportation costs were all designated “Very High” compared to state and peer averages. Five years ago only Administration costs were considered “Very High”.
  • Administration costs rose by $42 to $897 per student, 40% higher than peer districts on a per student basis. If TUSD Administration operated at peer levels that would create an additional $11,768,320 for the classroom or $256 per student. That number would represent a 50% increase in Instructional Support.

The Auditor General’s complete report is found @: https://www.azauditor.gov/sites/default/files/AZ_School_District_Spending_FY2015_District_Pages.pdf

We also liken Kristel Foster to Donald Trump in how mean each of them are when they go on the attack. Kristel acts like a fifth grade girl-bully when she goes on the attack against Hicks and Stegeman. It has become her job on the Board to play the role of FF grade girl-bully. Donald plays the fat fifth grade boy bully with anyone who gets in his way. It is pretty much the same scenario for each. It is obvious that the mean streak in each of these bullies is part of their DNA, which has caused each of them in their personal lives. Trump is on his third wife and Kristel has not had a long standing relationship since her arrival in Tucson. For people who say not to mix the personal with the political, we say, why not? One’s personal life carries over to one’s political life. If you are a happy human being; you carry it forward. If you are an unhappy human being, you take your unhappiness out where you live your life (political and/or work). Neither Trump or Foster strike us as being people who light a room up with happiness (positive energy). They are both self-serving and they each cover up their psychological complexes by over-compensating with their “expertise.” He is the all-knowing businessman and she is the expert school marm.  Frankly, we expected Kristel to run for a higher office this time around but we hear that HT “needs” her too badly as one of his votes to have allowed that to have happened. No doubt, she thinks she is building a political career like no other. If she only knew what people say about her in every circle in which our group travels. It ain’t pretty!

Please work to inform everyone you know about the upcoming TUSD Board election. Attend forums; ask hard questions; contribute to those who will work to IMPROVE TUSD and not destroy it, as is currently taking place.

We continue to be grateful to Three Sonorans for publishing every single one of our letters. We appreciate greatly that the Arizona Daily Independent publishes many of our letters and references them within their own posts from time to time.

All of our letters may be found at: http://threesonorans.com/tusd-whistleblower-archives/