TUSD Whistleblowers on Fostering Campaign Lies, and is HT Sanchez busted?

To: The Tucson Community- 27th Open Letter
From:  Whistleblowers– Comprised of a Large Group of Extremely Concerned TUSD Administrators, Teachers, and Parents, Grandparents and Growing with Each and Every Letter

Subject: Kristal not-so-clear Foster’s Campaign Lies- Do Not Let Another Public Relations Person Fool You About TUSD

& Rocky HT Sanchez Homestead


Let’s take another good and hard look at what TUSD should be focused on:


Student Enrollment

Student enrollment is down by approximately 600 students from last year to this year 100th day enrollment: 2014-15 student enrollment 48,364 and 2015-16 student enrollment 47,771. (A difference of 593 students.)  Sanchez can try to corrupt the numbers anyway he wants but the actual numbers do not lie and it is the actual numbers of the 100th day enrollment upon which state revenue is provided to TUSD. Bottom line. The district has lost more than 10 percent of its enrollment — about 5,400 students — since 2010. Nearly 1,400 of those students who have left TUSD have done so under Sanchez’s leadership.  



Academic achievement has not improved. Curriculum implementation is not consistent from school to school. The Curriculum Audit is gathering a lot of HT Sanchez dust! Many recommendations have just been ignored.  The performance of Southern Arizona’s largest school district on the state mandated test, AzMERIT is not anything to brag about. In it, 28 percent of students passed English Language Arts and 25 percent passed math — lower than both the state and county averages.” This of course means that 72% failed English Language Arts and 75% failed math. HT and his gang of three stay away from the topic of the status of student achievement in TUSD, which is one of the most important issues in leading a school district. They have no shame.

Grade Failures

Failures at the high school level, we believe, have escalated. Sanchez and Foster should prove us wrong and we would be very happy. They should make available to the public the grades for each subject for each high school. If HT paid attention to this area, he would not need to politicize getting back in school. We are not saying that kids should not fail; some will. But we know of teachers who fail half to two-thirds of their classes, which clearly makes it a teaching issue.

Student Safety

Student safety is at the highest risk it has been since weapons surfaced as a threat in the 1990’s. Read our 26th letter at  http://threesonorans.com/2016/04/25/61203/

Compliance with the USP

As everyone knows, compliance with is not taking place. How could it? Sanchez fights it at every turn and his three minions, inclusive of Kristel not-so-clear Foster, support him. She has even gone as far as voting against paying the attorney fees for the plaintiffs but makes not one peep about the fees which are racked up every month for TUSD attorneys. Has anyone noticed that since Sanchez became the Supt. he has had three outside firms handling the desegregation case. The internal legal office has also been like a revolving door. Martha Durkin left right after Pedicone departed and now Julie Tolleson is leaving. Speaking of turn-over…

Morale and Turn-over Rate

Retaliation has become a common practice within TUSD. Everyone knows that anyone who voices an opinion which, in anyway, goes against that of HT Sanchez will pay the consequences. They get pushed down or pushed out. The Board majority support his retaliatory hand because they have not stopped him. The list of victims includes even his good buddy Adrian Vega. The Booth/Fickett Principal was told not to return to his school after he told the truth about why discipline problems had increased at his school. HT removed both the principal and assistant principal from Secrist and placed them in other positions, which were obvious demotions. Shortly into beginning these Whistleblower letters we said, “A very short list of administrators who have been pushed out, pushed down or intimidated into submission includes: Teri Melendez, Elizabeth Redondo, Jim Fish, Cara Rene, Augustine Romero, Yousef Awwad, Jeffrey St. Claire, Maggie Shafer, Candy Egbert, Ana Gallegos, David Scott, Kathyrn Manley-Crocket, …”  The list has grown and grown and grown. HT’s entire leadership team is different than when he assumed his position. The principal turn-over rate is higher than any District in Arizona.  Teacher turn-over is also out of control. It is up to the Board majority to stop him but they haven’t.

In an article in World Now/Tucson News Now, Stefanie Boe, the head of “PR spin” for the District is quoted as saying: “I think one of the biggest myths is TUSD is not a good place to work.”  “And so we want people in the community to understand that we’re trying to transform our system so that it is a place where people love to work.”  She went on to say, “We’re the fifth largest employer in Pima County, so we’re just we’re making sure our employees feel valued, respected and they want to be here,” Boe said. Shout out to Stefanie Boe: The transformation of which you speak will not take place while the current (un) leadership is in place. HT has created fear and great unhappiness. Both teachers and administrators are leaving the District as fast as they can; unlike has taken place under any other administration. In large part the Board majority is to blame. Spin this fact, Stefanie!

Yet, with all of the TUSD chaos that HT has created, Kristal not-so-clear  and her supporters actually have the nerve to think that they can lie to the public by putting campaign hype out that focuses on anything but the above issues which are really the ones that matter.

Diana Rhoades, who is obviously a Kristal-not-so-clear Foster fan, recently sent out a mass e-mailing to those who are allegedly Foster supporters. Rhoades is a political hack transplant from Alaska; has run a few political campaigns; was former chair of the Pima County Democratic party; and has recently stepped up to help Kristal-not-so-clear Foster get re-elected so that she can assume her solid board majority-block-everything-else position on the TUSD Board. She was convinced to run by HT to run for re-election so that HE can maintain his block of three votes, just like Adelita Grijalva and Cam Juarez were also convinced. Puppets!

Diana Rhoades worked for Regina Romero, City of Tucson Ward I Council Member for almost 7 years. She first ran her campaign and then became her chief of staff. She claims that she worked as an aadvocate for Westside development, downtown development, S. 12th Avenue Business District, Tucson Origins Heritage Park, historic signs, buildings and neighborhoods, pocket parks, rainwater harvesting and public art but she has forgotten to mention the fiasco that she and Regina created by secretly negotiating deals pertaining to Grand Canyon University (GCU).

It sure did not feel or look like Westside advocacy to the residents and what transpired was not above-board or “transparent.” In December 2014, Diane bolted from Regina’s office, after the GCU controversy would not let down. Part of what did her in was Regina Romero’s cover-up pertaining to her computer’s hard-drive. Regina claimed that her computer had been stolen; thus, she was able to flip-off the court and Westside residents by falsely claiming that her computer had been, by total utmost coincidence, stolen. Swamp land anyone? Rhoades knew better and began to plan her exit, without “burning bridges,” which political hacks never do. But the bridge with the Westside community was burned to cinders and she is now burning an even wider bridge. (We should mention here that Foster supported Regina Romero for her bid for re-election. It is all so cozy.)

Rhoades now works for Strategies 360- a public relations, public policy, communications, advocacy, digital media, polling and research company with offices in 10 western states and Washington DC. Her work on the Kristal Foster Campaign has already tainted her and the more she involves herself, the more it will poison her reputation. What she does not realize yet, is that Kristal is willing to cross any line and tell any lie to get re-elected. Kristal is committed to Adelita Grijalva and HT Sanchez and is indebted in strange and corrupt ways to each of them. For her, it is not about the kids. Diana Rhoades will find out the hard way, since her involvement in the Kristal-not-so-clear Foster campaign is bound to stain her.

The Foster campaign is filled with smoke and mirrors reflecting the exact image of her subordinate’s spin on his failings. It is all hype. They are both depending on a list of awards, invitations and acknowledgements to convince the public that TUSD has improved. But the awards, invitations and acknowledgements say nothing about what the real business of the District is: kids learning. HT’s 2015 State of the District speech was full of the same thing. Most of the awards or paper acknowledgements came about because TUSD was nominated by TUSD for such acknowledgement. It is an on-going CYA campaign, which is self-serving and full of hypocrisy.

Stefanie Boe, TUSD’s own Communications Director spends a lot of time promoting HT and his so called “accomplishments” which have nothing to do with student learning. Nothing! She should instead be promoting TUSD schools. We have made dozens upon dozens of calls and blistered our fingers in emailing back and forth about these HT Sanchez/Kristel Foster so called accomplishments and have actually been able to track down some interesting information.

In her political campaign email, Diana Rhoades begins with a subject line that asks the reader…”Is TUSD Getting Any Better?” She then goes into the body of the email and states,      ”Before you answer that question….ask yourself this… What would I have to see to believe that TUSD is a better school district today? What if I told you TUSD …”  Rhoades, a public relations person, then lists a series of check-marks with a clause to fill in the remainder of the question. There is then a link found below the check-mark and clause, which is her form of an answer. The public relations head game here is have the reader believe that the check-mark is a real accomplishment and will likely not read every link, if any at all. NOT! Through our fact-checking, we have demolished the Kristel not-clear Foster’s campaign lies. A few examples are provided below. The point is, Rhoades has lost credibility and Foster is continuing her lack of credibility and desperate bid for re-election. Her re-election website is filled with the same blatant lies.


Diana Rhoades lists the first checkmark as:


What if I told you that TUSD…
√  Was invited to the White House

TRUTH: The TUSD hype implication is that somehow TUSD was being honored by the White House. NOT! The US Department of Justice recommended that TUSD attend a meeting in Washington D.C. to rethink school discipline. We all know that TUSD desperately needs to rethink and redo its discipline habits. Based on TUSD’s ongoing over-representation of minority students impacted by disciplinary action along with a number of other areas of non-compliance, the US Department of Justice remains involved in the desegregation case. Diane Rhoades and Kristal not-so-clear Foster can hype and spin her campaign full of LIES, but the truth will be exposed just as in the case of this big whopper of a lie.


Diane Rhoades lists the second check mark as:

What if I told you that TUSD…
√  Made the College Board Honor Roll! (1 of only 3 districts in Arizona.)


From our 23 letter:

The College Board placed TUSD on their AP honor roll because of TUSD’s alleged increase in AP courses and students. The award is based on a myth. The increase in the number of AP courses and students is attributed to one single school. Yes; University High. We have borrowed the analysis by one of Tucson’s best; Lillian Fox. A friend of a friend of a friend provided us with her research on the issue, which has now been widely shared. Lillian is a retired teacher who began examining why teachers did not have sufficient textbooks to teach. She has never really been told or shown why this is the case. What she has discovered is a bottomless pit of unanswered questions about why the budget does not better support teachers and schools which has motivated her to seek out information on issues beyond the appropriate allocation of text books. We are grateful!

This is what she has had to say about the increase in AP courses and students.

  • To get recognized for the AP honor roll, 3 years of test results are required.
  • TUSD’s increase in the number of AP students was entirely due to University High.
  • All the high schools, except Pueblo and University High, had fewer students taking AP classes.
  • Without the huge increase at University High, the small increase at Pueblo would have been entirely swamped out by the decreases in all the rest of the high schools. School districts also have to have substantial numbers of students scoring well on the tests.
  • By decreasing the number of students in all the other high schools, with a massive increase in tests at UHS and a small increase at Pueblo, TUSD was guaranteed to achieve high test scores.
  • UHS increased by 399 tests.
  • Pueblo by only 28 tests.
  • UHS and Pueblo’s increase totaled 427.
  • The other schools lost 217 tests
  • TUSD still ended up with a net increase of 210.

The 399 additional tests from UHS plus a reduction of 217 tests from TUSD’s other high schools was enough to guarantee a sustained increase in test scores plus enough tests to compensate for the reductions in the other district high schools!

These are the AP Tests over 3 years used to get TUSD’s AP National Recognition. The results show that all of TUSD’s high schools, except Pueblo and UHS had fewer students taking the AP test. Almost 400 more UHS students took the test.

This chart is copied from AzDI

School School Year:2015 School Year: 2014 School Year: 2013 Gain/Loss
Pueblo 135 72 107 +28
THMS 307 424 331 -24
Rincon 196 267 269 -73
UHS 2192 1871 1793 +399
Palo Verde 95    53 104 -9
Sahuaro 242 242 245 -3
Sabino 348 259 363 -15
Santa Rita 49 57 71 -22
Catalina 20 48 52 -32
Cholla   0 0 0 NC
Project More   0 15 17 -17
      Total 3584 3313 3374 +210

(Article continued below)

Diane Rhoades lists the third √ as:


What if I told that TUSD
√  Brought back 400 students walking door-to-door with Mayor Rothschild.



In an article that appeared on February 22nd in the Arizona Daily Star about Sanchez’ presentation, the reporter articulately pointed out the following weaknesses: “Sanchez said he continues to seek a better graduation rate, which currently exceeds the state rate, and to improve TUSD’s diversity. In other words the drop-rate exceeds the state rate.


Diane Rhoades 4th lie is:

What if I told that TUSD…
Brought back the banned ethnic studies books (that the last board took away!)



Books without Mexican-American culturally relevant curriculum (MACRC) rigor have little use. The current pedagogy still is missing a lot.  Everyone in our group can read, as we assume Rhoades and Foster are also able to do. We have read the USP and court orders pertaining to MA CRC courses. The District is nowhere near where it should be in complying with the court orders. Those of us in schools which have the course offerings also can report the recruitment efforts for the courses are pathetic. A few of our schools have principals who do not support any curriculum that is not strictly Anglo-centric. (Try Sabino on for size as a starting point.) The District has failed its teachers and students in this area.


Diane Rhoades 5th lie is:

What if I told that TUSD
Won Green Partner of the Year from the EPA for its solar energy initiative.



Rhoades and Foster are oblivious to the fact that most schools hate the obstructive solar panels that have been installed at their schools. It happened without school community involvement. In our opinion, many pose safety issues, particularly those installed within very small play grounds. Award or no award, they are eye-sores and had no community buy-in.


Diane Rhoades 6th and most laughable lie is:

What if I told that TUSD…

√  Gave raises to teachers and staff!



Rhoades does not mention  the difference between the 25% increase HT Sanchez received at the hand of her candidate, Kristal not-so-clear Foster (and on this issue, she did not have a frigging clue!) and the % increase (pittance) that teachers received. Too bad he did not chase and receive an award for the greediest superintendent in the country.

Diane Rhoades 6th and next most laughable lie is:


What if told you TUSD…
√  Has a healthy $17 million in cash reserves (in 2011 there was a $17 million deficit!) 



Rhoades, if you told us this, we would want you to tell us why most of our schools and classrooms have been void of sufficient textbooks, teaching supplies, materials and resources that are critical in doing our jobs and in serving students. Is this hidden money for more salary boosting and political pay-offs? What deals will your candidate, Kristal not-so-clear Foster and HT Sanchez cut with TEA? You’re bound to get their endorsement, as will Cam Juarez and 15 to 20 of the TEA gruels will put up your signs and make sure to take down those of opposing candidates. Cozy! When is any of the $17,000 going to reach the classrooms?


We have a message for you Diana Rhoades: You are on the wrong road in supporting Kristal not-so-clear Foster. She has contributed nothing to TUSD in the last three and half years. She is cheating Sunnyside School District by not serving it and its students while she attends TUSD meetings and functions during her Sunnyside work hours. This shows her lack of integrity and willingness to cheat students. She has disgraced herself as a woman by her coquettish behavior around him. She almost falls over him while she submits to HT Sanchez’ every wish. She has shown the very meanest of character in her attack of people with whom she disagrees. We strongly suggest that you hit the road and go in a totally different direction than the one you are on now.

Rocky Sanchez Homestead

Mary Sanchez Went MIA for Awhile But Has Unfortunately Returned

We want to make clear that Mary would be off limits, if she simply stayed out of TUSD affairs.

Early into her husband’s tenure, she was everywhere to be seen. She would attend professional training sessions sponsored and paid for by TUSD, while she was not a TUSD employee. She had access to building, which was a violation of key and code policy. She would attend Board meetings and would frequent 1010, as though she were a TUSD administrator. Once all of this came to light, through our letters, she stopped her presumptuous and inappropriate behavior.

For some time now, it has been rumored that she fled with the Sanchez children, withdrawing them from school to go back home to Texas. She did so based on her own suspicions of her husband’s not so marital behavior and on scandalous information that was shared with her about his less than professional conduct with a young female administrator. She fled fast and furious. Then last week, as if to want to eradicate the rumors, she showed up at a community panel discussion on TUSD discipline. We got the impression that she wanted to make sure to be seen so that her disappearance from the Sanchez household would appear to have never happened. HT Sanchez is a habitual, pathological liar. He puts a spin on the evilest of his administrative actions. He is more dishonest than any used car dealer we have ever come across. We guess that he convinced Mary to return back home and has either bamboozled or that she has decided to live with not keeping of their once upon a time blissful vows. 

So there she was plunk in the midst of HT’s leadership team at the community forum, delivering a message, intending to stop the jokes about HT and his sleazy conduct.

At the principals’ meeting last week, Abel Morado announced that HT had been “summoned to Washington D.C.” and would not be present for the meeting. Whispers began immediately about his real whereabouts. Some whispered that he was probably on his hands and knees begging for Mary’s forgiveness while others said he was in divorce court. We know the homestead is in trouble and we are only surprised at how long it has taken for the information about HT’s marital dishonesty to get to Mary. A liar lies all of the time and everywhere.

Speaking of liars or those who believe the lies they are told, Abel Morado really is not too ABLE. One of the stupid messages that he delivered to site administrators is that “the plaintiffs” are the most difficult group of people with whom he has ever worked. He shared that he had been in a meeting with them earlier in the month. Even if he feels as he does, why would he slam the plaintiffs to the principals? He should be disAbeled.

All of our letters may be found at: http://threesonorans.com/tusd-whistleblower-archives/

We continue to be grateful to Three Sonorans for publishing every single one of our letters. We appreciate greatly that the Arizona Daily Independent publishes many of our letters and references them within their own posts from time to time.


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