TSON News | Did you hear what happened on Monday’s Buckmaster Show?

Did you hear what happened on Monday’s Buckmaster Show?

Three Sonorans is a big fan of the Bill Buckmaster Show. While we cannot always listen live, the show has an excellent podcast that is usually available as soon as one hour after the show.

We just heard today’s show and… wow!

The Monday Show has a face-off with a liberal and a conservative, in this case Paul Eckerstrom and Bruce Ash, respectively, and things got a bit heated needless to say.

An excerpt (under 2 minutes) has been made for you below.

Three Sonorans also has a monthly skit on the Buckmaster Show when we debate the TEA Party. Just about every show gets heated since race is almost always a topic.

To Paul Eckerstrom we say the following… with all due respect, you need to grow some courage. You live a very privileged life with many powerful connections in the Democratic Party. Three Sonorans doesn’t have any of that, just a post-graduate education paid for by many government grants and fellowships, but from a poor background that included working in the cotton fields in Marana. In our post-SB1070 world in Arizona, folks that look like me are “reasonably suspicious;” no law enforcement looks at folks like me as if we have college educations or as Americans, but as possible “illegals.”

So with someone with as much power as Eckerstrom, why did he break down as he did?

And to Bill Buckmaster, congratulations on your induction into the Nevada Hall of Fame for Broadcasters, and thank you for having all sides, including from the “far left” from Three Sonorans, present on your radio show at noon on KVOI-1030AM that listeners can hear daily!

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