Whistleblowers: TUSD Corruption and TEA Racism

To: The Tucson Community- 32nd Open Letter
From:  Whistleblowers– Comprised of a Large Group of Extremely Concerned TUSD Administrators, Teachers (welcoming new teachers!), Retired Administrators and Teachers, Parents, Grandparents- Growing with Each and Every Letter

As we have shared in prior letters we are a very diverse group of site administrators, teachers, parents, grandparents and a few volunteer research volunteers. The core group drafts our letters and our volunteer researchers and grandparents typically finalize each letter and email out to a wide distribution. Forgive us for grammatical errors and typos that occur during the exchange of information and writing. Please focus on the content of our letters. We believe that our message is important and that revealing the facts from the inside vantage point about TUSD is valuable to the community, especially during an election that has three seats open.

We strongly believe that the current Board majority must be broken by having Kristal Foster and/or Cam Juarez fail in their bid for re-election. The change in the make up of the Board will ensure that the rubber stamp process that is now in place is stopped. There are no checks and balances with the current Board majority.

TUSD is becoming more and more corrupt under the leadership of HT Sanchez and the Board majority who sit back and let him do whatever he wants.

HT Sanchez’ Involvement in the Election of Governing Board Members

We now have a crew of three rubber-stamp Governing Board members who approve anything HT Sanchez brings before them. In return he directly has participated in Board campaigns. He negotiated support for Adelita Grijalva and Jen Darland (one won and the other lost during the last election), using his position as Superintendent. For example he joined the Tucson Metropolitan Chamber for $5,000 (paid by TUSD) which empowered him to successfully lobby Mike Varney for the Chamber’s endorsement of “his” candidates. He lobbied elected officials to support both candidates and approached SALC members for support. He is doing the same thing now to support his other two rubber stamps. In each of his lobbying efforts, he disparages Mike Hicks and Mark Stegeman by fabricating negative information about them. This is how HT rolls.

He responds to the most difficult questions that community leaders and members pose to him by lying. He blames the former Superintendent (even after he has been here 3 very long painful years). He lies about the budget, about magnet schools, about discipline, about why he has had 100% turn-over within his leadership team. Ana Gallegos is the most recent to escape from his corruption. He also constantly blames his former administrators (people he promoted or hired). He blames the desegregation court order. He, however, assumes no responsibility.  He blames, blames, blames.

Prior to HT Sanchez, TUSD superintendents did not get involved in School Board races. Now, HT is right in the thick of things. It is immoral and it is illegal. He creates his own performance goals. He evaluates himself. He suggests his own salary increases and bonuses. He writes his own contract and he picks and controls his bosses (at least three of them). Easy acts for $500,000 a year.

Like his bartering for favors with the Tucson Chamber, HT solicits and cuts deals to gain the endorsement of TEA for his minions. This brings us to our next topic. HT’s good friend, Jason Freed, TEA President.  Birds of a feather. They are like the shrike birds that are known to be depraved psychopaths that impale their victims.

The Rotten Apple Doesn’t Fall Far From the RACIST Tree

Racism is a social decease that is carried on from one racist generation to the next. Children are not born racists. They are taught to hate and they are taught to believe that they are superior. Some go through life as masked “do-gooders” as they pretend to “help” the less fortunate who they secretly deem as being inferior.  Children grow into racists through what they see and hear their parents do in dealing with people who do are not are not like them. Sometimes the cycle is broken but not often.

Within our Whistleblower group, we each value diversity and were very disappointed with TEA when it openly stood against the teacher diversity plan that was developed by TUSD with the Special Master. For so many reasons it was the wrong thing to do. You all know by now that we do not think very highly of the organization since it is widely and correctly perceived as being in the pocket of HT Sanchez. What he and his Board majority ask TEA to do gets done. The teacher increases have actually not been about acknowledging the hard work and dedication of teachers. The raises have been about “paying off’ the TEA leadership for endorsing Adelita Grijalva, Kristal Foster and Cam Juarez and for standing silent when TEA members’ rights are breeched. The TEA leadership pays its dues to HT and his three puppets through political favors. TEA rounds up a dozen or so of their hard-core members to put campaign signs up, drop literature, and work the phone banks.

(Article continued below)

None of us would consider any of the TEA leadership or their crowd as model teachers. Their political deeds move the money; not their classroom deeds. TEA used to fight for the rights of teachers but over the last few years its leadership has told its members that HT Sanchez does not like grievances or that they do not want to file a grievance on their behalf because it will upset the Superintendent. Out of approximately 3,000 teachers TEA now has between 500-700 teachers as members. It is a pathetic organization which could be easily decertified. But they remain and it’s just one more entity for HT to exploit to his advantage along with his three rubber-stamps.

Still, with all of this known to us, we could not figure out why Jason Freed has taken on the lead in attacking a plan that would diversify our schools.

As we have individually talked to lots of people at our individual schools about this concern we learned something OUTRAGEOUS. Please follow the dots with us.

Jason Freed is the son of Marilyn Freed, who also served as TEA President in the early 2000s. (His father. Ken Freed was also a TEA President but this story is primarily about Marilyn and Jason).  Jason’s parents influenced and shaped him to walk the same path they had in TEA and to someday become its president. Mission accomplished. It is amazing how influential parents are in the lives of their children. Children model their parents’ behavior. Don’t get all teary-eyed here. Keep reading.

At the time that Marilyn was TEA President she worked with Tommy Jones, an employee of TEA. Tommy Jones is African American.  One day Marilyn became very irritated with Tommy and they became engaged in a work spat. In the midst of the spat, Marilyn used the ugliest of racial epitaphs against an African American.  She loudly and maliciously yelled the “N” word at Tommy.  She did it with the intent to hurt him and humiliate him. It was ugly and it was spiteful.

Tommy reported the incident to the TEA Board of Directors. The Board issued a letter of direction to Marilyn. Many learned about the incident.

Ugly and hateful terms as the one used against Tommy do not just get uttered out of nowhere.  When people so instinctively utter these type of racial attacks and then say, “I did not mean it,” you can bet that they did.  Racial epitaphs are rooted in bigotry. These racial slurs are not uttered once – out of accident. They are held in the person’s thoughts; whispered; uttered under their breath; and then explode from a place of racial hate. That is what Marilyn Freed did and if it had not been viewed as a serious and embarrassing situation, she would not have been issued a letter of direction. (She really should have been fired.) For the sake of TEA, many just wanted the shame of the episode to go away but it never did. It left a disgraceful scar on TEA and as many learned about the situation the disgust with Marilyn Freed grew.

Jason Freed was in his mid-twenties when the incident occurred. He had already been indoctrinated by his mother’s sentiments and vocabulary about those with skin darker than his. From the episode he learned not to use similar vocabulary in public. It was to be reserved only for family and close friends but the sentiments behind Marilyn Freed’s racist attack were and are part of Jason Freed’s DNA (disgusting natural actions) and the Freed DNA, naturally will oppose anything having to do with diversity.

Jason Freed and his TEA leadership trolls can list their irrational reasons for fighting the TUSD Diversity Plan but rest assured that it is his mother’s life long influence that has shaped his decision to stand against the diversity plan and the desegregation order. Marilyn and Ken always opposed contract language that would allow TUSD to more easily assign teachers to prevent segregating teachers by race. Their barriers have landed us where we are today. Freed will read this and begin his stories about living and working on the west side; teaching minority children, blah, lie, blah, lie, blah. It is hypocrisy. He will go into a Freed-full throttle condescending routine. We don’t buy it and either should anyone else.

If you are a member of TEA: you should terminate your membership immediately (put the cash into a pre-paid legal services plan). If you are new to the District- DO NOT join! Jason Freed and the current TEA Board are all tied to HT and the Board majority in ways that do not benefit teachers.

Support Means Everything!

We continue to be grateful to Three Sonorans for publishing every single one of our letters. We appreciate greatly that the Arizona Daily Independent has published some of our letters and references them within their own posts, from time to time. Additionally, we want to acknowledge an organization that is also working very hard to expose the facts about TUSD: TUSDKidsFirst. It also has made reference to our letters, which we appreciate. Check the organization out at: http://tusdkidsfirst.org/


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4 comments on “Whistleblowers: TUSD Corruption and TEA Racism
  1. “… Forgive us for grammatical [sic] and typos…” Is there any hope for the district?

    Three Sonorans: how much responsibility does the community have for allowing these games to continue? These stories have been all over the press and there’s been NO outrage.

    Or, are you going to say, the community is too busy to care about these issues or HT is too cunning?

    If this site is really fighting the good fight, parents have to be called out for being completely MIA on these matters.

    • Have you been to a board meeting? It is sad that the handful of citizens that remain after the first two hours of the Superintendents bloviating and puffing of his very narrow chest speaks to the concern of citizens. I have often asked myself this question. Are parents too busy, do they understand what is going on. TS does it’s best to get the information out there and recently I have noticed raised eyebrows from more constituents. I attended board meetings and spoke to the board until I ran out of things to say. I have also met with Dr. Sanchez on several occasions at 1010. He tells you what he wants you to believe, not what is actually going on behind the dais. I yearn for the days when students came out in force to stand for their MAS maestros and the classes they loved.

  2. Bravo Whistleblowers for saying what so many of us cannot say. The district is going to explode if the community doesn’t vote out Kristel Foster and Cam Juarez! They are too weak to hold HT accountable and consequently, the district is falling apart. Administrators, teachers and students are leaving in record numbers…that should tell the Tucson community something about the state of TUSD!

  3. As a community we need to rise up and take our district back! The democrats did a pamphlet drop in my neighborhood this week for Kristel and Cam. If parents don’t educate themselves on the issues facing TUSD and the behaviors of these two, we can kiss public education good bye!

    I am a life-long democrat who will never vote for these two!

    It is time to change the board. Vote out Kristel Foster and Cam Juarez!

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