TSON News | Whistleblowers: Abuse of power continues from TUSD board, Cronyism pays off

Whistleblowers: Abuse of power continues from TUSD board, Cronyism pays off

To: The Tucson Community- 30th Open Letter
From:  Whistleblowers– Comprised of a Large Group of Extremely Concerned TUSD Administrators, Teachers, Retired Administrators and Teachers, Parents, Grandparents- Growing with Each and Every Letter

Subject: Adelita Grijalva Attempts to NOT Allow the Public to Speak During Call to the Audience During the July 12, 2016 Meeting; The Anti-Kristal Foster and Cam Juarez Movement is Mounting; HT Sanchez, Cam and Kristal Can Lie and Count 1-2-3 All At the Same Time; Cronyism Pays Off- Cam Juarez is a Park Ranger! Another R. Grijalva Pay-Off

Adelita Jiang Qing Grijalva Attempts NOT to Allow the Public to Speak During Call to the Audience

Adelita Grijalva has attempted to muzzle those who seek to speak during the call-to-audience portion of the Board agenda during two Board meetings. During the July 12, 2016 Board meeting, she assumed her dictator role and refused to allow David Morales to speak unless he provided his home address on the speaker’s card. He did not provide his address and was not willing to provide it because it is not required by state statute to obtain the addresses of speakers. The TUSD Board was informed that it is not a legal requirement to obtain addresses from members of the public who want to address the Board two weeks earlier. For anyone at the Board meeting two weeks ago or streaming it, clearly the assumption was made by many that addresses would no longer be “required”.  Mark Stegeman attempted to speak and Adelita Grijalva reprimanded him saying that she had not given him the floor. (This woman is a power freak!) Yet, she allowed Kristal Foster to continuously mutter and whisper while she and others were speaking without stopping her. Kristal Foster needs to stop her senseless muttering and whispering since it is very distracting!)

David Morales asked for clarification on whether it is required by state statute or not.  Todd Jaeger, the new Chief Legal Counsel said it was, although two weeks ago a different attorney said it is not required. The Board dictator then continued to scold David Morales telling him he would have to provide his address on the speaker card and would not be allowed to speak until he did. Todd Jaeger then corrected himself and stated that the statute had been changed and that it was no longer required to ask for the speaker’s address. David Morales was then “allowed” to speak and within seconds of addressing the Board, Adelita Grijalva and H.T. Sanchez left the dais, clearly as a sign that they did not want to hear the speaker. It is rudeness on steroids!

Can NOT Vote for Cam and Will NOT Foster Another Term for Foster- Vote them out!

As more becomes known about just how ineffective Kristal Ann Foster and Cam Juarez are as TUSD Governing Board members, the more interest there is in making sure that they are NOT re-elected. There has been a surge of qualified candidates who have announced their candidacy and it will be incumbent on every single voter to carefully examine the candidates and vote for those who are most credible in promising that they will act intelligently and independent of HT Sanchez’ persuasive and sometimes hypnotic influence.  Board members need to set policy and not simply rubber stamp Sanchez recommendations, every single time, as has occurred over the last three years. They must lead and not follow. They must understand Board proceedings so that they will not tolerate being gagged by Adelita Jiang Qing Grijalva as she abuses her authority as Board President. Board members need to actually evaluate the superintendent and not have him set his own goals and then evaluate himself. Board Members need to understand what is on each Board agenda and if items are incomplete such as not including the price tag for each item, Board members must demand the information and make it known that they have demanded the information so that the public is aware of the administration lack of response (as has been the case). TUSD needs a Board that is totally transparent about its budget, not only at the time it is approved but throughout the year, as expenditures are made. Currently board agenda items are left blank in the budget section. Yet, Board members are “expected” to vote in “rubber-stamp” mode and the Board majority does which shows total disregard for any type of  fiscal management.  A Board is needed that will take the desegregation court order seriously and comply with it so that within a few years it can be released from the Court’s supervision.

Anyone, aside from Cam and Kristal, would appear to be acceptable as our newly elected Board members. However, the public will have some excellent choices from whom to select the very best qualified.  It is up to each of us to attend forums, ask the right questions, meet with candidates, and most importantly- VOTE!

It is also important to disregard meaningless endorsements such as from TEA, which has evolved into part of the corrupt quid pro quo cronyism between Sanchez, his three minions and TEA. They get the “YES” candidates elected and then they get raises and supported in opposing such things as teacher evaluation instruments. We all see how it works! We have said it before and it is worth repeating: TEA enrollment is down to between 700-850 members out of 3,000 teachers.  Professional teachers have left the flunky organization by the hundreds. One drastic sign of how bad things are right now is that TEA is in the process of losing their building located at 4625 East 2nd Street , which was given to them years ago. TEA membership is the lowest it has every been and does not cover the expenses related to the building (utilities, taxes, etc.). This, in itself, shows that the organization is nothing but a shell which is led by a pack of the most unprofessional teachers in the District. Any remaining teachers who are members of TEA really need to drop their membership!

Kristel Foster indicated that Lolly Almquist and Mary Belle McCorkle (both former Board members) had endorsed her. We did not copy the statement on Kristal Foster’s campaign site that appeared a few weeks ago.  Their names have been removed from her “endorsement” list, which reads more like a meeting of Democrats of Greater Tucson who have NOT done their homework. They believe her rhetoric, which is apparently all it takes to get an endorsement from those listed as her endorsements.

For the last long three and a half years the Board members who make up the Board majority have voted together about 95% of the time, sometimes with little information presented to them prior to their vote. They demand little as Board members and give a lot via their rubber-stamp votes. For example, everyone knows of HT Sanchez’ 25% salary increase, which, along with all of the perks that the Board majority has given, adds up to about half a million dollars. There was outrage over this when it took place and voters need to be reminded about this as they discuss the bleak possibility of having either of the Board majority lackeys up for re-election return to their seats (not in any particular order).

The following are websites of some of candidates who are running.






Neither Kristal nor Cam have kept their campaign promises from 4 years ago. You can bet that each of their platforms this time around is packed with more lies and that they have no interest in keeping any of their twisted campaign “commitments.” Kristal believes that she can win based on a prepared list of awards that TUSD has received and Cam, not having an original thought in his brain, is parroting the same thing. Meanwhile, the majority of TUSD kids are performing poorly on academic assessments, teachers and administrators are fleeing TUSD as fast as they can, TUSD enrollment continues to decline and morale can be described as unhappy and fear-filled. TUSD is not a healthy place these days- for kids, parents or employees. The best immediate solution is a change in leadership at the Board level.

Cam and Kristal Can Lie and Count -1 2 3-  All At the Same Time

In May Arizona voters were asked to vote yes on Proposition 1 2 3 with promises during the campaign for 1 2 3 that the money funded to TUSD would go to teacher salaries. HT Sanchez said it. Cam Juarez said it. Kristel said she would go on the record to say that the money- $8,000,000 would go to classroom teachers. See and hear for yourself! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rB6WQcfTyQc

The reality is that the HT Sanchez, along with his flunky Finance Director recommended otherwise, resulting in less than half of the funding and zero of the one-time funding is going to TUSD teachers. And of course, his recommendation was approved by the Board majority. Remember, Sanchez said it would go to teachers as did Juarez!! And Kristel is actually caught on camera lying to the public about it on the State of Education radio show.

(Article continued below)

Superintendent Sanchez told the Daily Star (March 5) “’If voters approve it, we’ll put the money where it matters most, which is teacher salaries…’… Sanchez says teachers could see an increase of as much as $1,500″ 


Cronyism Pays Off- Cam Juarez is a Park Ranger! Another R. Grijalva Pay-Off

For years Cam Juarez has thrown Raul Grijalva’ s name around as though Raul is his Nino/godfather. Cam boasts about his closeness to the family and how much Raul has helped him. He makes it appear as though his second home is the Grijalva household.

Cam landed a fairly good job at Pima County much due to Raul’s pulling his political strings (Chuck Huckleberry and Richard Elias). But nothing can beat the pay and benefits of a federal job and when a federal job opened up at Saguaro National Park National Monument for a park ranger position that would do targeted recruitment in the various minority communities, well, Raul pushed Cam in its direction as he once again tugged on the appropriate political strings to make sure he landed the position. Now Cam is a full fletched park ranger, making a much higher salary than at Pima County.

But here is the kicker, he is exploiting his role as a TUSD Board member to conduct his job. He is using schools as one of his primary recruitment strategies and while the objective is a good one, the way it will be fulfilled appears to be less than ethical. Cam will have access to schools that other Board members (Mike Hicks and Mark Stegeman) are denied (Sanchez has often scolded Board members for visiting schools without following all of his imposed rules.) Cam Juarez will essentially be “double dipping” by visiting TUSD schools to do his recruitment and will be able to count the visits for both of his jobs (we understand that his TUSD Board position is not a paid position but we also understand that  he reports on each and every school he visits during Board member reports). If he visits schools in other school districts or charter schools, he will likely end up making public comparisons because as we all know, Cam has no discretionary filters. It is a messy and exploitive situation.

A recent article in the National Park Service Centennial states, “Juarez is getting a jump start on that by visiting a couple of schools in Tucson to ask parents, teachers, administrators and students if they know about Saguaro and, if not, whyHe’s also going to try to get them interested in the park and what it has to offer. “It’s like we’re out there selling snake oil,” he says on the way to a charter school in south Tucson, which is predominantly Hispanic. “I’d wager to say that there’s a whole lot of folks here that don’t use the park, close as they are to it.””  http://www.npr.org/2016/03/09/463851006/dont-care-about-national-parks-the-park-service-needs-you-to

Our July 2016 Campaign Mottos

BREAK the HT Sanchez Board Block of 3

Anyone BUT Foster and Juarez, please!

Thanks Again!

We continue to be grateful to Three Sonorans for publishing every single one of our letters. We appreciate greatly that the Arizona Daily Independent publishes many of our letters and references them within their own posts, from time to time. Additionally, we want to acknowledge an organization that is also working very hard to expose the facts about TUSD: TUSDKidsFirst, which also has made reference to our letters, which we appreciate. Check the organization out at: http://tusdkidsfirst.org/


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