TUSD Whistleblowers: Fostering the Truth, Violations of Open Meetings Laws

To: The Tucson Community- 25th Open Letter

From:  Whistleblowers– Comprised of a Large Group of Extremely Concerned TUSD Administrators, Teachers, and Parents and Growing with Each and Every Letter 

Subject: Forgive Our Error; Fostering the Truth; and Open Meeting Law on Thin Ice

Our Mistake in Revealing Names of Some of Our Recipients

Our last letter was sent out to between 800-900 email recipients. Some of the recipient email addresses were exposed due to an error on our side which showed names of less than 1/8th of our recipients. We apologize for this with deep, deep regret. The person who made the error felt so badly about the mistake that she wanted to resign from our group. We have rejected her resignation and have accepted her multiple apologies. It is our hope that you too will forgive the error. It will not reoccur.

Lessons learned

We all learn from their errors. The exception, of course, is HT Sanchez his Board majority. They deny or dig deep to bury and of their mistakes.


We have never been asked to remove anyone from our email list. Never! This last time, from the list of names which were exposed, less than one handful of people asked to be removed. We find it fascinating that when the identities of these individuals was “blind” they never complained about receiving our letters but once their names were shown, they suddenly were “above” receiving our letters. “Holier than Thou” does not sit well with anyone. Shallowness and hypocrisy keep hitting us in the face in our pursuit to tell the truth.


We Foster the Truth and Nothing But the Truth

Our last letter stated nothing but the truth about Kristal Foster (everything we have ever said about her has been valid). Sure it was “hard” but it was all true. As people have gotten to know her, they describe her as being conniving and unkind as well as an absolute opportunist. Her enchantment with HT is obvious to anyone who watches her with him. Her conduct in front of him is both embarrassing to watch and offensive. We are far from done with the gathering of the 4-11 on her and will report it as it is gathered. 


She is a public figure who has willingly and openly bullied her fellow Board minority peers while she takes up her defense for HT. She defends him and Adelita Grijalva with erroneous facts. In other words she lies. She broke two critical campaign promises from her first run for the Board. Why should anyone ever trust her again?


Kristal Foster is dishonest with her employer and attends to a great deal of TUSD business during Sunnyside School District work hours. 


Open Meeting Law On Very Thin Ice

Two attorneys have suggested that the TUSD Governing Board change their agenda committee process based on the high potential for violating Arizona Open Meeting Law (A.R.S. §§ 38-431 to 431.09). Most of us know that open meeting law has been violated several times by the Board majority. However, the current Attorney General has not gathered the evidence needed to support the allegations made within at least half a dozen complaints filed against the Board that claim that open meeting law violations have taken place. Now, why in the hell pay attorneys good tax money for legal counsel, if all the Board majority is going to do is ignore it? Proposed policies which were brought forward would abolish the current “agenda committee.” these policies were presented to the Board during the March 8th Board meeting. Hypocritically, Adelita Grijalva said that she does not believe that the proposed policies allow for “transparency” because there will be no posting or minutes of the meeting. She was also very “concerned” that the media would be left out of the process, since currently one reporter attends the Agenda Committee meetings. This is the same Board President who voted to change the Audit Committee by-laws which resulted in having specific Audit Committee members removed from the committee, even though they had exceptional expertise in budget/finance. Kristal Foster and Cam Juarez went along with their political jefa (boss). The new by-laws also allow the Board President to vote as member of the Audit Committee. Yes, the fox has a vote in the hen house. This is the same Adelita Grijalva who traveled with her two peers and Superintendent to an out of state conference, where they apparently negotiated Sanchez’ salary 25% increase. This is the same Board President who did not disclose her reason for not voting for her mother-in-law’s contract until after the vote was taken. This particular Board President did not seem to understand that there will no longer be any agenda meeting under the proposed policy, which is the whole point in the effort to prevent open meeting law violations. Duh! Regardless of how stupid Adelita appears through each of these grave errors, the stupidity also belongs to Kristal Foster and Cam Juarez who simply do as Adeltia and Sanchez command. 


Two policy options were provided for the Board to examine. In one option, the Superintendent (one person) will draft the Board agenda (which he does, anyway) and then confer with the Board President (which he does, anyway). The clerk of the Board will no longer participate in the process and the Director of the Board Office will no longer be involved (both are there as bumps on a log, with no influence or authority to conduct any checks and balances actions that would stop or slow down the run-away train of Sanchez and Grijalva. The other policy option  would require two Board members to place an item on the agenda. We believe each Board member should be able to easily place items on the agenda, otherwise the Superintendent has more “authority” over Board agenda items than any Board member. After all, it is a BOARD agenda and not a superintendent’s agenda (or so we are to believe). In theory, all Board members should have equal input in requesting which items should be placed on the agenda. As it stands now, if Hicks or Stegeman ask for something to be placed on the agenda, they can be put off for months, which has actually occurred.  


Ultimately, the Board majority blocked doing anything on the proposed agenda item, which, again demonstrates their lack of leadership and attention to their legal responsibilities. One has to assume that they do not care about violating open meeting law or that they will stall voting in either of the recommended policies until they can figure out a way to get around it. 


The current policy is:


The proposed policies are:

(Article continued below)




For months Mike Hicks has asked the Board President (A. Grijalva) and the Clerk (K. Foster) to place “shared governance” on the Board agenda. His requests were outright ignored until the March 8th meeting. While it was placed on the agenda, Foster and Juarez argued against the proposed policy and apparently want to delay dealing with it. 


For three members of the Board to vote the same way at least 95% of the time indicates that they agree about how they are going to vote prior to the vote. They have become so brazen in the way that they vote. This indicates that they do not care about the lack of integrity they demonstrate in their policy votes.


Another Administrator Bites the Tucson Unified School District Dust

Dr. Karyle Green has given her resignation notice as Principal of the largest high school in the District- Tucson High Magnet School. Dr. Green is a former superintendent and it has been more than difficult to fool her when it comes to staffing and resource allocations that her assigned school should have been allocated and authorized to use, especially for a magnet school. She has taken on the battle of fighting for each and every teacher, monitor, pencil, paper, and book that her students should have to succeed. Abel Morado has not supported her success in this plight and the Superintendent has ignored the needs of the largest high school in the District, while being distracted with his favorite pet schools; Sabino HS and UHS. His biases becomes more apparent with each day he breathes as TUSD Superintendent.  Morado’s Napoleon complex do not allow him to support any principal who serves at THMS after his stint as principal at the school for more than a decade, since he has deluded himself into believing that he was the best, which is very far from the truth. Truth in TUSD does not matter. Morado’s complex is compounded by Sanchez’ Narcissistic complex which is also layered with a Napoleon complex. How is any women, especially one taller than Morado or Sanchez, supposed to succeed amidst so many Napoleon types within TUSD? Not!


It is worth mentioning that despite lack of support and outright resistance, Dr. Green has successfully improved many things at THMS, starting with faculty and student morale. She immediately addressed student safety issues after Clarice Clash nearly destroyed the school during her pain-making tenure at the school. Remember Clarice? She was chased out of Sahuaro High School as Assistant Principal based on a number of faculty and parent complaints. While at Sahuaro it has been rumored by many that she strapped a loaded gun around her thigh to protect herself. She was yanked out of the school and given a spot within central administration. (Peter PrinciPAL, anyone?)  


When Morado left Tucson High for his advancement at 1010, he advocated for Clash’s appointment to THMS Principal. He believed he had bought her loyalty with the promotion. But soon into her destructive stint at THMS, she was emailing those at central administration about each and every mistake she could find Morado had made while he was at THMS. Incompetent people are competent at one thing: CYA (inclusive of blackmail). A short few months into her nightmarish oversight of THMS, Clarice had infuriated the faculty, staff, parents, community members, while she compromised the educational environment of 3,000 students. 


Sanchez had no choice but to deal with the situation. Of course, he did not deal with it ethically.  He did not hold her accountable. (Again, Peter PrinciPAL, anyone?) He moved her back to central administration by creating a “spot” for her.  This is one of the positions that is responsible for driving up the administrative costs for TUSD up those of other school districts and one which has never been mentioned by Sanchez during his excuse-making over the District’s high administrative costs. He blames the cost on desegregation (a continued pattern) and on the number of assistant principals in the District.


While Clarice created havoc at THMS, a complaint was filed against her by several THMS employees. Sanchez, buried the complaint, as he buries anything he does not want to hit sunlight. The employees waited and waited and waited and waited for their complaint to be dealt with for one month after another. After half a year of waiting, they finally lost hope and exposed the situation through the media. Of course, there was retaliation for many of those who filed the complaint. Would Sanchez have it any other way?  The only exposure to the situation was through the Tucson Weekly. It is a must read! Also, read the comments @:



As is the case at almost every school in TUSD, especially middle and high schools, discipline has deteriorated at THMS. Principals have been directed to “go light” on discipline through various directives via the high school administration team from 1010.  Some of the directives come across as being “kid” focused but the truth behind HT’s desire to lower the numbers is his obsession with “getting out” of the desegregation court order- at any cost. He hates anything and everything having to do with the desegregation court order. When it comes to discipline his tactic is simply to decrease the number of suspensions and arrests. In this spirit, monitors were cut along with following the rules. For example students found to be dealing drugs on campus are suspended for three days. Only three years ago, such a violation would have resulted in a long-term suspension.  While Dr. Green improved things after Clash was removed, she has not been allowed to staff the school at the best level possible to secure the school the way it should be and the way it was only 3-4 years ago.


Tucson High Magnet School, our largest high school deserves continuity and stability. It deserves support. It deserves dignity. It has received none of these from HT Sanchez and his hinge men. The Board majority talk about “continuity” and “stability” when it comes to their adored HT Sanchez but they really do not seem to give a damn about what is happening at the schools! 

Please work to inform everyone you know about the upcoming TUSD Board election. Attend forums, ask hard questions, and contribute to those who will work to IMPROVE TUSD and not destroy it, as is currently taking place. Tell everyone you know about how ineffective and damaging Kristal Foster and Cam Juarez have been in serving TUSD students. 

We continue to be grateful to Three Sonorans for publishing every single one of our letters. We appreciate greatly that the Arizona Daily Independent publishes many of our letters and references them within their own posts from time to time.


 All of our letters may be found at: http://threesonorans.com/tusd-whistleblower-archives/

3 comments on “TUSD Whistleblowers: Fostering the Truth, Violations of Open Meetings Laws
  1. 1) What does “4-11” mean? Surely, you’re referring to “4-1-1,” slang for the word “information”?

    2) What the heck is a “hinge men”? How did HT Sanchez get his “hinge men “? (Don’t you mean “henchmen”?)

    3) You brought out an old story about the old principal at THMS. Can we talk about the current issue that’s tearing apart classrooms? Single mothers and broken families?

  2. I just have to believe that you are either part of the Sanchez pack attacking the Whistleblowers or that you are really a bigot who works for TUSD and who condemns single mothers and their children. In either case you are an idiot. 411 or 4-1-1 or nearly any form of these numbers means “information,” “scoop,” or “news.” And, yes, there was a spelling error in the letter. Big deal. Did you not read any of the substance? Since you are a bigot or Sanchez groupie, please stop reading Three Sonorans or at the very least stop commenting. Also, please quit your job and find something you like doing. I feel sorry for any kid or parent you come across.

    The Whistle Blowers have contributed a great deal in exposing the truth about TUSD.

    • That’s not a spelling error. It’s someone using terms incorrectly. Hinge men sounds like henchmen, but are two words spelled completely different. Whoever wrote this screed is trying to sound smart or funny and has failed miserably.

      Now, I, personally, believe that Sanchez and the Governing Board need to be fired. I said this, many times. But, you can’t forget, that there’s no push-back from the community. The kind of shannigans they’ve pulled on Tucson would have never flown at Catalina Foothills. The parents and community would never allow it.

      I’m a concerned member of the community, no longer affiliated with TUSD. I would support Three Sonorans if it wasn’t so petty and if it placed some of the blame on the absent community.

      Don’t forget: Grijalva, Foster and Juarez were all elected. The community co-signed on the nonsense.

      Instead, what we get is a childish attack on the superintendent, making any denials from Sanchez seem credible to people who aren’t up to speed on the happenings in the school district.

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